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If you want to transfer money in the most secure and fastest way possible, then Skye Bank USSD mobile banking is the way to go any time and any day. It gives you a secure and fast way to transfer funds to Skye bank accounts and other bank accounts.


With Skye Bank USSD mobile banking, you can easily make bill payments, check account balance, transfer funds, and so on, without any hitch and in the most convenient manner imaginable.

Simply dial *833# to get started. A page will pop up with details of the next steps to follow.  On the new page that shows up, select the Beneficiary bank Name from the list of banks provided, e.g.,. First Bank, Access bank, Diamond bank, and so on. Next, type the beneficiary’s account number and the amount you want to transfer to the person.  

On the next page, provide your transfer PIN to confirm the transfer. The system is designed to show you recipient’s account number before you enter your PIN. This way, you will be able to verify that you are not making the mistake of sending money to the wrong account number.

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If you haven’t used the service before, you will be requested to create one right there using the menu presented to you when you first started the process.

If you have two accounts with Skye Bank, say savings and current account, and you are using the same phone number for both accounts, the system is designed to debit your current account first before debiting your savings account.

Transfer per transaction can be minimum of N1,000. However, you can only transfer maximum of N20,000 per day.

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  1. what’s the essence of giving out code that is not working, go check other banks like Gtbank, even if you don’t have an account with them before you can create one using their magic code. skye bank should test their code very well before giving it out. I will assume Skye bank don’t have any code right now because the code is rubbish. So please Work on it, guess you

  2. Ogunware John

    It is better you remove the code because you give people unnecessary stress. I have tried the code severally, it does work. Must someone visit the bank anytime he want to do transaction?

  3. friday

    the code is not working @ll,
    which one is pin again?

  4. kehinde

    The code is not work well
    Admin pls fine solution on it
    Iselowo kehinde by name

  5. kehinde

    The code not work for me
    Pls Admin work on it well
    Iselowo kehinde by name

  6. Adedayo

    your internet banking is nonsense even your *833# is shit….. pls do something better


    The code is working but it require airtime on any sim you what to use.
    NOTE:- make sure you use the sim u used to registered your bank account.

  8. Bright Emefiele

    the code you introduce to us the customer is not working which is *833# and also the test message (D SKYE) to 20220 is not also working please work on this issue. many banks code are working. i believe SKYE BANK is also one of the best in Nigeria.

  9. Eberendu judith

    Which one is the pin

  10. Eberendu judith

    Which one is the pin. Reply urgently please

  11. Eberendu judith

    Pls which one is the pin. It’s asking for me. Reply urgently please

  12. It’s not Working. Something good should be done.

  13. Joseph Awo

    D code work half way. It’s either “no response” or “u have exceeded ur transaction limit” even if u have not made any transfer. Admin plx work on ds service code. Tnx

    1. Tom Godwin

      The code (*833#) is not going unlike other banks, their transactions goes easily.So is you find solution to the problem.

  14. Ayegboyin bamidele ereola

    I want the real transfer code please

    1. It is *833#
      You will be presented with a menu.
      Choose the transfer option and continue.

  15. Owolabi adedayo

    The code did not work for me.

  16. Adams

    please what is the actual transfer code for skybank please

  17. Femi

    The code is not work like GTBank

  18. Femi adedeji

    Is the code not working for mtn subcribers too

  19. Awoniyi Afeez A

    The code didn’t work. Why all this Skye bank management???

  20. bamyed

    Code not working….

  21. opoola abidemi

    the code is not normally work the people except it,u should try to do something on it or better still provide the one that wovld give any problem.thanks

  22. Lawal

    The code isn’t working at all.

  23. oloyede ronke

    The code doesnt working. Pls kindly give a correct code. Thanks

  24. damsin

    I don’t think this code is working with glo line

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