Best 5 Medium to Advertise Your Products & Services in Nigeria


If you are you looking for ways to advertise your product or service to Nigerians, the best place to do that is a site that has your target audience or customers already. However if you need to advertise on some websites or apps with the chance that millions of visitors would notice your ads, below are top 5 medium you should consider.

1. Google Adwords
With Adwords you can display your image or text ads on any website that has adsense running on it. Adsense is a Google advertising service that is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.So many website publishers display adsense ads on their website and through this medium your advert gets to be seen by a whole lot of people.
This beats all forms of online advertisement as you can tweak or set it to display only to the target audience of your choice. It is no surprise this comes out to be the number one medium of advertising.

2. Facebook
A couple of years back Facebook, the number one social media platform with over one billion users introduced its ads program. This is also a very good way of meeting your target audience as you can set your advertisements to display only to a certain age group, country and many more tailor made features to meet your needs.

3. Nairaland Forum
Nairaland is Nigeria’s number one forum website for countless information. Unlike so many blogs out there, Nairaland cuts across all categories of information from politics to romance, technology, automobiles and much more with millions of page views everyday.
Nairaland tops all indigenous sites in Nigeria because all classes of people can be found on Nairaland unlike most entertainment/gossip blogs where a chunk of its visitors are within a certain age group.

4. Linda Ikeji Blog
A gossip and entertainment blog, simple and plain but boasts of traffic even the best looking and well organized sites cannot achieve.
Linda Ikeji’s blog is Nigeria’s most popular blog and although it attracts just a chunk of Nigerians basically interested in entertainment or gossip, the millions of traffic to the site makes up the for it.

5. Black Berry Messenger
This social chatting app does not need any introduction. It may not be as popular as it was a couple of years back but millions of Nigerians still use BBM as a medium of communication. As with the rest of the list above, advertising on BBM is a very good way of meeting you target audience as your ads gets displayed whenever users check the feeds update on the application.

Other worthy mentions include:

  • Instagram
  • Opera Browser



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