Top 20 High-Demand Products in Nigeria

Surprisingly or maybe not, wealth creation starts from the smallest to the bigger things. Over the centuries, the wealthiest people have implemented this strategy. You want to be rich, provide what people want, the everyday, mundane commodities. Let us take for example, the closest to us; Dangote. He sells everyday items to people, speak of sugar, cement, salt. His wealth is generated largely from the sales of these products. These are commodities people can hardly do without.

However, thanks to technology, more opportunities have been opening up, making the business of buying and selling much easier than it used to be.

Of recent, the business of buying and selling products online has become a very competitive one in almost every part of the world. Many people are starting to realize not just ease but also the importance of purchasing products from e-commerce stores or online vendors, in terms of stress and cost reduction.

Hence, many entrepreneurs are moving their businesses to online platforms and websites where the market is in high demand. Whether online and offline, the sale of any product thrives only if it is in high demand by the people. Products are in high demand only if it is relevant. If you want to acquire customers and make money, it is important you study well, products that sell and are in high demand, also product testing is essential for this, since you want to sell good quality and tested products, and there are services which specialize in this testing and you can find at this website online.

In this article, we will identify common items used daily and that are in high demand. You can look into the sales or distribution of any of these products and with time and consistency; you will also begin to make your own money.

High-Demand Products in Nigeria

Top 20 High-Demand Products in Nigeria

Here we go:

  • Liquid soap and detergents

Everyone knows that soaps are items used every day in households; whether for personal use such as bathing or washing of dishes and clothes. Soaps come in three different forms: solid, liquid or powdered form. These various forms of soaps are in high demand in every part of the country. If you are looking for a commodity that is relevant and in high demand, soap is definitely one of such commodities.

  • Power bank

In Nigeria where we suffer much electricity failure, power banks are a viable alternative. Power banks are a means to extend the life of a phone battery while the user is on the go. Power banks come in different capacities. They are also very portable. What is more, the target market of such a commodity as the power bank is the Nigerian youths who often make use of their phones. Power banks, therefore, are fast selling as an alternative power supply to the average Nigerian.

While you may not produce power banks, you can, however, order some cheaply from online stores such as Aliexpress or kikuu and resell them to make money.

  • Hair extensions

We can never talk of commodities fast selling in Nigeria and put this off the list. This does not only concern Nigerian women but is applicable almost everywhere. Many ladies love hair extensions and a large amount of money is spent on hair extensions by many women. Hair extensions come in different styles and quality such as synthetic hair, human hair, Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair etc. Ladies love to look good and that’s good because it provides a good business opportunity for the budding entrepreneur.

  • Shoes and clothing

Well, fashion does not pertain only to the women but men too. Speak of clothes and shoes; these are products in high demand. This is not only for fashion’s sake but for the sake of covering, both for the body and the feet.

Not only are there different clothes and shoes for people of different genders and ages but also for different occasions. People like to have more than a pair of shoe that fit exactly with particular clothing.

As fashion continues to evolve, clothes and shoes do not seem to be such that will fade soon.

Fashion Products include:

  1. Ankara
  2. Men’s clothes
  3. Women’s clothes
  4. Dresses
  5. Kid’s clothes
  6. Denim (Jeans)
  7. Office wear
  8. Casual wears
  • Television sets

Among all other home electronics in Nigeria, televisions are probably the most common home electronic appliances. Nigerians love entertainment via sports, home videos and music and all these have to do with televisions and screens. Thus, the purchase of television sets is in high demand.

While many will argue that television sets are becoming less popular because people now make use of online Television platforms through their phones and laptops, this is not entirely true. Many still prefer the large screen that brings many together to have an experience.

Televisions are also not only for domestic use but are used by corporate organizations too, thus these firms are also target markets.

  • Water

Water is an absolute necessity in life and is one of the most consumed products in Nigeria. People need water but more importantly so, clean fresh water especially for drinking and in places where such are hard to come by. This is why many have started making much money from the production and even distribution of sachet and bottled water.

  • Food

Food, whether in its raw, cooked or processed state is good business. People need food to survive. More so, due to stress and time constraints, many cannot afford to cook their food themselves. Hence, cooked food sells just as fast in the country.

·        Computer and phone accessories

Computer and phone accessories include items such as:

  • Memory card
  • Flash drives
  • Headphones as airpod alternatives
  • Modem
  • Phone screens
  • External hard drives and the list is endless.

These accessories are important in the use of computers or phones. They are therefore predicted to always be in high demand as long as phones and computers are in use.

·        Electronics and gadgets

Every house, office, shops and school make use of electronic gadgets. Hence, the product has a large market. Electronics remains one of the highest demand products to sell in Nigeria. There are top electronic brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Canon etc. Below are some electronic products that are fast selling in this country.

  • Television and videos: LED TVs, Smart TVs, Televisions, DVD players, PlayStation.
  • Cameras: Camcorders, digital cameras, video surveillance, projectors.
  • Audio: Home theatre, Bluetooth speakers, receivers, soundbars.
  • Musical instrument: Guitar, keyboard, and MIDI.

·     Books

Although, many say Nigerians do not read those days seem to be long gone. Many are becoming more intellectually active and read well. There is also much money to be made from book business. You can be an author, distribute or publish them. Books are also a crucial part of information dissemination, which makes for a good business.

