How to Reserve Your Unique Phone Number on Ntel Network

NatCom Consortium, trading under the name ‘Ntel’ has begun its first phase of operations by rolling out advanced mobile broadband LTE network.
You can be one of the first subscriber of its network and also have a unique number by reserving your number.

An example of this unique/distinct number is 0804444444 or 0804040404

To reserve your unique number you would need to visit their official website and follow the steps below.

How to Reserve Your Unique Ntel Phone Number

1. Visit

2. Click on the “Reserve Your Number” tab

3. Click on “Choose Your Own Number” or if you do not want a unique number you can use the “Generate a Random Number” option

4. Fill in your details: First name, Last name, Phone number, Email and Pickup state (fill in your current phone number as ntel will contact you with that number)

5. Select the check box “I agree with ntel terms and conditions”

6. Type in your Number of your Choice and check for availability

7. If it is available then be rest assured that Ntel would contact you as soon as your number becomes ready for pickup.

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