How to Get Investors in Nigeria


As an entrepreneur, if you have a realistic business idea in Nigeria then you’re indeed lucky to pass the first stage. You should not stop at having the business idea because there are lot of ideas in the idea cemetery; instead, you should move to the next stage – drawing/writing a business plan.

This is adequately necessary since your business is as good to a listener as your business plan. Then don’t join people carrying their business plans about like a crucifix. Find an investor and actualize your dream of kick starting your business.

Below are seven ways of finding investors in Nigeria. Forget what anybody told you; there are lot of investors looking for (realistic) businesses to support.

Seminar and Workshops

Seminars and workshops are some of the occasions business owners or investors don’t like to miss if they have the spare time. While some workshops are targeted at players in specific industries, others are open to a wide range of audience. Most seminars or workshops attract investors especially those in the relevant field. So try attending and hunt for investors. Even if you don’t find an investor, you would’ve learnt something. Win-Win situation.

Social Media

Almost everyone in this 21st century has one social media platform or the other they are registered on and investors are not any different. LinkedIn seems to be playing the fore-front in Entrepreneur-Investor connect creation since the platform is basically for professional interaction and connection. You can use LinkedIn or any other social media platform to search for investors near you.

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E-Mail Proposal

This method has worked for some entrepreneurs, it didn’t work for others. Collecting emails of prospective investors might get you an interested investor but it’s not a very popular habit since some people (investors) see mails like that as unsolicited spam mails and would run from you instead. There are sites that supply mails of angels/investors in case you want give it a try.

Alumni Events

Have you ever attended your college’s Alumni event since you graduated, No? Then you should attend the next one since you might just get to meet a wealthy alumni or an alumni who is friend to an investor who would be interested in funding your start-up. You both share the same Alma Mata and this takes you a step ahead as you already have a basis to kick off connection.

Networking Events

Events like this happen everywhere, allowing business minds from some business sectors (Fashion, Online, Foods, etc.) meet those from other sectors (Health and Fitness, Delivery services, Media & PR, etc.)

You should always look out not to miss out on these events and you can find up-to-date info on sites like,,, and so on.

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Online Forums

Online forums are on the swiftest online places to meet investors. There are many entrepreneurs who have had their start-up funded by an investor they met on an online forum. Nairaland is Nigeria’s largest forum and many investors use that forum too. There also some more streamlined forums you should sign up with, like,,, and so on, designed to create a connect between investors and entrepreneurs.

Angel Groups

There a lot of investment groups and the investors in these groups are the ones referred to as Angels (just in case you’ve come across the term before.) Investors now form groups with the sole aim of helping upcoming entrepreneurs. One can reach out to investment groups with a professionally written business plan and get an Angel who’s interested in the idea to invest. It’s just like winning a contract. Although, there are more of individual investors in Nigeria than groups, one can make an online search for Investors groups in Nigeria and give it a careful and logical follow-up. is still the only known one attending to Nigerians for now.

Note: Without a proper and professionally written business plan, 90% of investors would be reluctant to work with you.



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