How To Contact DSTV Nigeria: Phone, Email & Address


We published a post on DSTV Packages in Nigeria and with DSTV being the major provider of cable network service in Nigeria it is not surprising to know that DSTV has hundreds of thousands of active subscribers.

dstvWith the different bouquets and services provided it is quite normal to run into various issues with your DSTV from scrambled channels even after making payment or activating a different bouquet you paid for.
If for any reason you run into an issue with your DSTV, below are their contacts via phone numbers, email addresses, and office addresses.

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DSTV Nigeria Customer Care Service Lagos.

Lagos Nigeria
1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State
1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788
Fax 01 270 3256


Multichoice Nigeria Abuja

Legion House
3 Kaura Namoda Street
Area 3 Garki, Abuja
Tel: 2347291/2 Fax: 2347295



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  1. Ronke Abosede

    I paid 6800 to the wrong number(serial number) H004622682 X 8 instead of the smart card number 7021989089 via quickteller on January 13 2019. Please kindly help me rectify it.. Thank you.

  2. Ekundayo Oluwasola

    Dear customer pay before due date and you will be upgraded to FAMILY within 5 days from your due date at no extra cost, I recharge my account 1025424281 on the 10th of January. On 11th of January I received another message that my account will expire on 12th of January, I don’t understand what is going on.

  3. Bello rasak

    I made a payment of 4000 naira for the dstv family bouquet through my dstv self service account and I was directed to pay through quickteller. The payment was made successfully and my account has not been activated yet. The payment is even yet to reflect on my dstv account.

    Smarcard number is 1055531669.

  4. Ibrahim Ayanbadejo

    I paid for DSTV subscription on 1st of January 2019, the money didn’t reflect on my account as at today and I was cut off. The reference payment is 1031GT1546381239848, the payment was made tru quick teller
    Smart card number is 1055387919

  5. Eze iyabo james

    Dstv u are frustrating me. I made my payment on line yesterday 1/1/19 and it was successful. But uptill now am till receiving E16-4. 10052491437

  6. Anodere Julius Chidiebere

    I did a dstv compact subscription for 6800naira last night. I am yet to receive signals till now

  7. Sani Garki

    I made a payment of my dstv premium today 1/1/2019 but you have not open my channels why?

  8. Jennifer

    Please I made payment to a wrong smart card number 1004760298 and the correct smartcard number is 10047602981 from my UBA bank account number 2061116407.pls help me resolve the problem


    I made a mistake to paid to wrong account This is d Gotv account ICU-4613338655,my account No-0092831648 My account name is BAKARE ASIMIYU ABIODUN

  10. Ruth Adekunle

    I made an online payment of N4,100.00 from my First Bank Acct and for my DSTV subscription for this month of December 2018. My smart card number is 10209635910. Yet the channels are yet to be released. Kindly do so ASAP

  11. Akorede adetoun

    Pls help me reconnect bck i did the subscription of 2200 yester night through access bank 0692852266 mobile payment and my account has been debited.smartcard code is 10314393546

  12. Ameh blessing

    I wrongly pay 6000 to this account 1021850164 on 29 of November 2018 the name is ameh blessing the correct account is 7021980026 name is nwokoro Solomon reference number 255870225

  13. Idris Danjuma Bashiru

    I’m Idris Yusuf, i made a payment of #2000 through Union bank ATM machine, but #6800 was deducted from my account. My account details is as follows. Account name – Idris Danjuma Bashiru. Account number – 0039032411. UNION BANK. Please i want my money reverse back to my account.

  14. Idris Danjuma Bashiru

    Good morning, my name is Idris Yusuf, i make a payment of #2000 through ATM machine but 6800 was deducted from my account. My Bank details goes thus. Idris Bashiru Danjuma. Account number – 0039032411.Union Bank. DSTV code – 42506826017.

  15. Oluwaseyi

    I paid 16050naira on my dstv and only 6 channels of sport that showed. Please make adjustment as soon as possible

  16. Samuel Nwanya

    I always recharge my dstv with my Zenith bank mobile banking app,yesterday I recharged around 8.20pm but its still not connected pls connect my dstv access package as soon as possible here is my IUC number

  17. Godwin Iyoha

    I paid #6,300.00 my system is not working pls check and connecting me. my No 10207851188.

  18. Akinyemi Moshood

    Hello,I Am Akinyemi Moshood.i mistaking Pay My to my dstv on 28/10/2018.To My Dstv Acct Number 41077825192 ,bt that dstv as been damage over 2years now,i wanted to pay to my new account 10052389722.Pls Help Me To Divert My Money To My New Dstv Account That Is Working.10052389722.Pls I Av Been Calling U Seen 28/10/2018.pls help me out.

  19. Gabriel Olowu

    I was told the account is suspended and I have paid. The smart card number is 10047611305. Pls reconnect for me. Thanks

  20. Abdullah Shehu

    I make compact transaction via quicktaller with I.D number 1540569671121, Acc number 41017800693 and I was told the account is suspended Pls kindly activate my account for me. THANK YOU.

  21. Helen Ezra

    I mistakenly made a wrong payment into this reference number 412601036944
    And this is the smartcard number 41260103944

  22. ojo oloruntoba

    i make a payment of 6800 to a wrong account 10174502366, this is the correct account 10174503366 0j0 0l0runtoba sunday

  23. dare

    pls i subscribed for my dstv access yesterday but its has not been showing till now. my dstv number is: 1028324699

  24. Murphy Alabi

    I made payment in error for my DSTV subscription through Quickteller via GT WORLD App . The transaction reference is 1014M0980988 ,Amount N6800
    My correct smart card number is 4275775258 ,Murphy Alabi

    Kindly take this as an instruction to effect the payment of my smart card accordingly

    1. Momoh Kenneth

      I made DSTV payment yesterday 8th Nov 2018 ,but to my surprise up till now the pictures are not showing.Smart Card number 41353804960.
      From a UBA App

  25. Kingsley Oviawe

    I bought new dstv since on Saturday till na is not work an d instular said d problem is with u people. Iuc 7021962487. Seri no h004601920x2.ple help me out.

