Richest Bank in Nigeria: Our Findings

Nigeria has a number of banks in operation today. Virtually all of the 25 banks or thereabout that are operating in Nigeria are financially stable, thanks to the work of the former Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor.


However, the richest among them all is Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank). Aside being the richest in Nigeria, they are also the best bank in the country considering the services of banking packages they have.

They offer the best mobile and online banking in Nigeria today. They are not just limited to Nigeria; they also have branches in several countries in West Africa. They are available on the London Stock Exchange and Deutshce Borse, where they wear able to raise up to $750,000,000 from an initial public offer   their asset is worth $9.874 billion.

GTBank is ranked as the 415th best bank in the world; this is among the first 1000 banks across the globe.  Their profit before tax is 9 billion. They hold shareholders fund amounting to 35 billion naira.

Their total asset is actually 1 trillion naira. Their gross earning is 242 billion naira. Their customer deposit is up to 44 trillion naira. This is one bank that you can bank with without any fear whatsoever. They have more than 10,000 staff members working with them.

They have several banking packages that help them increase their customer base. They are the very first bank to start the idea of zero balance accounts.  Their promotions stand them out. They equally make effort to win the loyalty of their customers via modern technology and innovative ideas.

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