Startups in Nigeria: Top 10 Most Successful Ones Ever


There are many startups in Nigeria today and their establishment gives  Nigerians hope, especially those that think they cannot start from a very small level to build something rally tangible. In this write-up, you will get to learn about the top 10 startups in Nigeria.

Startups in Nigeria: Top 10 Most Successful Ones Ever



The company is set up to provide intranet solution for companies that are seeking for in-house connectivity. They also offer their services to banks that may need to connect only their branches across the nation.  Their services are very easy to deploy and also highly affordable. They equally provide free services to their clients at a trial stage.

They provide intranet portal that is both secured and always available.  They are therefore the best to serve for departmental data and various purposes. Their workflow system is among the best around. They also have one of the best document management processes around. Their services have zero vendor lock-in.


This is yet another wonderful startup in Nigeria today and they are also among the fastest growing.  Their website is at Their rate of growth is surprising, considering the fact that they have just been around for a very short period of time. Their clients are spread across Nigeria and they are among the best in their niche.

This is an online travel agency and they are specialized in hotel booking. Are you a traveler at any corner in Nigeria and you need a hotel to lodge in? Just visit their site and they will use their expertise to direct you.  When on their site, just provide the particular city or name of the particular hotel you are interested in.

Also, provide information on when you want to check in and when you want to check out.   With the information above, their website will provide you with all required information and will also provide you with the price range.  Their database has more than 2000 hotels in Lagos and up to 300 hotels located in Cross River Sate.  They can therefore provide with information on hotels available in both Lagos and cross river states.


Purpose of this startup is to increase safety of job. Their site is being used presently by thousands of verified employers and they depend on the site to provide them with the best candidates for their specific job openings. The site will provide its members with only verified vacancies in various cities in Nigeria, like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and many other cities.

The site is being contacted on daily basis by innumerable employers and HR managers in search of good candidates. They already have up to 1 million professionals and candidates searching for work. Many CVs are also exchanged on daily basis.


If you are looking for top quality cloud collaborative project management solution, just contact Prowork without any delay. Their process is very simple. Signup too occurs in a breeze.

In order to sign in, you are only required to provide your email address and some other simple details about yourself.  Account creation too is very simple and straightforward. The company is growing at a very fast pace on daily basis.

Save & Buy

This is another highly impressive startup in Nigeria in terms of what they have been achieved over the short period of their existence.  If you are looking for a virtual savings platform in Nigeria, then this is the website to consider.

They have their focus on Nigerians alone. If you plan to save for anything you want to do in the future, this is the perfect place to visit. Their system is highly secure, social and very simple. The program is powered by Stanbic IBTC Bank and it had proved to be reliable over the years. It is among the best ways to plan better for the future and also avoid stress. Their sign up is also very easy.


This is another great startup in Nigeria it helps to simplify the process of searching for schools by African students. All the student has to do is to select the particular country in which he wants to study and the website will help to search out the perfect place that meets with the students requirements.

Any student that ash limited to search for admission can simply link you with them and they will help link him with the perfect institution. The universities on their database are among the best in the world. They actually have up to 200 universities in their database.


If you want to buy domain name, this is the website to give a look up.  They also provide shared hosting for anyone in need of such service. They make use of the latest technologies to provider their services.

They also provide their clients with 24/7 customer support. The management is also very easy and the web servers they use are very powerful.   Their server security is also optimal.  They give their clients money back guarantee too.  They have been in operation since 2007.


If you are looking for the perfect apartment that will suit your needs, this is the outlet to consider.  It can be time-consuming to search for your own apartment. But with the help of this company, it will not be difficult to get an accommodation that you will be proud of.

They are in the known of various accommodations in various cities in Nigeria. They can also link you up with other estate agencies in Nigeria and they provide their services at highly affordable rates.

1500Naira Deals

What do they do on this website? They sell stuffs at the rate of 1,500 naira. Do you need top quality fedora hats, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, blouses or shoes? You can visit this website and get each of these items for 1500 naira.

They sell both male and female shoes and dresses on sale.  Their customer service is highly dependable and they help you save money. The items you buy at such a cheap rate on this site can be bought at a higher rate in other places. However, they believe life should not be difficult for people, hence the decision to provide these items at such an affordable rate.


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