  26. Udo Ufere Ruth

    morning to you all,

    please my name is Udo Ufere Ruth
    I mistakenly made a payment to this IUC no 7020866451 on Thursday been 27th of September 2018, from my first bank mobile banking, Acct NO is 3104155366, Acct name is UDO UFERE RUTH, and time of payment was 03:54pm.

    please kindly help me to revise it to my own IUC number which is 2020812916,

    I will be very pleased if you do that for me.

    so that I can be enable to continue watching my interesting programs.

    thank you and God bless.

  27. Udo Ufere Ruth

    Good day,
    I mistakenly made a payment of 1,900 on the 27th of September, Thursday, 2018 on these IUC number 7020866451 through my first bank online mobile banking account no 3104155366. acct name UDO UFERE RUTH
    NO 08185503362.

    please kindly rectify it and send it back to my own GOTV IUC no 2020812916. so to enable me watch my programs

    1. fatima haruna

      good morning…please i subscribed my dstv this morning with this smart card number 10505694884 …it was showing me sten mockett instead of fatima haruna and now went back again to comfirmed with that same smart card number it was now showing me fatima please i need ur help o i dont knw if my account is link with someone else..please i need ur response now

  28. Jafaru Momodu

    I subscribed on the 3rd September 2018 via Quickteller on my mobile app for GOTV Plus (1,900.00)Barely two weeks after subscription payment, precisely 16th September 2018, I was disconnected. I need to know what informed this decision.
    Subscription details are as follows;
    1031 GT 1536002581059528 Bill payment via MBANKING BILL PAY(GOTV)(4622548681)- 1014M0791884

  29. Jafaru Momodu

    I subscribed via Quickteller on my mobile app on the 3rd of September, 2018 but was disconnected on the 16th September, 2018. Barely two weeks after subscription payment. I think I need to know the reason for this attitude.
    The transaction details are as follows;
    GT 1536002581059528 Bill payment via MBANKING BILL (GOTV) 4622548681) – 1014M0791884

  30. Sarah Ukih

    I payments of 6200 via quickteller like 45mins ago and my DSTV is not showing uptil now. This is my smartcard no 42541413789.


      I made payment of 10,650 on friday through phone transfer. details:Gtbank,GTCN557888991618.That transaction is yet to be manifested.IUC7021990015

  31. Sarah Ukih

    I made payments via quickteller like 30mins Ango ago but nothing is showing uptil now. My name is Sarah. This is my card no.42541413789

  32. Jamiu Qasim

    I made a subscription on smart card 7020711630 last month and my account was upgraded from Compact to Compact plus. kindly help out to reverse it because I didn’t make any requesrequest to that effect.

  33. Ebenezer Aregbesola

    kindly improve on your signal level.

    My Dstv has been recently fluctuating between total picture loss to partial loss.


  34. Okoromu Godwin

    please Am Mr Okoromu Godwin with dstv no. 4135381644 i paid for my dstv subscription on 25/07/18 with reference number 099mjnl8206074e and up till this moment it hasn’t been activated . My bank name is access bank with account number 0037383233 and the amount paid is #3,800.00 .please check and activate my dstv account for me.


  35. Okoromu Godwin

    Am Mr Okoromu Godwin with dstv no. 4135381644 i paid for my dstv subscription on 25/07/18 with reference number 099mjnl8206074e and up till this moment it hasn’t been activated . My bank name is access bank with account number 0037383233 and the amount paid is #3,800.00 .please check and activate my dstv account for me.



    I just made a payment of #1,900 to my Gotv from GTB Account and until now nothing is showing .My name is Chibuike Awuzie .My smart card number is :4613296855


    Good morning All,
    I have been denied of access to some channels that ordinarily should be part of my package for some time now. I am on a #3,800 family bouque and wandering why i should not have access to channels like:

    Can somebody please expalined why i should not have access to these channels?


    Yea thank you,
    Please i have an Old DSTV decoder with smart card 42656971449 given to me to use by my Uncle thou have not operated it before but i want to start using it. can you confirm for me if the smart card is still valid and how can i change the decoder to a new decoder.

  39. kingsdon Kingsley okonkwo

    my name ifeanyi okonkwo I paid money to gotv account number on 11/6/2018 bank reference number 1856758895 my IUC 4613403755 please I need that money to be back to my account.thanks

  40. Gbadamosi Mojirayo Rukayat

    Payment on wrong reference number
    Good evening…I mistakenly made payment on reference number4613658250 while my reference number is 4613658290
    Gbadamosi Mojirayo Rukayat
    This payment was made 7\72018
    This has made my GoTv not to be activated
    Pls correct this error for me

  41. Gbadamosi Mojirayo Rukayat

    Good evening,I made a payment online on statuday 7\7\2018 on a wrong reference number 4613658250 as against 4613658290.My name is Gbadamosi Mojirayo Rukayat with GoTv reference number 4613658290…Please rectify the error for me because I could not activate my GoTv since Saturday due to error on the payment…Thanks for your quick response.

  42. dkord Martin

    My gotv decoder got damaged.I was at Victoria Island for swop but I was given a date to cone back.
    I just want to be sure it is available.


    Good Morning, I subscribed with #3,800 on Friday 8th June, 2018, but still showing I’ve not paid.Please help me out, because that the last cash I had.
    Thank you and anticipating to hear from you. My SmartCard Number is 4255559728

  44. ujunwa

    please I paid 1900 and before that some one paid in 6300 for me the same day, PLEASE I want to know what my balance is and I also want to remind you guys that u ate my 1900 on august last year,,, please kindly move that my 1900 to be my other month payment thank you,my card number is 1017205175

  45. Alh. Mukaila Popoola

    I made a mistake by subscribing N1,800 into someone’s Gotv on 4th May, 2018 by 5:oopm
    Wrong Account: 2018902208
    Correct Account: 2018902258
    Ref No: 02Q638270606633
    My Phone No: 08033326762
    kindly reload it to the correct account as to enable me enjoy my subscription.

    1. Ofonime john

      I make mistakes with my account number when I subscribe

      This is the wrong No 1043110995

      This is the right No 10433110995

  46. oreoluwa arowokoko

    I mistakenly subscribe for decoder 4622946829 instead of 4622946826 since yesterday..please kindly activate my decoder back

    1. N. O. OBLA GODWIN

      Good Morning, I subscribed with #3,800 on Friday 8th June, 2018, but still showing I’ve not paid.Please help me out, because that is the last cash I had.
      Thank you and anticipating to hear from you. My SmartCard Number is 4255559728

  47. oreoluwa

    i mistakenly subscribe for IUC no 4622946829 instead of 4622946826 yesterday with the payment of 1900..please help me activate my decoder back

  48. dabit-ne-wayus

    Am sorry for any inconvience I may course. I subcribe my dstv with a smart card number 4135508819 on 18 of may with 3800 for family bongue instead of smart card number 7018368270 so am pleading for urgent refund of my active smart card number 7018368270.

