List of Uncommon Yoruba Names and their Meanings

There are many common Yoruba names. Some of these include names like Ayo, Bayo, Ola, Olu, Tunde, Segun, Tayo etc.

Typically, in Yorubaland, the naming ceremony of a child is a very important event as a lot of significance is placed on the baby’s name and you’ll probably hear some of the names mentioned above been given.

However, if you’re looking to give your child a Yoruba name that isn’t quite common, then you don’t have to look any further than this post.

The names we’ve compiled are names that are symbolic; as a result these names have come up as a result of a certain circumstance or event.

There are different classes of these names. Some are called destiny names because they are given based on the type of child. For instance, twins already have set names. On the other hand, we have the acquired names which the parent gives the child.

Overall, in this post, we’ve highlighted the uncommon Yoruba names with their different meanings and those based on the various classes. Most of these names are male names however; unisex names have also been included.

Uncommon Yoruba names and their meanings

  • Abayomrunkoje: It means God won’t allow humiliation.
  • Abegunde: This means one born during the holiday.
  • Abeo: It means bringer of happiness.
  • Abiade: This means the one who is born of royal parents. Abiade can be shortened to Ade.
  • Abidugun: Meaning the one born before the war.
  • Adebamgbe: This means royalty dwells within me.
  • Babasola: Father’s wealth has arrived. This can be shortened to Sola.
  • Esupofo: The devil has lost. The name is quite symbolic as it could be as result of a long standing with a challenge which the family perceived to originate from the devil.
  • Farayioluwa: I rely on God. This is a unisex name
  • Fiyifolu: Give honor to God. This is also a unisex name
  • Idogbe: The second child born after twins. The Yorubas refer to this name as names from above
  • Ifelewa: The beautiful love.
  • Iranola: A wealthy family.
  • Kaseko: It means to mock or to ridicule
  • Modadeola: A man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence
  • Mobo: Freedom
  • Modurolorileoluwa: It means the one who stands on the promise of God. This is another symbolic name which may come as a result of long wait prior to conceiving the child.
  • Mofetoluwa: A man who graciously accepts God’s will
  • Monjolaoluwa: It means the one who enjoys the wealth of God
  • Naade: A boy who is born in royalty
  • Niyilolawa: It means the wealth is here. It is a unisex name
  • Numilekunoluwa: It means clean my tears, Lord.
  • Olabamiji: It means wealth wakes with me
  • Olumoroti: Meaning I stand with God. It is a unisex name
  • Oson: It means summer
  • Ropo: This means come to save. Or the child has come to save
  • Sangodele: This means the God of thunder has come. Due to Christianity and Islam largely replacing our traditional religion and the worship of deities like Sango, this name is no longer a common name.
  • Sareola: Meaning the one who is walking towards getting healthy
  • Seriki: It is the name given to the leader of an Islamic community
  • Shakale: It means the almighty

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