Mimi Orjiekwe: All You Need To Know About Her


Mimi Orjiekwe is an upcoming Nollywood actress. She has been on the Nollywood movie scene for quite some time and she seems to be gaining prominence with each passing year.

In this post, you’ll find out many interesting things about this exceptionally talented actress.

Mimi Orjiekwe: All You Need To Know About Her

Early Years

Mimi was born in Enugu and she has three siblings, all boys. She had her Bachelor’s degree in Enugu but she would later proceed to the University of Abuja for her Masters in Business Administration.

Acting Career

Her sojourn into acting began less than a decade ago, precisely in 2008 but the journey was shortlived as she quit for a while. However, she seems to have returned to the industry for good.

Her Marriage

Mimi was married to Charles Billion, an actor and director in Nollywood. He has featured in the hit series, Tinsel.

The couple met in 2013 and dated for a couple of years before tying the knots in July 2015. The wedding ceremony took place at Umuelem Village in Ichieke Achi, Oji River LGA of Enugu State.

Interestingly, Mimi didn’t expect to get married to an actor. According to her, she had thought she would never have anything to do with an actor until Charles came calling.

Unfortunately, their union was shortlived as it barely lasted a year before it crashed. The crash was based on issues of infidelity on the part of Charles.

Mimi had seen the signs when they were dating but she was simply hoping for the best by proceeding to tie the knot with Charles. Prior to their marriage, a female police officer had told Mimi that she was pregnant and the baby was that of Charles. When she confronted him about the allegations, he initially denied it but later accepted. He asked her to forgive him and she accepted his apologies.

After they got married it was obvious Mimi was struggling to cope with her marriage. There was an interview where she was asked about marital crisis in the entertainment industry and this was her response, My dear, I must confess being married is not easy. We all just have to try and manage it. I won’t blame anyone whose marriage has failed because as celebrities we have too much pride and ego.”

But her endurance reached breaking point when she got wind of the rumour that Charles had a U.S based lover that was pregnant for him. She got to know about her husband’s alleged lover on the internet and when she confronted him on this rumour, he didn’t refute it.

Having confirmed her husband’s infidelity once again, there were rumours that Mimi called it quits immediately and even asked her husband’s family to come for their bride price.

Charles tried to rebuff these rumours by releasing a statement indicating that everything was fine. Below is the transcript:

“We are fine, we are good. We are still married. I saw the reports online that we have parted ways. I don’t know where that came out from. People quarrel, people settle but when they say we parted ways, I don’t know where that came from. I saw that online. We are together. She lives in my house in Lagos. I don’t know why people come out to say we have parted ways. We live together”


Also, Charles talked about how he was looking forward to being a great father to his newborn child.


However, their break up became quite clear following the birth of their daughter as Charles didn’t even acknowledge the birth of their baby when she took to the internet to announce it.

Mimi eventually confirmed her separation from Charles in a recent interview. This is the transcript of her statement.

“It’s true, we are no longer together. He has two baby mamas not even one and he has been begging my dad to make things work between us, but my mind is made up. No more going back to him.”

Also, when Mimi gave birth to her daughter, Jasmine, she posted a long message on her instagram on her childbirth experience where she took a jibe on her estranged husband calling him a sperm donor,

There is more to being a father than just donating sperm- (Parental guide R18). So last Sunday I didn’t get those Mother’s Day wishes gracefully. It was still mom to be wishes. Today is different. Last night I became a mum 3/4/2017. And that was how I agreed to have a supernatural childbirth.. No anesthetic no epidurals..
Moms u guys didn’t tell me the real gist…. Well bodies differs right… We completed 40 weeks and 6 days… I wanted freedom jezz… So I and jasmine started trying home induction and it worked… If you hear labor… Hmm not all these laborers carrying cement oh.. My sister labor started and escalated… I thought someone was uprooting my soul with dagger… Jasmine kept fighting… Thanks to my supermom and my LOVELY converted sister R… They held me… Ok I gave up… I wanted a pain relieve yeah I was seeing my shadow leaving .. Wel same time they checked my longtime only 2cm dilated cvix ..That shit broke and it was already 9cm.. Yeah was like miracle… Didn’t finish there… The birthing!the push !the fight !!the struggle !!!the delivery !!????oh Lord I will buy keys for all my pants…  
Jasmine says hi… Meanwhile she’s been staring at me like mum I ve fair hands white legs fair nose , dark forehead etc .. What am I??? Oyibo or Naija, abina Iraq !! Lol.. Me: Babe Your jus the princess of MY HEART!! We added a daughter, niece, sister granddaughter to a family of 4 boys… my brothers re sooxcitedjaz!! WE LOVE U VERY MUCH ..Jaz :Don’t worry famz they will unveil me in few days.. Prayers on me now


Mimi’s Daughter

Some time in August 2017, Mimi’s daughter was baptized and dedicated. She shared the photos of her daughter, Jasmine during the baptism on social media. The event was attended by her family and close friends.


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