  49. Henry

    My name is Chibeya Henry, i am writing to complain about some of your staffs,My
    problem is where i usually make payment in Pako Aguda, there are two ladies there that are so so rude, soucy, disrespectful,non charlant atitude towards customers, precisely the short dark and chuby lady and also the very fair lady almost like an abino, they are both same atitude, this two people will only chase away customers cos they have chased me too, for a while i stoped paying cos that office is the closest to me and i find it difficult going there to be insulted or to be neglected. i started online payment because i couldn’t tolerate their atitude, something has to be done about them.. even the engineers their who fixed my decoder when i had issues with mine said the same about them when i complained about them.
    that is my comment and complaints.. pls u people should do something about them.. thanks.. Yours Henry

  50. Dr. A. A. Alarape

    Dear service provider.
    i am sending you this mail to register my displeasure to your organization. Having paid #3,100 for the one year subscription for the past 3 months, My account has yet not been activated. All efforts to get in touch with you on my mobile phone No-07064838114 all the while proves abortive. This is the more reasons why I rated your company very very low in your online survey. I hope you will act promptly on my complain as to correct my impression of you being inefficient.
    My IUC No. 4601448621.
    Yours faithfully
    Dr. A. A. Alarape

  51. Mubarak

    I made Dstv access subscription on 12/04/2018,but I can’t watch anything on my TV,only telling me my channels blocked or may have been suspended.plz do something smartcard no.7017074552,mobile no.07030101374

  52. Bello Yakubu

    I made a subscription of #1900 to this smart card 4258462462 mistakingly on 25/3/2018 instead of 42584624953 via my first Mobil app. , 08035217945, residential address : block 24 b+b camp, Ajaokuta LGA, kogi state.
    Hereby is the bank alert for the transaction.
    Your Acct 306XXXX419 Has Been Debited with NGN2,000.00 On 25-MAR-2018 21:06:30 By BILL PAY/10942552449781/42584624624953/D. Bal: NGN32,389.39CR
    Please help me out.

    1. Charles Mbeadichie

      Please I changed my decoder due 2 electrical fault and usued the old smartcard number to make payment,I did d last payment nt knowing DAT d old smartcard number had been blocked.dis was my new smartcard number(New 7018257668), old smartcard number 10254814915.this is the details of the !ast payment I made on the oldsmartcard number DSTV Subscription payment of NGN 1,900.00 for 1025481491 was successful. REF: 10942554468790.pls kindly transfer the payment 2 my new smart card number

  53. Akewusola faruk

    Please my Dstv self service is not working place act fast please :smartcard number 41354911194 name MARY JEGEDE 08101013433 please work on it today

  54. Bella Yakubu

    I made access subscription of #1900 on 25/3/2018 with dstv smart card 4258462462 on my first Mobil app. where I was alerted of the debit from account and a ref:10942552449781 was assigned. since then I cannot enjoy anything on my TV. Please attend to my request as matter of urgent .

  55. Bella Yakubu

    I made access subscription on 25/3/2018 with dstv smart card 4258462462 on my first Mobil app. where I was alerted of the debit from account and a ref:10942552449781 was assigned. since then I cannot enjoy anything on my TV. please assist to resolve the problem.

  56. Hello Yakubu

    I made access subscription on 25/03/2018 with dstv smart card 42584624625 from My first Mobile App. and I have been alerted on debit from my account.since then I have not view any in my TV. Please attend to my request as a matter of urgent.

  57. Ojo olaniyi

    Please am unable to watch Big Brother Nigeria, super sport 3 and 7 on my DStv, please help!smart card number 10135289378.Thanks

  58. Ojo olaniyi

    Please am unable to watch Big Brother Nigeria, super sport 3 and 7 on my DStv, please help! Smart card number 10135289378

  59. Adebayo

    Hello i need you to act fast on this because i did my 2000, sub on
    29th of this month and the channel 198 is not showing and i sub
    because of that , please help me work on that now so i can watch the
    channel Big brother naija my smart card number is ( 10463280775 )
    phone number 08054530751 customer name ADEBAYO please help me
    tune on the channel 198 now Thanks

  60. I can’t view bbnaija channel on my gotv. my SmartBand number is 2005123524. please assist

  61. Adeolu

    I made a DSTV access subscription with the smart-card number 1046323405.but i cant watch BBNaija pls restore the channel 198.. NOW.

  62. Adeolu

    Pls,I made a DSTV access subscription with the smartcard number 1046323405.but i cant watch BB naija pls restore the channel 198.. NOW.

  63. Adeolu

    Pls, I made a dstv access subscription with the smartcard number 1046323405 but i cant watch BBnaija pls restore the channel 198.. NOW

  64. Solomon Uranta

    I made a payment of #1900 from my account with sterling bank PLC to my friends decoder number 1028292560 since on the 24th of march my account was debited but the decoder did not come up till when he had to go and pay another money into the please I will like the decoder to be credited or my money should be returned back to my sterling bank account 0002482694 screen short is my evidence of payment alert Debit Alert!
    Ac#: **2694
    Desc: USSD/225878150941/Ussd Bills paymen t for DSTV Subscription DSTV Subscr iption transaction with sid 1414785 110/URANTA.SB/BILLS.PADBU
    26-Mar-18 @ 3:09PM
    Amt: NGN1,900.00
    Av.Bal: 24,277.95
    Enquiries? Call 070078375464

  65. Bola

    I’m on the gotv 1900 subscriptionbut i cant watch bbnaija pls restore the channel IUC number 2028729503 pls restor channel 29

  66. Victor

    Pls, I made a dstv access subscription with the smartcard number 41353980760 using access bank terminal makurdi. On the 13th March 2018. Till now i have no access to my channells. Pls act fast.

