Skye Bank Logo: What Does It Stand For?


Skye bank is a private company in the financial services institution. The bank is registered on Nigerian Stock Exchange. Skye Bank had been around since 2006 and it is still able to hold its head above water even today.

Skye Bank Logo: What Does It Stand For?

The bank had seen turbulent times, but it is still able to stand its ground with its head above the waters of tribulation in the financial services industry.

Its headquarters is located at 3, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.  Its present Chairman is Mr. M.K. Ahmad, while its Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Tokunbo Abiru.

The bank offers its customers various Financial and banking Services and its total assets as at 2010 is above $3.9 billion. Its website is at

The bank is based in Nigeria and it is one of the 26 commercial banks that are given operation license by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The bank is a real large financial service outlet and they have operations in many West African and Central African countries.

If you look at its logo well, you will discover that it depicts the sky.  We are not entirely sure, but we feel the dark blue curve, with one of its ends divided into two, depicts a flying object, most probably a bird or an aircraft. The light blue and the yellow curves in the logo depict the rainbow in the sky. This is in line with the name of the bank: Skye Bank

Skye is a name that refers to the “sky”. The name was derived from the Scottish Isle of Skye and it is an English word.


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