Top 20 Biggest Markets in Nigeria


Nigeria is certainly hub of markets with many of these markets known to generate billions of naira every year.

Top 20 Biggest Markets in Nigeria

In this post, we take a look at the top 20 biggest markets in Nigeria.

Top 20 Biggest Markets in Nigeria

  1. Onitsha Main Market

Onitsha Market is the largest market in Africa based on geographical size and volume of goods. It is based in the city of Onitsha, the commercial capital of Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria and governed by one of the most revered traders’ associations on the continent, the Onitsha Market Traders Association.

  1. Oshodi Market

Located in Oshodi in Lagos State, Oshodi Market is one of the largest markets in the Lagos metropolis although it is claimed, by government officials, to be blighted by criminal activity such as pickpocketing and bag snatching, and it has been decided to demolish the market.

This market is known for its giant size, affordability, and rowdiness.

  1. Balogun Market

This is another large market in Lagos state. It is a market that sprawls across many streets found in Lagos Island. Balogun is the best place to get bargains on different types of fabrics. Ankara, office wear and shoes among many others.

  1. Ariria International

The Ariria International Market located in Abia is often called the China of Africa. It is an open-air market located in Aba, a city in Abia State Southeast Nigeria.

The market was established in 1976 following a fire outbreak that destroyed the old Ekeoha Market in Aba. It was originally sited in a swampy area.

Over the years, Ariria has been known for its shoe making and leather works thus making it one of the largest leather shoe-making markets in West Africa with an estimated two million traders. The market cuts across three local government areas, the Aba North, Aba South and Osisioma.

  1. Alaba International

Located in Ojo, Lagos State, Alaba International Market is an electronics market and it is said to be the largest electronics market in Nigeria. Apart from the sales of electronic products, the markets also deal in the repair of home appliances with the Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs. The market and its wide range of business activities give opportunities to electronics and electrical engineers who specialized in the repair of faulty home appliances to transact businesses with dealers electronics.

  1. Idumota Market

Idumota Market is one of the oldest markets in Lagos. The market located on Lagos Island, a suburb and local government area of Lagos State. The market is made up of thousands of lock-up shops occupying various buildings in the market. The market along with Alaba international market is a major distribution hub for Home videos and music in Lagos State.

  1. Kurmi Market

The Kurmi Market is a large market in the city of Kano, Kano State, Nigeria. The market was established by Muhammad Rumfa, a King of Kano, in the 15th century and it is still in use in the 21st century.

The market was established as a result of expanding regional and Trans-Saharan trade. It was built within the Jakara district of the city. At the time of its development, Kano had become a regional center of trade in agricultural produce with a functional industry in weaving, cloth dyeing, leather making, and potter, this contributed to the attraction of the city to itinerant traders from Western Sudan, Tripoli and Ghadames who came to buy goods.

  1. Ogbete Main Market

Located in Enugu, Ogbete Market also known as Main Market is one of the largest and cheapest selling place where you can buy almost anything imaginable. Each market has its own layout with different areas dedicated to certain goods, such as groceries, clothes, electronics, books, vegetables and grains, etc. You can easily find your way around the market as anyone can lead you to any part of the market you request.

  1. Oja-Oba/Orita Merin

Orita Merin Market is one of the major markets in Oyo state. It is also one of the largest foodstuff markets in the country.

  1. Oil Mill Market

Located in Port Harcourt, Oil Mill Market is known as the Wednesday market. The market began operations after the Nigerian Biafran War. The market was formerly known as the Nnempi Market.

The Oil Mill Market trades primarily on palm products and cassava.

  1. Jos Main Market

The Jos Main Market is the largest indoor market in West Africa. It is beautifully designed and arranged to prevent aimless walking of customers in the market.

  1. New Market

Aba is known for two large markets, one of these is the popular New Market.  The market features thousands of sellers and buyers that come to the market on Sundays. However, the challenge with the market is it gets waterlogged in the rainy season.

  1. Nnewi Nkwo Market

Located in Nnewi, the Nnewi Nkwo Market is often referred to as the Japan of Africa. The market is usually held once in 4 days.

  1. Bodija Market

Bodija is located in Ibadan. There are many home items, foodstuffs and other items sold and this is usually affordable.

  1. Computer Village

Computer Village as it is popularly called is the biggest computer-based market in Nigeria. It is one of the busiest IT hubs in the West African subregion and they are located under the bridge axis of Ikeja Lagos. The market is said to generate up to $2 billion for the Nigerian economy.

  1. Mile 12

Mile 12 is a large foodstuff market in Lagos known for its fresh pepper, tomatoes, and yams.

  1. Alade Market

This is one of the most organized markets in Nigeria. The market is reserved for the rich who are not fond of shopping in malls.

  1. Oyingbo (White Sand)

The location of the market is at the Yaba axis in Lagos. The sister market is Iddo and they are known for traffic jams in this area.

  1. Aleshinloye Market

This market is located in Ibadan. It remains one of the most visited markets in the Ibadan axis and the oldest trading hub in Western Nigeria.

  1. Zaki Biam Yam Market

Benue State is known as the Food Basket of the Nation and the Zaki Biam Market is major outlet for many of the food items produced in the state.

Zaki Biam Market is particularly known for its yams and it is said to sell over a million tubers of yams every year.


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