  67. Oludare Awe

    I did my DSTV subscription of 2000NAIRA on March 13 2018 in Stanbic IBTC bank but up till now, is not working. Kindly recticfy it. Smartcard no : 4250681543

  68. Adeyemi Kehinde

    Good pm. I made a subscription of 3800 on Friday 9th March, 2018 on DSTV No:10218842333 through my Zenith Bank e-banking but till now, we could not enjoy the service we paid for. Kindly act fast on this matter. God bless you.

  69. Adeyemi Kehinde

    Good pm. I made a subscription of 3800 on Friday 9th March, 2018 on DSTV NO:10218842333 through my Zenith Bank e-banking but till now we could not enjoy the service we paid for. Kindly act fast on this Matter. God bless you.

  70. olajide seun

    for the past 2weeks now i cant watch BBN, Please i need your help and to let me know what happened?

  71. Jegede Kunle

    REF: 1378538880, I PAID 2000, MOB/BPT/1378538880/2025257584/DSTV BOX OFFICE WALL

  72. Olamolu

    Good morning.. I made a subscription of Access 1900 through my mobile since Sunday 4 03 2018.still haven’t activated till now

    Smartcard number:10134439685

    Pls, help me resolve this issue on time

  73. Olamolu

    I subscribe for Access package through my Wema Bank account since Sunday 4 03 2018 and the sum of 2000 naira was deducted but my act is still suspended up till now. pls act fast to reconnect me. my smart card number is 10134439685 and my phone number is 07069493110

  74. Olowojoba Succes

    Please my dstv smart card sc 1021016045 just stopped to show all other channels apart from the dstv free to air. myn phone number is 08039203873. it started yesterday afternoon while it was on for some hours, please help me to resolve it.

  75. aliu

    I made two different online payment for
    my decoder no 4133582769 and the decoder have not been

    i checked online and found balance in my dstv
    account to be 4,387.00

  76. Elizabeth

    DSTV, it will be interesting to have an explanation why your Customer Service is not working, why all the phones are switched off and why my subscription is not activated 4 hours after paying N14700.00 please activate now. This is customer service at the poorest.

  77. Adams

    please help us to rectify our DSTV we paid three time and we need the reversal of two payment .. we paid for Access

    IMG Reference No.
    IMG Date
    02/28/2018 11:49:03
    Please help us for God sake it’s very urgent

  78. Fagbohungbe Ayodeji Tolulope

    I made double payment on 30th January 2018 around 13:56PM with the hope of enjoying the promo of four months which will last till April ending. i received message now that i will be disconnect tommorrow, pls help me correct everything now. this is my Smart card number is 42509007409

  79. Ibrahim Rufai

    Please kindly assist to revert wrong payment made to smart card no: 4119286113 to the correct smart card no; 4119286116 (Ibrahim Rufai) this day 23/02/2018 from First bank plc. with reference no: FBN/BRH/MCN/23-02-2018/336406.
    Thanks in anticipation to such response.


    i paid twice into my DSTV account SC 10210158464 through my UBA acount number 2066892889, yesterday night. i used QuikTeller to make the payment.

    my UBA account was debited imediately and Quikteller send message to me..

    Payments payment of
    NGN 14,700 or
    10210158464 was
    successful. REF:


    Payments payment of
    NGN 14,700 or
    10210158464 was
    successful. REF:

    kindly help me resolve this issue.


  81. Kayode

    I subscribe for family package 3,800 since yesterday and it hasn’t show yet …my Smart card no. 10210330311….Please i want a immediate response to be able to watch ,because am just lonely at home

  82. EKUN Collins

    pls I make a wrong payment of 6300 in dis account 10210302559 instead of 10313602079 name St Peters Catholic Church IBILLO

  83. EKUN Collins

    I make payment of 6300 to this rung number 10210302559. please this is the right number name St Peters Catholic Church IBILLO card number 10313602079

  84. Ozoagu Chukwuemeka

    I subscribed for the family bucket by 1pm today and channels have not been restored. Please restore my channels, my smart card number is 10209761864. Thanks

  85. Omotoso Bolarinwa

    I subscribed six thousand naira monthly just for me not to watch evening match outside. Dstv cant allow me to watch one of uefa champions match at home? Dstv is abusing its monopolistic card no 7018435185

  86. Ezea samson c

    Pls I paid for my subscription through zenith internet banking today but till no only one channel 100 is showing. My name is ezea samson chinenyeonu. My smart card number is 41119233785


    I paid my subscription online 10th of February, but it was not activated. My DSTV no is 42509127801

  88. Eric Echezona

    I have been disconnected despite being uptodate

  89. brai eugene

    i want to known the due date of my dstv subscription smartcard number is. 10440991064

  90. Babatunde

    Our channel did not come up 3hour after loading the no is 42757507480

  91. macdonald Eboh

    pls I made payment of #3800 since 3rd febuary. pls kindly reconnect me. smart card no. 1013516461, thanks

  92. macdonald Eboh

    Pls I made online payment of 3,800 since 3rd febuary and since then I can’t get any channel. my smart card no- 1013516461.

  93. Sanusi Sani Abdullahi

    My decoder has a problem of E30-4

  94. Mr Olatunbi Owolabi

    Dear Sir/Maa,I Owolabi of Elega Road Imala Abeokuta, Ogun State. I am one of Multichoice street agent in this above Addrees in Abeokuta, I am sending this request to you, that there was a mistake on subscribing to IUC NO:10313627773 instead of IUC NO:10313625773.Please, kindly assist me in transfering this subscription to the correct account. i.e Wrong account statement IUC NO:10313627773;Name:A KOIKI RADAC C. And Correct account statement IUC:10313625773;Name:R BASHORUN. AMOUNT PAID:#1900,Seria No:NGN:14111718514822,Pin No:648427494496,Receipt No:15847527. Sender phone No:08066133578;Email Address:

  95. mumini muraina

    I was called in October 2107 that am qualified for bonus in January 2018 if I paid my subscription in November and I paid in November and December
    Up too now I am not been paid with the bonus. My smart card number is 1017447288.


