How to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria

International money transfers used to be a very stressful process having to do with lots of paperwork but not anymore. You can now safely send large sums of money without stress.

There are a wide variety of options you can pick from when you want to send money to Nigeria. This article provides you information on these options and a guide on how to make the best choice among many options. This includes getting the best market rates on international transfers. You can make transactions via online international money transfer service providers or via banks. This article will help you find out what to look out for when you want to decide what international money transfer service provider to make use of.

How to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria

How to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria

With many online market places, you can easily track your payments, get transfer rates way lower than what is used in banks, avoid hidden fees, and also have easy access to support personnel to help you in case any hassles come up during your transaction.

Any service provider you choose must be safe, secure and convenient, providing you with better price and exchange rates.

Below are online service providers with which you can send money from Ghana to Nigeria

World remit

With WorldRemit, you can send money using your computer or smartphone. WorldRemit is a low-cost online money transfer service that allows you send money from your credit card or bank account directly to the bank account of the recipient.

Money can be transferred directly to most of the Nigerian banks and in case the recipient does not have an account, the money can be picked up instantly or better still sent directly to the recipient’s mobile phone.

Western Union

Western Union is one of the most popular international money transfers service providers which have dominated the market for decades. With Western Union, you can send money in person via their app, online or their agents. Western Union also provides users the option of sending money straight from their debit/credit card to the recipient’s bank account. The recipient can also receive the money in person or via western union agent locations.

How to send money from Ghana to Nigeria via Western Union:

  • Visit the Western Union website to find the nearest physical location in India
  • You can also use their site to transfer funds
  • At the Western Union location, bring in your cash, your passport (ID) or any other document you can use to identify yourself
  • Provide details of the recipient such as the full name, his or her phone number and other details.
  • You will complete a send money from wherein you will be asked to provide the recipient’s name, your name, amount of money to be sent and other information
  • Once the transaction has been made online or at the Western Union office, you will be sent a secret MTCN (reference) code.
  • Let the recipient in Nigeria know the MTCN (reference code)
  • The recipient of the money from Nigeria can track the code and be made aware when the money is available for pick up.
  • The recipient has to bring along their ID and reference number to the Western Union office in order to receive cash.


Moneygram allows you to send money online or in person directly to the bank account or mobile wallet of the recipient. Moneygram is not so different from Western union in terms of their operational activities.

Transfer wise

Transfer wise is an international money transfer service provider that claims to use just the exchange rate provided by Reuters. This therefore means fair fees and low cost.

Xpress Money

Just like the traditional money transfer agencies, Xpress money also allows you transfer money directly to the recipient’s bank account or have the cask picked up at specific locations. You can use the Xpress Money transaction tracker to monitor your transaction and get an SMS as soon as the recipient has received the money.


Transfast is an online international money transfer service provider with presence in over 120 countries to include Africa. Transfast allows you deposit money to Nigerian banks directly. You can pay using bank or debit card.


Skrill (used to be known as Moneybookers) offers its users features such as free setup, low fees, text messages sent from bank account. Skrill has also added Nigeria to its list of supported countries, unlike before when users in Nigeria had to use VPN and other tweaks to use the company.

Skrill allows you send money online to recipients in Nigeria only using an email address with which the recipient can withdraw to their Nigerian bank account. You can also withdraw in naira from your Skrill account and transfer to your Nigerian Bank Account

Guaranty Trust Money Transfer (GTMT)

This is a part of Guaranty Trust Bank ( Ghana) Limited’s Orange Convenience. With the Guaranty Trust Bank Money Transfer (GTMT), customers and non – customers can receive or send money from GTBank subsidiaries in Ghana and Nigeria, With the Guaranty Trust Bank Money Transfer (GTMT) many will be able to transfer money conveniently and at trusted locations. With the GTMT, users are promised to increase mobility for trade within the various countries available in West Africa.

How to compare the best money transfer service to Nigeria

Although the list is not exhaustive and there are many other international money transfer service providers, there are ways you can know which is preferable and cheaper. Read on below:

Guaranteed and transparent exchange rates to guarantee fair and low-cost transfers

Security: The international money transfer service provider you want to use should be secure and offer you an assurance of security based on their technical know-how, reviews from past users and their reputation.

Convenience: An international money transfer service provider should be convenient and provide you with access to customer support via phone, email and chat.

Money-back guarantee: Some international money transfer service providers offer you a full refund of your money if the transfer is not delivered after you conducted your transaction.

How to use an online International money transfer service provider

Register for free by signing up online or via the company’s app. Most companies will demand for your email address, Google or Facebook account

Select the country of the recipient

Choose the amount you want to send. The fees you will pay should be seen already. Some company’s charge a flat fee while others will charge a percentage of your transaction.

Enter Recipient bank details and Payout information

How you want them to receive the money

Enter your bank, debit or credit card payment information

Review and send your transaction


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