Where Can I Get International Money Order in Nigeria?


Do you need to send money but not sure how to go about it?

Have you considered your current financial institution?

Financial institutions are the first place to check for an international money order.

Although the financial institutions might not offer the service directly, they partner with other third party global money transfer service companies.

Services for Sending International Money Order in Nigeria

1. Western Union Money Transfer

First Bank of Nigeria is currently the financial institution that serves as an agent for Western Union money orders in Nigeria.

With so many branches around the country, you can easily pay them a visit to place your money order.

The following details will be required to complete the process:

  • Your receiver’s location and bank details
  • Identification
  • Cash to be sent
  • A form filled with the necessary details

With First Bank it is not necessary for you to have a bank account with them before you can use the service

2. MoneyGram International transfer

Although MoneyGram can be used for inbound transfers in Nigeria, UBA is the financial institution with authorization for outbound transfers such as international money orders.

You can easily pay a visit to any UBA branch, fill in the necessary details in the MoneyGram form and the order will be processed.

3. Domiciliary account

A domiciliary account is usually denominated in foreign currency such as dollar, Pound, Euro and so on.

When you need to send an order, it becomes easier if you already have a domiciliary account.

You can open a domiciliary account with Gtbank, Firstbank, Zenith bank, diamond bank or UBA.

To do a transfer you will be required to fill a form with details such as the recipient’s account name, account number, name of the bank and branch name, SWIFT CODE, Routing Number, amount to be transferred and your own bank details.

Once this is done the order will be sent and received within 48 -72 hours.


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