  96. ideraoluwa

    I can’twatch BBN 2018 on my Dstv access. The smartcard no is:1020731512. Pls treat as urgent. Thanks

  97. chika Henry

    hello I subscripted my Gotv because of big brother naija,(big brother) channel 29 on my Gotv is not showing pls help me, this is my IUC number is 2017402023

  98. Bolaji Bature

    Please , I need my newly swapped decoder to be activated.My IUC NO IS 7017072945

  99. Matthew Okewo

    I can’t find BBJ and I whent to the office where in kebbi they asked me to call Dstv all the numbers are switch off please this is my ID number 10046901558

  100. okediji Sunday

    I mistakenly paid into my old DSTV account through quick teller
    my old account is 41336380674
    my new account is 1050568022
    REF: 10942545427666

  101. Bismark

    i made payment yesterday into 10433141792 since yesterday and am still not connected.

  102. Oforofuo Ezimano

    please payment was made into a wrong acc of 413547774188 instead of 41354774188.teller number 55799647 on the 28th of December.kindly rectify

  103. Oforofuo Ezimano

    please payment was made into a wrong account which is 413547774188 instead of 41354774188.teller number 55799647 on the 28th of December 2018.kindly rectify

  104. Akinsola Ayodele

    I recharged since December 25, 2017 with N3, 800 for Family Package as against the N1,900 package I earlier subscribed for and up till now, the channels under the Family Package are not activated; they are not showing. My Smart card no. 7016746320.

    1. henry

      you need to call dstv customer care for an upgrade

  105. fadoyin adetoyese

    Please reset my smartcard no 42595012958 i paid yesterday online payment

  106. okojie john

    my smart card number is 4119279049. i made payment via mobile app on the 27th dec 2017 and i am yet to see my dstv account activated.

  107. okojie john

    please, i want my dstv account to activated today cos i paid via mobile online app on the 27th dec 2017 and i am yet to see my dstv activated. my dstv account is 4119279049. abacha electronics is the name of my account.

  108. David E.O

    I recharged my Dstv smart card no. 1043423803 on the 8th of December 2017 i.e. 6,300 naira and now it is showing E19-4. I need to get reconnected as soon as possible!

  109. Gbenga Sanya

    I have made payment through online about five days ago and I have not been able to watch any channel. My DStv number is 41119443483. Kindly update to enable us enjoy your fantastic programmes

  110. Kenneth Ugwu

    I recharged my account (1046301803) on 20.12.2017 and it has been active until this morning when it was deactivated for reason not known by me. I have been calling your customer service no. 012703232 but could connect. Please, look at the issue and reauthorize my account as the subscription has not elapsed.

  111. Arc Emmanuel Etu

    E18-4 service is currently scrambled is the message on my tv screen from dstv. My monthly subscription is due every 07th of a new month and today is 27th Dec 2017 yet I’ve been scrambled. Why? This is mostly unfair and I’ll say here that it’s wickedness foisted on me for my money with you. All efforts to get any of your phones lines connected today have failed. SC 4135456461

  112. Ikye

    Help my account is yet to be activacted i made a payment of 6,3000 for one month subcricrtion on the 24th of december and upto date 4108 6023 110

  113. Mr Ekpenyong Okon

    Please my decoder is showing E18-4 but channel 100 is working, my smart card number is 41192077067

  114. Romeo joseph

    I paid my subscription on 23 December 2017 but till now my Dstv is not activated .code 42822702025

  115. Igberaese Simon

    l, Igberaese Simon resident at Auchi, Edo state, has a problem with accessing the channels of my dstv decoder.l recharged two days ago by paying #1900 for my bouquet and up till now can’t have access to any channel.My smart card number is 41353439114. pls help me to rectify the problem.thanks for your anticipated assistance.God bless.

  116. Tissy

    2028726812 Akinbami Temitayo I credited the iuc no at last week Saturday with amount of 1900 through USSD and it hasn’t comes up …this is the ref no 02JTAK62139A94009

  117. Ayorinde

    I cannot view super sport3 on my DSTV,my phone number is 08036400655

  118. okoro

    please can you upgrade my package for me i was on compact plus but i have paid for premium that is 14.700 that is what i just paid and my card no 10463228022 you can check the it and can you upgrade it for now

  119. Tunde Alabi

    Trying to reactivate since two days ago but going after smart card no 41062873900

  120. Iduoriyekemwen Abraham Ikponmwosa

    Hi, please I made a payment of #3800 via zenithmobile app on Friday 8th Dec, 2017, and again on the 9th of Dec 2017, I made another payment of #2,600 via my diamond mobile app to complete my subscription package of #6,300 but my decoder has since not been activated. My card # is 1049920178.

  121. chris ighalo

    i made subscription for compact plus this morning and my account is yet to be activated. my account number is 10175417541

  122. AJISHE Bayode Alfred

    You have withdrawn super spots 1,2,5,6,11 and12 from what I enjoy for not defaulting since I purchase the decoder. Kindly restore or assist in changing my subsciption card no: 1031424139

  123. prince Paul

    how can I open a channel with dstv? the procedures please…. 07034323627


    I use my first mobile account to recharge my account twice on 29/11/2017.but it not reflecting smartcard no 42535252672.payment number 154083563/2347039597, second payment 154083435/2347039597.i paid through firstmobile. Firsthand plc. Amount paid is 1900 twice =3800

  125. Aluko Joseph A

    I paid N1,900 for subscription and l was told at the point of payment,PAGA, that my decoder has been suspended.Though l have been around for about 3 months and due to that l did not subscribe. Please reconnect my decoder. My smart card number 4275768740. Thank you

  126. akinremi biodun

    please kindly help me out E18-4 ,my no 08064680276 here is my smart card number have clean the card.

  127. capital guest house

    What is happend to dstv I make a payment about 18500 about 3hours ago and the channels ain’t come up pls help look the smart card is 1021884946

  128. MARYANN

    I mistakely made double payment of (#3800 instead of #1900) into this account Igwuo Emmanuella with the IUC number is 4622955378,receipt number 18219021 and the customer said she can’t pay for the additional money #1900, i want the money to be transfer into my bank account please .ACCOUNT NUMBER:3055915804 ACOUNT NAME:OKOYE MARYANN C. BANK NAME:FIRST BANK.

  129. evah Sandra ebiere

    Pls I made payment of 3800 on d 27th of October. and they are saying my sub as expired. Pls I dnt undastand is not even up to one month yet.
    my dstv no is 1050508487
    name is evah Sandra ebiere

    1. akintoye oluseyi

      DSTV 41336399302 has been escalated severaly with your cso, but to no avail, pls look into this fast. SS3 has not been release yet and i paid b4 due date.
      Pls act fast.

