Latest Promos in Nigeria

It is not a bad idea to seek to save money over things you buy. One of the best ways to make such savings is via promos. If you are tired of spending excessively on items you buy, you can always benefit from promos and get the things you buy at far cheaper rate.


Many companies in Nigeria do provide promo opportunities that their customers can benefit from. The beauty of it is that they do not place any restriction on anybody or discriminate against any particular set of participants. Everyone is welcome.

Many websites do provide information on latest promos in Nigeria and you can get the desired information from such outlets. Best way to do this is to keep in line with the content of those outlets, since they get such promos updated on regular basis.

Instead of waiting on these third party websites to provide you with the required promo information, you can always go directly to the websites of the outlets providing the promo.

Good examples of promos you can participate in are discussed below

Carlcare Smartphone

They only require that you sign up with them and you stand a chance of winning Smartphone. The program ends by 31st December and you can participate any time before it ends.  You can win various Smartphone, like Infinix and Tecno.

Ribena Scholarship

Ribena is a household name among products in Nigeria. They have been giving scholarship opportunities to Nigerians for years and another scholarship opportunity has just come up.

They give such scholarships to 250 individuals to the tune of N100,000 each.  The program is open till 31st October, 2016.

OLX tablet

OLX is now 4 years old and they are marking their anniversary by providing Nigerians with opportunity to win brand new tablet. All the participants are required to do are to watch their anniversary video and also provide answers to their daily quizzes provided on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Tura Smartphone

Tura is yet another household brand in Nigeria. They are making 3 Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phones available for their customers. The participants are requires to buy any variant of Tura and then show what the Tura soap is being used for. 3 winners will be selected and each winner will be handed a Samsung galaxy S7 Smartphone.

Sheyi Shay cash prizes

You should know about Sheyi Shay. He has organized an Acapella competition and there are cash prizes to be won.  You can participate in this program if you are a DJ or a producer. If you can remix, then you are on your way to winning cash in this program.

Lenovo Smartphone

Lenovo produces some of the best Smartphone and other technology devices in Nigeria and they are asking their fans to show how they would use one of the features in the Lenovo K5 Plus in order to stand a chance of winning one of the said Smartphone.

Mean Trainers cash prizes

Mean Trainer has organized a weight loss challenge that gives participants the opportunity to win cash prizes by submitting videos and pictures of their current look and they are supposed to submit via Watsapp group. The organizer use their discretion to choose winner among the participants.


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