Wema Bank Transfer Code And How To Use It


WEMA BANK is Africa’s pioneer of fully digital banking. It is also one of the most resilient banks in Nigeria. It has remained innovative in value delivering to its stakeholders, being in the banking business for over 73 years and has remained relevant to date. WEMA BANK is generally recognized as the longest standing and most irrepressible ingenious bank in Nigeria. Over the years WEMA BANK PLC has consistently offered a broad array of value. Also adding financial and banking advisory services to the public.

Wema Bank Transfer Code And How To Use It

Wema Bank Transfer Code And How To Use It

In 1945, WEMA BANK was incorporated as a private limited liability company under its first name Agbomagbe Bank Limited. It also started providing banking services in Nigeria the same year. By April 1987, it became a Public Limited Company (PLC). In January 1990, it got listed as a member of the NIGERIAN STOCK EXCHANGE (NSE). The bank received its Universal Banking License on February 5, 2001, from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

In 2009, a new management came on board and brought with it new ideas, a strategic positioning that has brought the bank’s profile to a constant rise. This idea resulted in its 2011’s decision to become a commercial bank, however, it went back to being a national bank in 2015.

Wema Bank’s mission statement is “to give the customer delightful and memorable service experience.”

The bank’s vision is “to be the financial institution of choice in service delivery and superior returns.”

Bank Transfer Code

Bank transfer codes is an invention in the banking sector that has finally made bank transactions a thing of ease. Every bank has its unique set of transfer codes and all its customers are entitled to use it. Transfer codes can be used to carry out a variety of transactions. These include sending money to other bank accounts, loading airtime for oneself, and several others.

With bank transfer codes there are many transactions you can handle from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to wait till Monday to send or receive money anymore. You also don’t need to own a special account to use bank transfer codes. You are eligible whether you use savings or current accounts.

Wema Bank Transfer Code

Like every bank, Wema Bank also has its set of transfer codes. The officially recognized code for the Wema Bank brand is *945# by attaching other codes to it you can complete a number of transactions. The following are codes and how to use them:

For airtime recharge – * 945 * phone number * amount #

To send money – * 945 * beneficiary account number * amount #

To check account balance – * 945 * 0 #

To change pin – * 945 * 00 #

To check your account number – * 945 * 000 #

To open an account – * 945 * 1 #

To change account number – * 945 * 2 * old account number * new account number #

To reactivate account – * 945 * 5 #

Send money to a phone number or email – * 945 * 6 * amount #

With this codes banking exercise has just been made palatable.


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