  130. Izunna Junoir

    please I pay into someone’s account 2091201100 instead of mine 2029120110 through through through my mobile phone and the money is deducted from my account please what will I do now

  131. Sholagbade Bello

    I, made payment of 14, 700 naira as against 1, 900 naira subscription on d dated day 22/10/17, I have been to Onireke branch office with my bank statement and smart card but till now d money hasn’t be credited back to my acct, my dstv card numb is 10047297501 and my acct numb is 0066739411, Union Bank PLC, waiting to here from you.
    Shola Bello

  132. Benjamin okoro daniel

    Benjamin okoro I paid for dstv decoder subscription on 13/08/17 for sc1044168462 I mistakenly paid to my old account sc 1030536981 and the payment was made 19.53 and again similar mistake was made again on payment for 3 months on 24/10/17 was paid to my old account pls kindly reverse the payments to my new explorer account no sc 1044168462 thanks and best regards

  133. Adesope Grace

    Pls I load my gotv yesterday so I did a mistake the gotv number is 4622469920 this is our decorde number so will did a mistake of pressing this number 46224669920 this is the wrong number. And is bank transfering Skye Bank
    Account name is ADESOPE DAVID

  134. kennedy Enwere

    I made a subscription of 1900 naira but my DSTV CHANNELS is NOT activated

    smartcard Number : 10431016939

    Please activate immediately because it shows inactivate

  135. Arison Agwu.

    Good morning.. I made a subscription of Access 1900 with my mobile app yesterday.still haven’t activated.

    Smartcard number:10405936047.

    Pls, help resolve as soon as possible. Thanks.

  136. Owiredu Gideon

    Please can I pay for a DSTV package for someone in actually from Ghana but doesn’t stay there often, so can I be paying in Nigeria for it in Ghana

  137. adebayo

    i made a payment of 6300 since 30/9/2017 nut i have not been able to watch any channel,,card number is 1005248110

  138. jemilat

    hi,my name is jemilat,today i made a payment of 1900 for gotv into a wrong acct at 4.53pm ,am to send it to this iuc num 2028735373,but made a mistake to this iuc num 20289735373,pls we are one of ur dealers,kindly solve the problem for us as soon as possible,thank u

    1. Owiredu Gideon

      Hi please give me your number through my email so you can recharge my account always for me

  139. Atoyebi

    Please I made compact (#6,300.00) subscription into this DSTV number 42719333793 through my first bank app. I’ve been debited since yesterday and my subscription is yet to be activated. Please help resolve this.

  140. Adeyemi Julius

    Pls i am Adeyemi Julius with 41319858613 Birnin Kebbi Kebbi State Re-Subscribe this afternoon only to come to my House to find out that that re-subscription not successful

  141. ADEBIYI kayode

    I re-sub on my decorder yesterday evening 10483392113. but it yet to show.

  142. kugbolu oladele

    help me out,just showing blank,1050512871,that’s my card figure,please help me out, very urgent.thank.

  143. Abbas Muhammad

    plz… help me !
    I recharge my account about 20 Days ago but it keep showing me bad weather or wrong installation. this is my card no.10433317030


    Hi, I just want to know may be my decoder can till work if l subscribe on it. Bcos it has been a long time that I subscribe on it. So pls I will like know. Smartcard no is 41320220571. Thanks.

  145. Clement anga

    Pls I make payment on Saturday through my first bank quick teller but it appeared I’ve not been credited. (2020665164 my decoder)ref no 10942532004149)

  146. Okereka Akpojotor Oshevire

    Fraudulent Scramble.
    Smart card no. 42679031403
    I can’ fathom why I was scrambled yesterday. This is not the first time. I have called and given a ludicrous response for instance bya so called Toyin.
    I now believe it is a mistake subscribing.

  147. Sunday Samuel Oruameh

    Good evening to you, Dstv stop sawing others Chanel’s except Chanel 100 alone pls help me to rectify it for me thanks my Dstv smart card number is 10052492898.

  148. chioma

    I paid 3800 this evening 12th of sept with the card number 1046318423 and is not not showing .

  149. Idris Ade Fajobi

    Good afternoon,
    My Decoder in not booting/ or not coming up for the past three (3) days now
    Decoder No: 41354291902
    I have severally sent messages of RESET to 30333 but no reply till moment.

    Please urgently solve this issue for me. I will be grateful if it resolv

  150. Precious

    Pls I made payment via zenith mobile app on the 5th of Sept and my account is still blocked nothing is showing smart card no:1029495771. I paid 16,900 for the full package

  151. Precious

    Pls I made payment via zenith mobile app on the 5th of Sept and my account is still blocked nothing is showing smart card no:1029495771

  152. DivineAnchor 39

    i mistakely subscribed on wrong luc on GOTV 2022534764
    pls help me to change the subcription to this luc 2022534784 1250

  153. abimbola

    Good day, Please a mistake was made while trying to pay for my subscription. I wanted to pay for 3,800 but I paid 1,900. Can I still pay the balance and get an upgrade.
    The payment was made yesterday

    1. kugbolu oladele

      1050512871,,that’s my card number,its a new Dstv Decoder,I have activate it,still not showing, just plank,Chn 100 only showing, please help me out,urgent please, thanks,

  154. Olabisi Babatunde Samson

    I subscribed to dstv on Tuesday 22nd August 2017, but from this afternoon 28th August we are unable to watch it, but, it is saying the smart card is not enable for this channel presently. pls kindly assist. My smart card no is 10409632832

  155. omoleye

    I made a payment this afternoon through my first online up till now no access my smart card no. Is 10433863288

  156. Olubo Tomini

    My mum subscribed the #2000 plan today but our decoder is yet to be connected and she has even seen the debit alert the number is 10052117552. Please reply us as soon as possible

  157. olugbenga adwnaiya

    The subscription for My dual view decoders was paid today by mobile transfer from WEMA bank app the amount paid was #16900.00 one of my smart card number is 1021081643. Pls am waiting. I have called 4 of your numbers not even one is responding

  158. olugbenga adwnaiya

    The subscription for My dual view decoders was paid today by mobile transfer from WEMA bank app the amount paid was #16900.00 one of my smart card noise 1021081643. Pls am waiting. I have called 4 of your numbers not eveone is responding

  159. Labake

    I re-suscribed to the compack package but it is yet to reconnect. Smartcard number:42886904590

  160. Timothy

    I made payment for Family Bouquet on my Smartcard No. 41157327911. However, due to the new Premiership commencing on Friday this week, I Plan to upgrade.
    What should I do to ensure that the balance on the family access is added to the new upgrade payment?