·        Building materials

This is such a viable business and has such a wide pool of resource you can choose from. People are constantly buying lands and building houses. Items that fall under building materials are shovels, blocks, cement, iron rods, aluminium roofs, head pans etc.

·        Health and Beauty

Health is wealth. Everyone desires to stay healthy or treat ailments quickly so as to get well. Hence, health and beauty products are in high demand. Beauty products are also facilitated by its demand by woman of all ages. Here is the Top Sellers Review for the best Keratin shampoos of 200, do visit.  Health and beauty products most demanded in Nigeria are:

  • Health Care: Medicines, Foot health equipments, Ear care equipments and medicines etc.
  • Vitamins & Dietary Supplement: Weight loss products, Food and drink supplements, Minerals & Vitamins.
  • Sexual Wellness: sex medicines like hyper male force dr kleimer.

·        Baby Products

Baby products are in high demand and this is not exactly surprising. The market for these products is also highly profitable for both online and offline vendors.

Below are the top baby products in high demand in Nigeria in 2019:

  • Baby boys and girls: Shoes and clothing.
  • Feeding: Baby food, food storage, bottle feeding, bibs etc.
  • Diapering: Diaper bags, changing bags, wipes etc.
  • Bathing and skincare: Shampoo, skincare products, washcloths and baby towels bab
  • Baby nursery:  This guide on Baby Cribs for Short Moms helped me decide on the perfect crib, as well has useful information about bed, baby toys, and bedding, nursery decoration, furniture.

·        Grocery

Everyone makes use of groceries. Whether old or young we cannot do without certain products. Some of these products are so important we keep coming back for more once they are done. This is the reason they are in high demand, especially online where people just want to get these products without stressing. Groceries are also easy to sell.

Below are some of the top groceries one can sell both online and in shops to make a profit:

  • Home cleaning products: Cleaning products, dishwashing.
  • Laundry products: Detergents, Liquid soaps.
  • Toiletries: soaps and shower products, toilet rolls.
  • Beverages: coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks.
  • Cooking ingredients: oil, spices.

·        Home and Office equipment

These are equipments found in homes and offices such as:

  • Kitchen: cooking utensils, microwave, bakeware, storage.
  • Dining: cutleries, small appliances, knife.
  • Homes: Iron, steamers, wall art, home decorations.
  • Tools:  light bulbs
  • Office products: school supplies such as stationery,
  • Gaming 

Most males like football. What’s more, both male adults and children love to play games like the Team Murder Mystery Game in the comfort of their homes and business centers. Many make money from these business centers. Thus, the gaming business is fast selling in Nigeria, both for commercial and personal use.

Some of the top games include FIFA “18, PES “18, PES 2017, PES”19, battlefield, fallout, call on duty, the Witcher 3, etc. Here are the top gaming products to sell online in Nigeria:

  • Consoles, accessories, and games of Playstations 4 and 3
  • Consoles, accessories, and games of Playstations vita
  • Consoles, accessories, and games of Nintendo switch
  • Consoles, accessories, and games of Xbox one
  • Consoles, accessories, and games of Xbox 360

·        Car Accessory Products

Car Accessory Products are also in high demand. Such include:

  1. Car mp3 player
  2. Car chargers
  3. Toolbox
  4. Foot mat
  5. Spare tyres
  6. Car key holders
  7. Car seat pillows
  8. Car tracker
  9. Car battery
  10. Baby seats
  • Furniture

There is almost no building (except unoccupied) that does not make use of furniture. Be it homes, offices or rooms. Furniture also comes in different sizes and has differing purposes.

In the furniture business, you can take the position of a manufacturer, supplier, marketer who designs strategies so as to reach the target market for the product.

Furniture products are:

  1. Chairs (home or office)
  2. Tables
  3. Office desks
  4. Beds
  5. Sofas
  6. Doors (home or office)
  7. Kitchen furniture
  8. And many more.
  • Jewellery business

If you are thinking of starting the jewellery business and wondering if the business is still profitable in Nigeria?

Well, the jewellery business has been around for ages. The business of jewellery is highly lucrative in Nigeria. This is for people who love the creative use of their hands in making jewellery or those who are involved in its sale.

Jewelleries come in different forms: wedding bands, necklaces, wristwatches, earrings. There are also different types of jewellery; those made with Ankara, beads or wire works. Every gender makes use of some form of jewellery.

The decision to start a jewellery business is a good one.


As times are changing, work is becoming more strenuous and income increasing in some parts of the country. Therefore, some items are no longer considered mere luxuries but necessities. Such items include the microwave. Not only families but companies and corporate organizations now make use of microwaves. Microwave is a lucrative product to sell in Nigeria, whether online or offline.


Due to the case of Nigeria’s poor electricity supply and constant power outage, generators are a necessity for many. Generators are not luxuries but a solution to the problem, providing an alternative source of energy. Generators are therefore in high demand so people can have their own source of power.

In Nigeria today, there are over hundreds of millions of generators in use at homes, offices, markets, etc. It seems until the electricity issue in Nigeria gets better, this will continue to be the story. Therefore, it will make good business.


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