Online Stores in Nigeria: The Top 20

Youngsters in Nigeria are tending more towards online shopping. Why not? Online shopping is easier and more convenient. Before now, many used to be avoid shopping online because of the prevalence of fraudulent activities such as scams, delivery of less quality products, etc. However, such problems are being solved by many reputable online stores based in Nigeria.

You can now have a safe and secure eCommerce experience in Nigeria.

Finding the best online stores does not only have to do with those that have the lowest price, there are other factors to consider. These include:

Customer support provided by the online store

Quality products offered

Fast delivery

Online shops are not only beneficial to consumers who wish to buy products. Those who manufacture products or are involved in sales can also benefit from online stores. Although some may think it is best to come up with their own platform, it can also be more economical to ride on the backs of successful e-commerce giants who have stayed long in the industry. With these e-commerce websites, you are offered an audience on a platter of gold. After building up enough audience for yourself, you can then launch your own website. There are many e-commerce websites in Nigeria. Here is a list of top 20 most reliable and popular e-commerce websites in Nigeria in 2018.

These online shopping malls in Nigeria made the list after considering the following factors:

Terms of service




Customer support

After-sale support

Quick delivery of goods and quality packaging

Below are 20 top online stores in Nigeria.

Read on below:

 Jumia Nigeria

Jumia tops the list as the most popular e-commerce website in Nigeria. Jumia Nigeria was established in May 2012. It is often referred to as Nigeria’s version of amazon. Jumia Nigeria is popular both year and beyond. It was in fact rated by Amazon’s Alexa as the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria. Jumia allows you to sell any form of product on their website. Consumers can also buy on Jumia. Check out their website for guidelines on how to get started.


Konga is a major competition to Jumia. Konga aims to deliver its products with speed and precision without the hassles and inconvenience of online shopping. It owns large warehouses stocked up with goods and strategically located in major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Konga is a large platform that allows small businesses to showcase their product on Konga website.


PayPorte was launched in September 2014. It has risen fast to become Nigeria’s preferred online retail store. PayPorte caters to a wide demographic, from youths to old ones and professionals in the business world. PayPorte has a wide audience on its platform. It also partners with local businesses to showcase their products on its platform Since PayPorte has access to large customer base and great logistics coverage, business owners have a great chance to excel when doing business with PayPorte.

VConnect Nigeria

You might have heard of VConnect but you probably did not think of them as an online store. VConnect is popular as a business listing website in Nigeria. Recently, VConnect launched an open marketplace for other businesses to showcase their goods and services. VConnect also provides its users with logistics and payment facilitation.


Kara is another popular online store in Nigeria. The website boasts of thousands of visitors on a daily basis. You will find the best deals on virtually any product, ranging from mobile phones to electronic gadgets and other home supplies on Kara.

Kara also has a marketplace that allows other business owners to sell their products. Kara Nigeria deals with sales of computers, smartphone, kitchen appliances, consumer electronics and fashionable accessories.

Printivo Store

Printivo is another online store but quite different from those we have mentioned earlier. Printivo is Nigeria’s most popular online print shop. On Printivo, you will find free templates designed by other designers across Nigeria.

Printivo provides the platform for designers and print providers to make money online. They are able to sell their prints and designs to customers all across the country. Unlike other online stores, Printivo store is strictly a marketplace for print designs online.

OLX Nigeria

OLX is a future-thinking online store. This is where you will find a wealth of information and classes. It is also different from other conventional online stores, because it provides an information-filled environment for both buyers and sellers to interact and transact.

On OLX, sellers can design, display and post ads under the specified product category to which it belongs. For example, a seller can place an Ad for a car under the Automobiles category. Thus, OLX allows for the creativity of marketing. The use of adverts and categories, for example, gives the OLX online market a structured design. This gives the website an edge over others. It also makes it easier for customers to locate their products of interest.

Jiji Nigeria

Jiji Nigeria was founded in 2014. On Jiji, sellers can freely post adverts for their products and services. Sellers get maximum efficiency in terms of wide reach and profit.


Obiwezy enterprise was launched in January 2010. The website focuses on sales of gadgets such as smartphones, computers, smartwatches, iPads, and accessories. It has grown to become one of the biggest Nigerian online stores that majors in gadgets. Obiwezy is well known for the sales of quality used phones with a warranty. With Obiwezy, customers can also swap their used phones for a new one. They also offer customer support services, repair services, consultation and after-sales services to their customers.


Ajebomarket which was founded in July 2013 and has now grown to be a leading online fashion store for men in Nigeria. On Ajebomarket, you will find premium products for both teenagers and adults. You will find anything fashion for men, such as clothes, watches, shoes, bags.