  161. Joy Sylvester

    My hubby subscribed my xtraview package on d 29th of July 2017 #8,500, he made online payment thru GTB, the primary decoder is showing but d secondary decoder is not showing.d smart card number for d secondary is 1030602991, while d primary no is 1013563591, my phone no is 08037249981. Pls help me. Tnx


    I made a payment of 2000 for access since 31/07/2017 and up till now no access.

    SMART CARD NOS: 42909663306.

  163. Taiwo Yusuf

    I subscribe for Access package through my Access Bank mobile application and the sum of 2000 naira was deducted but my act is still suspended up till now. pls act fast to reconnect me. my smart card number is 10463267137

  164. abdul salawu

    i made a payment online since saturday but some channels still card 42793190952

  165. jumbo

    where is the address of dstv head office abuja

  166. I recharged my account no 42522695625 through GTB but can’t watch subscribed channels afterwards. Money was deducted bt account recharge failed

  167. OKUNADE Nathaniel

    I made payment via online butunable to view any channel my no is. 42522695625

    1. Adeoluwa

      I subscribed my Dstv account through GtB mobile but tIll now I’ve not been able to View any channel. Smart card no is 4263981263

  168. peter

    i make a payment through my online transfer from Diamond bank Nigeria to this smartcard number 10459724067 since morning but uptil now is not showing what is d problem of multichoice Nigeria

  169. Gabriel simon

    I recharged my account no 41354162772 through GTB but can’t watch subscribed channels afterwards. Money was deducted bt account recharge failed

  170. Gabriel Simon

    I recharge my dstv account no 41354162772 yesterday with 2000 through gtbank money deducted but service no restored. I can’t watched subscribed channels

  171. Gabriel Simon

    I recharge my dstv account no 41354162772 yesterday with 2000 through gtbank money deducted but service no restored.

    1. Gabriel simon

      Ok I await restoration pls

  172. Dheyemi

    Hello Team,
    Pls kindly help look into this matter. Payment was made into this smart card number 10313709676 instead of the one written on the screen an it’s not showing at all…..
    The payment was made through Gtb app of #2000.00 today

  173. Olabinjo Temitope

    I made a payment of #1900 to my DSTV account but my line is still suspended after severally trying to reach you for reconnection. My card number is : 4133636279 while my phone number is: 08039555332. Kindly help me out as soon as possible. My name is Olabinjo Temitope. Thanks.

    1. Olugbenga Odukoya

      I have #1500 outstanding in my account, how do I balance the remaining #400

    2. Olugbenga Odukoya

      I have #1500 outstanding in my account, how do I balance the remaining no is 41320080413

  174. Maureen Iorbo

    I made my dstv yesterday 13th July through gtbank platform 1900 and till now it is not showing my smart card no 41259560476 I also tried logging in through dstv now app but the said my account details could not be found I have used this account for over five years Alex Iorbo please rectify as soon as possible phone number used for ref 08034925621

  175. Maureen Iorbo

    I made my dstv yesterday 13th July through gtbank platform 1900 and till now it is not showing my smart card no 41259560476 I also tried logging in through dstv now app but the said my account details could not be found I have used this account for over five years Alex Iorbo please rectify as soon as possible

  176. Oyediran Anuoluwapo

    pls I made a wrong payment of 3800 in dis account 4250685585 instead of 4250685584 on 8/7/17 I made use of flashmecash card serial no:NGN15051718204284
    pin: 751214871889
    serial no:NGN15051718204283

  177. NUHU akawu dangabar

    Pls help me rectify this problem my wife made payment on quickteller for Family package (3800)on the 3rd July 2017 to the number written on the smartcard 10305988346 instead of 1030598834.and ever since the station isn’t showing but we r still suspended. Pls help as soon as possible.this is my number 08022346850

  178. NUHU akawu dangabar

    Good morning pls my wife made payment for the family package on 3/7/2017 via quickteller to the number written on the smart card 10305988346 instead of 1030598834 pls how can you help rectify it as soon as possible because the station are not showing.from akko LGA gombe state.this is my number. 0802234685

  179. Adedipe jide

    I subscribed using my access bank app for #1800 package n it has not bn activated…. It was even telling me d card isnt recognized when i tried self help… Pls look into it… Card no… 1021799383

  180. Timi oluyomi

    I made a payment of 2200 for pvr and 1000 for box office with quickly teller today 4th of july 2017 (dstv explora) but ive not been able to asses the pvr and box office please kindly rectify it and send a confirmation message to my phone number when its done please

    Name. Timi Oluyomi
    Decoder code..10416128980
    phone number..+234 08089373482


  181. Timi oluyomi

    I made a payment of 2200 for pvr and 1000 for box office 4th of july 2017 (dstv explora) but ive not been able to asses the pvr and box office please kindly rectify it and send a confirmation message to my phone number when its done please

    Name. Timi Oluyomi
    Decoder code..10416128980
    phone number..+234 08089373482


  182. Anymore Anthony

    I paid for access through quickteller and omitted the last digit of my smart card number. I used 4119215695 instead of 41192156952. Please how can I get help? I can’t even complain much since I did it my self. Thanks in anticipation

  183. Muyiwa Balogun

    I made a payment of N3,800 for July and August (Access) 2017 but I did not receive text message. I will need a confirmation, please.

