How to Withdraw Money from GrameFree in Nigeria

GramFree is one of those big platforms where you get paid to perform a few tasks. Unlike other platforms that have you reading emails and playing gaming, you will have to perform some business deals and join the lottery to make money on this platform.

For most Nigerian users, the main problem comes with withdrawing your earnings. As it seems, there are only a few ways to withdraw for Nigerians which we have detailed in this guide.

With this article, you should be able to withdraw from GramFree in Nigeria and access the funds in your bank account.

How to Withdraw from Gramfree in Nigeria

How to Withdraw Money from GrameFree in Nigeria

To withdraw from Gramfree in Nigeria, you must meet the minimum withdrawal requirements. You must sign smart contracts, enter the daily lottery, invest in gram, and accumulate a minimum of 500 grams which equal $500. This should take about 60 days minimum. Once accumulated, you can withdraw from your Gramfree account using Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, and MasterCard.

How to Withdraw Money from GrameFree in Nigeria

As a Nigerian user, you’re only allowed to withdraw money from Gramfree in Bitcoin. This means you will have to create a Bitcoin wallet to receive your earnings in Bitcoin.

When done, follow these steps to make your withdrawal.

  • Login to your Gramfree account
  • Go to Menu
  • Navigate to the Withdraw section and click on Withdraw
  • Choose Bitcoin as your preferred withdrawal method and enter your wallet address
  • Click to confirm and you wait to receive your withdrawal.

How to Make Increase Your Gram Earnings

To make money on GramFree, you will have to enter the lottery, sign smart contracts, and watch videos. Referrals could also help you make a lot of grams on this platform. If you’re already making money on GramFree but want to see your earnings go higher, here are some tips to try.

Smart Contracts

GramFree Smart Contracts are provided daily and you could earn more by taking a contract. When you choose the contract, a timer starts to count down and you must sign it at the end of the timer. Each contract offered must be signed a certain number of times for you to be paid. This means you could earn more by signing more frequently. Keep in mind that not all contracts have equal value so you should watch out for those that will pay you more.

GramFree offers two types of Smart Contracts to customers – Smart Contracts and Risky Contracts. Standard Contracts are worth 0.05 grams and while that is not a lot, they do not carry any consequence whatsoever. Risky Contracts, on the other hand, will cost you 2 grams if you do not sign the contract whenever the timer goes off.

To make more money from signing Smart Contracts, you need to watch out for the Risky Contracts. They could be harder to sign but do offer more value overall.

GramFree Lottery

Another way to earn huge amounts on GramFree is from the lottery. This is available to enter every 24 hours. Depending on your status, you might be able to enter the lottery a lot more frequently. If you’re lucky, you could win the lottery and have a chance to earn up to 5,000 grams. This is very tough to achieve, however, you can pull in a small number of grams from the lottery every time you enter the lottery.

To increase your chances of winning big in the lottery, you will have to upgrade the status of your account. This will keep the lottery open to you more frequently than other players allowing you to enter the competition and boosting your chances of taking the top prize of 5,000 grams.


Winning lotteries and signing Smart Contracts might sound too complicated, so you might want to watch videos instead. GramFree offers you rewards for watching videos about the site. These are usually videos submitted by users and all about GramFree. Watching videos will earn you 0.1 grams for each watch. Earning more simply means watching more videos. You could earn up to 1 gram by watching 10 videos and go on to hit 100 grams by watching 1,000 videos.

Rather than spending all your time watching videos, you could take the simpler approach of submitted videos. For each submitted video, you will earn 5.0 grams. With just 20 videos, you’re already at 100 grams. However, making and submitting the videos might require more resources than just watching videos. You should go for the one that will take the least amount of time to achieve.


You can also earn for bringing new members to the website. You could earn as much as 10 grams for each referral that comes to the website. Keep in mind that you won’t be paid immediately for your referrals until they reach level 2. To earn more, you will have to follow up on every person that you recruit to the platform.


What is GramFree?

GramFree is a get-paid-to platform that rewards users with grams when they perform a task. Simply put, you will earn in-game currency for doing simple tasks. The tasks offered are quite simple. You will earn when you invite your friends to join, sign smart contracts, deposit money, and watch videos.

Who Owns GramFree?

GramFree is an entirely anonymous website which means no one is listed as the owner and there is no public management team handling the website. This is one of the reasons why you should be careful with the website. A typical startup will like to include its visionary founder or some form of a public management team to look more legit. GramFree does not have any public owner or founder.

How Does This Website Make Money?

GramFree makes money in several ways which are from how its users make use of the platform. The website makes gains from selling grams to their uses, charging a withdrawal fee when you withdraw your grams, and ad revenue. You should watch out for the withdrawal charges that come with cashing out your funds.


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