Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria with Small Capital

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria has grown huge like a broiler chicken within the past few years, coupled with the economic recession that even the unschooled old people in the village can easily pronounce these days. Out of the several persons who have attempted to start a particular business, only about 20% or less were actually able to start. Whenever the remaining 80% percent are asked what happened? You are sure to get the same response but in different versions: “the reason I haven’t started a business is because I do not have enough capital for the business”. Well, I am here with some business ideas you don’t need millions to start, they are profitable business ideas which you can start with little capital.

Mobile Car Wash:

Mobile car cash is a form of business that involves rendering services to car owners, where you will wash their car and keep it clean. Although mobile car wash is not the convention type of car wash we are more familiar with, it is more like a home service type of car wash. You won’t need to buy or rent a plot of land, all you need are your washing materials and your complimentary card. What you need to do is, meet car owners and tell them what you do, give them your card and wait for their calls whenever your service is needed. To begin this business, you need as little as N10,000 to get your tools and complementary card, after which profit making is yours alone.

Plantain Chips –

I have a friend who is bearing no thought towards a white collar job all because his plantain chip business is really paying off. He is living comfortably even better than most salary earners. All he does is to make plantain chips, distribute it to his retailers and give some out to his marketers to sell it. He always tell me that “Plantain chips is the best business anyone can venture into because you can actually start small and end up big.”
Everyday is accompanied with high demand for plantain chips, there is demand for it in a traffic(go-slow), at the park, in the office, at the cinema, and so many other places. People like chewing stuffs like plantain chips and there is no end to it.
If you make up your mind to take up this venture, all you will need are: frying Pan that is sold at about (N5,000), Nylons and Labels (N5,000) Sealing Machine (N20,000), some needed Utensils (N5,000) and plantain itself depend on the amount you want to begin with. So you could actually start this lucrative business with less than N50,000. Stop being poor and start making money.


Business Ideas in Nigeria with Low Capital


Tokunbo Shoes –

It is common knowledge that many Nigerians enjoy things that will last long for a very cheap price, also many people love leather materials that will last long but they can’t afford to buy the new ones and they always go for Tokunbo because of its quality and its affordability. 

Lots people don’t really like buying those fake new leather shoe because they always assume it is Aba made or China made and it won’t last long. With N50,000 you can start your tokunbo shoe business and make good money out of it.
Ice block: Ice block is one of the most lucrative businesses you can think of. For a start, you don’t need to have those almighty deep freezer that you find in cold rooms, you can just get a deep freezer of about N50,000 to begin with. It favours you the most when there is constant power supply in your environment. Your target for this business will be environment where there is incessant power outages, also in over-populated places like motor parks, market, schools, etc. Wherever human activity takes place or excess use of man power, there is equally need for cooling off.

Fruit Supply:

This business is usually left or a few people to do, honestly the few doing this business make beautiful gain from it. A fruit supplier can get different variety of fruits from rural areas of Ogun State for as little as N40,000 but taking those fruit to Lagos state, Abuja, Port Harcourt or any other urban he will sell the fruit for nothing less than 150,000. It is actually true. So invest your little cash and before the week runs out you will be counting multiple.

Used Books –

Can I really make money out of selling used books? If that’s the question in your mind then I have got an answer for you “YES, YOU CAN.” When you walk around environment occupied by learned people you tend to find so many used books on display.
To make sales in selling used books take the same process as with the Tokunbo shoes. Locate the market where used books are imported and sold, you will find used books in importers warehouses, locate one and go there to select nice used books. For a starter N50,000 is more than enough to begin with.

Fashion Design

Are you a creative person that can do different kinds of designs using ankara, there are several people making cool money from this, you don’t have to be a certified tailor, you only need to be able to work with needle and tread. With your creative skills you can customize cloth for people, add design to a particular style for some group of people, make bow tie, and lots more.
You can’t imagine how much you’ll make out of until you get a contract to do a lovely design for many number of shirt. Honestly you don’t need more than N10,000 to get set for this type of business.

Office Supply –

From my little experience and research I discovered that ‘people who work in the offices usually don’t go out to buy things; their lunch is supplied, Wrist Watches, Shirts, Ties, and Perfumes are all brought into the office. Get yourself into the supply line, you can supply them lunch or jewelry, instead of them trying to get those after work they will make do with what you offer them.
If you are honest with your business, if you supply good and quality product and charge reasonably, you may even get huge supply contract from some of the people you will meet in the offices. Example of you supply snacks or food for lunch any of the staff can easily contract you for catering services. I’m certain that you can begin this business with N50,000 or less

Poultry farming:

There is usually a high demand for poultry product at all time across the country. From top government organizations, eateries, restaurant, families and down to individuals, we all appreciate poultry products.
With N50,000 an entrepreneur can start up egg supply, get a moderate cage, about 20,000 healthy Cockrell, their feeds and other materials and in due time you will start producing eggs which you can supply and make your money.
Cassava processing: With the high cost of food stuff in Nigeria, who would have believed that garri (cassava flakes) will be sold for N40 per cup.
In today’s Nigeria, processing of cassava into cassava flakes isn’t too tedious.The most important step of course is to first acquire your cassava tubers and make them ready to be processed. If you acquire cassava of N20,000 and processing it with N10,000 you should be making N70,000 at the end of the day.
Cassava processing is a lucrative business, don’t let it lie fallow.

Production of candle

It is not longer a news that power supply in the country is poor, there is no doubt that production of candlestick is still a money-spinner. A good number of Nigerians rely on the production of candlestick to battle out the poor power supply in their homes, several churches depend on candlestick and uses it for several activities. With  as little as N10,000 you can begin candlestick business by making a candle mould, which in turn produces 16 candlesticks at a time and go about 50 times a day translating into 800 per day. Did you just said ‘wow’, if you just did then you will be marvelled when you begin with 50,000.
Producing the 16 pieces takes little time from you, in no more than 10 minutes you are done, just melt your wax, throw it in the mould, and it congeals in 5 minutes, throw in another wax, which you must have melted, while the previous one congeals and you go on and on.
While others are looking for N200,000, N500,000 or N1,000,000 as the case maybe you can just begin yours with N40,000 or N50,000 depending on your pocket then grow your business into a big one gradually.

Chalk production

The chalk manufacturing business is very lucrative in Nigeria today because the market is large and the supplies are few. Chalk is used by government and private schools, Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Colleges of Agriculture, Schools of Nursing etc. Most of the very few existing chalk producers today hardly produce standard chalk because they lack the expertise. You can do this business right from your backyard. It can be a one-man business, a family business, or a large enterprise.

Football Viewing and Game Centers

Honestly Men love sport and the sport they major in is football, games are not left out. You could set up a place comfortable enough to accommodate this longing, in time they will definitely come to watch. On the other hand, get the latest game software and console. Most football viewing and game centers also combine betting with their business. If you can manage it, football, gaming and betting is very lucrative.

That’s it for today, lest I forget, before you dare to begin any of these please do the right thing which is GETTING KNOWLEDGE. Let this be right there in your thought, YOU AIN’T THE ONLY PERSON IN THE BUSINESS THEREFORE, GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT.
Hope to see you at the top…

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