Access Bank mission and vision: What they imply


Access Bank Plc popularly called Access Bank is a commercial multinational bank in Nigeria. A subsidiary of Access Group. They are licensed by the National Banking Regulator and the Central Bank of Nigeria. Access bank started as a corporate bank and then in 2012 attained a personal and business banking platform from Nigeria’s international commercial bank.

Access Bank mission and vision: What they imply

Presently Access Bank boasts of being among the five largest banks in Nigeria when considering assets, deposits, loans and branch network. On 1st April 2019, they merged with Diamond Bank and this has made them the largest bank in Africa as of today. The merger with Diamond Bank brought about a change in logo sealing the deal and signaling the start of a new and broader banking entity.

Access Bank has its headquarters in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, and a lot of branches everywhere in Nigeria. It also has branches in other parts of Africa and London, United Kingdom. In 1989, Access Bank received its license from The Central Bank of Nigeria. Before then, in 1988, it became a registered member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. From its establishment till date, Access Bank has acquired a number of banks which includes the following:

2005      Marina Bank and Capital Bank by merger

2008      Omnifinance Bank established in 1996

Banque Privee du Congo established in 2002

Bancor SA in Rwanda established in 1995

2012      Intercontinental Bank

2019      Diamond Bank by a merger

Overall, Access Bank is one of the banks that has acquired other banks the most in the Nigerian banking sector.

Access Bank mission and vision: What they imply

Access Bank core values

Access Bank core values include the following:

Leadership: Creating a leadership style that employees are happy to serve under and worthy of other banks’ emulation.

Excellence: Providing a topnotch service that is excellently delivered. This is to keep customers coming back and bring in more.

Empowered employees: Helping employees grow by developing new skills and sharpening old ones. This is achieved through organizing on the job training.

Passion for customers: Providing a topnotch customer service structure that promptly attends to customers and sorts out issues that arise with speed and efficiency.

Professionalism: Delivering utmost professionalism when attending to customers without prejudice of any kind.

Innovation: Bringing up new ideas on how to provide better services and how to constantly grow the banking sector to become better. This they do through constant research and surveys.

Access Bank Vision statement

The bank’s vision is to be the world’s most respected African bank. They are not just thinking of being local but intend to attain global and international standards.

Access Bank Mission statement

The bank’s mission is setting standards for sustainable business practices that unleash the talents of their employees, deliver superior value to customers, and provide innovative solutions for the market. Implying that they intend to provide unbeatable customer services while also taking care of their employees. They also intend to bring innovations to communities and markets where their bank branches are located. Their major mission is to sustain its business practices for the purpose of posterity.

In conclusion, you definitely have been able to learn some more about Access Bank, its mission, vision, and core values through this article.


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