Yudala (a Nigerian Online Store with Offline Shopping Outlets)

Yudala is another Nigerian online store with offline shopping outlets in major cities in Nigeria. With Yudala, buyers can pay on delivery if they prefer to do so. This allows for more trust as the buyers can confirm their goods before payment. This is unlike some other online stores that only allow buyers to pre-payment online. Yudala has launched mega retail shops in popular Nigerian cities and they promise to extend to other cities in the long run.


Mobofree is an online store that allows both sellers and buyers purchase at their chosen amount. Customers can also exchange goods here. Many love Mobofree because they get uniquely good deals there.


Although it is not so popular, you can shop for electronics, clothing and sundry at chrisvicmall. Chrisvicmall also ships items from China to Nigeria.


Slot is one of the best online stores in Nigeria. They have very functional retail outlets in major cities, which are popular as many customers would often go there to buy phone and gadgets. Slot Nigeria is renowned for its good after-sale services and great customer support.

Parktel online

Parktel online is another great website known for the sales, distribution and marketing of cell phones, mobile power banks and phone accessories. Popular payment methods on Parktel online are Visa, Master-card, Verve. Customers are also given the option to pay-on-delivery when shopping with Parktel. In fact, most products on Parktel come with free delivery for those living in Lagos and Abuja


Webmall is another top online store in Nigeria. You can find products across all categories on Webmall. It is a renowned online store that has been in the game for more than 4 years now. Products range from Computers, mobile phones, tech gadgets, fashion and fitness kits, home/office appliances, projectors, etc.


KiliMall is a big online store within Nigeria, however, they have branches outside Nigeria too. KiliMall is trusted and you can confidently shop there. Kilimall also allows its customers to pay using various safe online payment methods. Products are properly arranged for convenient shopping. You can purchase products ranging from mobile devices and gadgets, clothes, shoes, home appliances, fashion products, books, healthcare, baby products, etc.


Escapade is another reputable online store that deals mostly with products from popular or reputable companies. It is not a popular store in Nigeria but it is one you can trust when shopping online for home appliances, electronic gadgets, fitness kits, and building materials.


My Store has lasted for over a decade. They have good testimonies and reviews from their customers nationwide. It is another reputable online store to shop from in Nigeria. Products you can buy from MyStore include; kitchen utensils and equipment, home decor, and office essentials.


Gidimall is a fast-growing online store in Nigeria. Gidimall has good testimonies and reviews from their customers nationwide. The platform has proven itself to be a trusted site for online shopping. It has been in the game for many years now and has kept its good reputation.

Products you can find on Gidimall include Electronic gadgets/accessories, home essentials, drinks and food items, cameras, printers, and etc.


Gloo is a trusted online shop. With over 4 years to its name in the online business, the company also has offline stores located in some developed cities across the country. It sells products such as; books and media, home appliances, food and drinks, beauty appliances, etc.


You will know all about this online store by its name. Techmall as the name suggests is an online store that deals with the sales of tech objects. These include gadgets, software, and electronic accessories. Many might not know about tech mall because of their close niche, but the store has maintained its good reputation with its customers over the years.


Buyright deals with heavy-duty gadgets and equipment such as stabilizers, inverters, generators, refrigerators, batteries and many other electrical accessories. It is trusted and a good place to shop for your heavy-duty appliances.


Fouani is a Nigerian online store that deals with products from LG Company only. LG is renowned for high-quality products. If you ever want to shop LG products, then check Fouani. It is basically an online showroom for all LG products available in Nigeria. The company is a well trusted online platform where you can shop for LG products and accessories nationwide. It also has many offline stores across the country in case you want to shop with them physically.

Goods Arena

Goods Arena is an online store where you can shop for a range of products such as fashion outfits, home or office accessories, gadgets, PCs and other goodies. Many might not have heard of Goods Arena but it has maintained good quality services over the years.


Ahioma is an Igbo word which means “Good Market”. On Ahioma, you can purchase mobile phones and mobile gadgets.

You can also find other electronic products like stationery, books, wines, drinks, fashion outfits and fitness kits. Ahioma is gaining popularity fast with their good customer support and great after-sales service.


Obeezi is an online fashion store. Here, you will get classic designer wears such as shoes, clothes and accessories. You can shop for Gucci, Ankara, Tommy Hilfiger, Raph Laureen and other top designers on Obeezi.


Awufu is an online store where you can shop for Tech and Electrical gadgets, such as phone accessories, mobile phones and computers. It is not a popular online store but you can check them out.

Bargain Master

Bargain Master is an extremely large marketplace place where you can buy everything you want or need. You will find Agricultural products, construction and real estate equipment, chemicals, consumer electronics, gadgets and many others.


eShop is an online store that deals in the sales of technology and electrical gadgets only. Products available on eShop include; Inverters, solar panels, flat-screen televisions (LED), cookers and other popular consumer electronics.


Supermart majors in the sales of groceries. You can think of it as a large online supermarket. They can also deliver groceries to your doorstep. You will find all kinds of provisions such as food items, drinks, utensils, and even books on Supermart.

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