Online Payment Services in Nigeria: The Top 5


Online business has come of age in Nigeria. Being the most populous black nation in the world, it is a business hub many discerning business people should give attention.  Nigerian banks now make it   possible for people to make payment for goods and services right online.

Online Payment Services in Nigeria: The Top 5

All you need is the debit card or ATM card of your bank and you will be able to transfer funds from one person to another. You will never have problem transferring funds from your bank account to that of your customer. You can also transfer fund from your account to another individual’s account.

Nigerian banks now interconnect online and this has made this whole process very easy for all and sundry.  In this write up, you will get to learn about the various online payment services in Nigeria.

GTBank GTPay

If the truth must be told, this is the best among the online payment services operating in Nigeria today. This gateway has more than 4000 customers using it and you can use it to process both local and international financial transactions. You can use the normal local savings account with GTB to activate this gateway for local payments. However, you need to have domiciliary account in order to use the gateway for international payment processing. Additionally, you need to have been operating the domiciliary account for minimum of 6 months before it can qualify for this. Set up fee is N75,000.

Stanbic IBTC Bluepay (CIPG & MIGS)

This gateway is perfect for both local and foreign transactions.  It is preferred by many merchants and the setup is very easy and straightforward.  On this gateway, you can use MasterCard, visa card or verve card very easily to make payment to both your local and international clients.  Aside being one of the most versatile, the gateway is equally very affordable. It is among the cheapest among the other online payment gateways. They have dedicated email customer service too and this makes their business even all the more interesting.  This makes it very easy for customers to receive online payment without any hitch.  Set up fee is N50,000.

Interswitch Webpay

This is yet another leader in online payment services.  It was initially in 4th position in 2014. It has now moved to 3rd place on the chart. You can use this gateway with any bank.  You will not need to have account with any particular bank in order to use interswitch.  The beautiful thing is that almost all banks in Nigeria make it possible for their customers to make payment through interswitch.  They are undoubtedly the major payment processor operating presently in Nigeria. They have partnership with virtually all the banks in Nigeria. Set up fee is N150,000.


You need no setup fee for this one.  You will also not have to pay any annual or monthly fee. Also it is an international gateway. There had never been any record of fraud recorded about it before. The payout is also very easy.


The setup process is very easy and straightforward.  The technical support is also something worthy of note. The setup fee is just N75,000.  They also support both local and foreign transactions. They permit the use of both local and international cards.





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