How to Pay for Virgin Atlantic Ticket in Nigeria

How to Pay for Virgin Atlantic Ticket in Nigeria

Virgin Atlantic is rated 37th in the worldaccording to a 2015 rating. This British Airline has made lot of global impact since its establishment in 1984. It is a world leader by all standards.


If you plan on traveling via virgin Atlantic from Nigeria to any of the destinations to which the airline serves, this write up is going to give you guidance on how to book your flight hassle free.

Simple steps involved

• Visit, which is the page for those who want to book Virgin Atlantic flights. The page is user friendly and very easy to navigate.

• Click on the Book Travel tab on the task bar located at the top of the page.
• Click on From scroll down bar and pick where you are located, Lagos Nigeria in this instance. You must keep in mind that there is no flight from Abuja or any other Nigerian international airports; Virgin Atlantic only operates from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.
• After that, click on To scroll down bar and pick where you are traveling to.
• After this, select if you want to book a one way ticket or a return ticket. This is very important as it determines how your fare is calculated.
• Next, choose the date you want to undertake your journey.
• After that, select the date you want to return.
• Next, select who wants to go on the journey; whether it is an adult, a young adult, children or infants. This gives you the opportunity to state how many people are embarking on the air travel. An adult is anyone 16 years or older; a young adult is someone between 12 and 15 years old; a child is between 2 and 11 years old, while an infant is anyone younger than 2 years old.
• After that, the next thing is to choose the type of ticket you would like to buy. Are you buying Economy class ticket or Premium Economy ticket or Upper Class ticket? This is where to indicate. You can also indicate to be shown all the cabins.
• After, click on Find My Flight.
• Select the Class and click on Next Step from the right hand corner of the new page.
• A confirmation page will come up. Click on Continue after confirming your fare cost.
• On the next page, provide your details as well as how you wish to pay. You can pay via MasterCard naira debit card. You can also pay via visa card or your verve card. After providing the information, click on Continue.
• Next, fill your debit card information and click on the Continue tab.
• A new page containing confirmation details will be shown. Check to see if the payment details are correct. If they are, click on Continue
• A new page confirming your payment approval will come up. An email will also be sent to you and you may be required to print the page for reference purpose.

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