    Name: Muyiwa Balogun
    Decoder code: 4135341353.
    Phone: 08133380407


  184. umar Mohammad

    I made payment of 3600 and up till now my TV kept telling me that i have been scrambled and attimes it will just show me view for just 10 to 15 minute and still tell me that I have been scramble.Am an owner of two hotels a husband of 4 wife’s and a owner of an office in kaduna. I got mess up of my sallah celebrations with out view, with this I have no option than to quet to another provider.this is my SM number 4129161824 and my phone number is 08035975652

  185. paschalville

    help I subscribe my dstv today with bouquet(compact) worth #6400, then I went and on it but it keeps showing searching for signal, pls help…

    agent: Happy mood(001193)
    customer no: 314359690
    smartcard number: 42757550449
    period: 1 month(s)
    amount: 6300.00 naira
    ticket: 7496365
    date: 28/06/2017 09 : 19 : 16
    status: accepted

    1. Send the RESET command again with your phone as an sms

  186. Fatoki Adeseye

    I made a sub of 1800 naira but I don’t like the package Pls help me cancel it am ready to pay for another Package my card number is 10134811602

  187. Fatoki Adeseye

    I made a sub of 1800 naira but I don’t like the package Pls help me cancel it am ready to pay for another Package

  188. Sulaimon Oyekoya

    Hello Sir,

    I subscribe with my Union bank to DSTV 1,800 and it as no been connected. please i need to watch the confederation cup and that is why l sub today. My card number: 41130577475
    Ref : 02FT33730C98744
    ACCOUNT NAME: Medinat Oyekoya Abolore

  189. George Kpesu


  190. Ogunleye Abimbola Grace

    Goodday, pls i made a mistake by paying to the wrong account and i was debited, pls try and retify the mistake for me, this is the wrong account i paid into 4286905781 and this was the account i wanna pay in 42869057481, thanks

  191. Oluwatobi Adeojo


    I made an online payment of NGN3,600 on my DSTV with smartcard number 41157721758 and Account Name Moses Adeojo last wee Saturday (10th June, 2017). Kindly look into it as soon as possible

  192. fakorede

    Please I made a wrong payment this morning to omojuwa account number..10174468288 instead of 10174468255 the name on the account is fakorede…please kindly help me out.thanks

  193. Ajiboye Abiola

    I am Ajiboye Abiola my subscription supposed to expire on the 9th of June and I made an online payment on 7th of June for another month subscription. My subscription has not been activated till today 10th of June. Please act fast on my complaint by activating my subscription
    Smart card number: 10441049912

  194. Waliu Olamide

    I am ogungbenro Waliu Olamide from Iseyin so, I mistakely overpaid on the suscribe I done to your service, is amount of #1900 but after I got alert from my phone. I saw it that it’s #18000 ….then I went to ur customer ,say give me an advice on how to do it
    .the day I paid #18000 is 28/5/2017 but it’s #1900 I wanted to to subscribe to .after the that I called you ur customer line, one of ur workers told me to go and resend #1900 .then I have done it … decorder name is adawasat ND my decorder Number is is 4601435369 ,bank account i wanted you to return #18000 back is :first bank Iseyin branch my account name is ogungbenro Waliu Olamide, my account number is 3041119566…………my voterscard name is ogungbenro Waliu Olamide, my voterscard I serial number is 31379299

  195. surajudeen Adekunle Adepoju

    Good day. I have made payment but yet to be connected . My smart card number is 41085993990

  196. Engr Adeyemi Adewale George

    I made an online payment on 24th April 2017 of 1800naira for May and another payment the same day for June with respect to DSTV smart card no 10313529066 but I was cut off today 27th May 2017 and even after reset nothing has changed and my several calls to DSTV help line was not attended too, pls do the needful as my children have been denied the access to their varieties with respect to children day.

  197. Bukola

    what’s happening for a while now I can’t watch channels and silver bird on my dstv access bouquet…

  198. Nwacky Chizoba Lynda

    I made an online payment yesterday Being 24/5/17 At 7:04pm from diamond bank app but my dStV isn’t coming up.
    Account name used for the payment:Nzekwe Romanus A.
    My smart card number is
    The notification-E16-4
    Debit Alert!
    Acc#: ******0246
    Desc: 1031DB1495649102232465042/BILL
    Time:24/05/17 7:04 PM

  199. onoyivwe monday

    good afternoon, pls when i wnt to load my dstv account on the atm i mistakely press dstv compact while trying to press access my account was debited #14,800.00

  200. Bashiru Fasankale

    i subscribe yesterday through my diamond bank online banking on smart card no 1031348294 with the bank reference no DB1495535944999867562/bill the sum #1900 and up till now I can’t view any channel.

  201. sunny

    Hi!your services here(abuja head office) is crapy .customers were asked to shift space until it get to their turn.(what in the name of God happen to ur electronic system).the air conditioner is not working,the indoor air very stuffy. What I saw is a far cry from what abuja headoffice use to be.i believe DSTV is loosing it

  202. Abimbola abass

    I have pained on E banking for 3 months subscription, this are my details 1044106167, I couldn’t get any signal. please what can I do?

  203. chinedu

    i hate this since three days now think i will switch to startimes serious how can i pay my own money yet u cant unlock my gotv check it thats my iuc number 2028915085

  204. uche Ebiogwu

    Pls I hv subscribed for a gotv recharge plus since Monday but yet I can’t make use of what I paid are my details, IUC no . 4613898626, name:uche Ebiogwu,

  205. ameh

    please there is a decoder, we made mistake in loading the acct the right IUC is 4111871759 name: ameh….
    the wrong acct we make the payment on is 4111871798 name: omugbe

  206. Richard

    I am having issues wit some channels dat stil shows dat some channels are stil scrambled,dstv no 41 541 2787 9 pls help me fix dis problems pls

  207. Liadi Ishaq olawale

    Since I subscribed, channel 233 SELECT has been scratching while other channels are OK, wt code number 42523261883. Pls help me do something. Its urgent. Liadi Ishaq olawale. 07032479432.

  208. Efetobor Bright

    I wish to operate a retail outlet.I need detailed information on how I can become a DSTV agent. thanks

  209. Efetobor Bright

    What is the preamble to be a dstv agent or vendor? I wish to be a vendor here in Warri, Delta State. Please I need detailed information. Thanks you.

  210. Duru Clara

    I changed my decoder and paid with the number on the smart card of decoder, up till now, my dstv has not come up

  211. Elena Ahmed

    Dear Multi-choice,

    I made subscription payment since on the 27th april,2017 but my account is yet to be activated.

    Kindly fix issue as urgent.


  212. keji

    I paid for my Dstv online yesterday and it has not yet open have been trying all means but it still did nt open pls take note pls


    please reset my decoder i paid but it show E16-4 my card no is 42569117577

  214. Bidokwu victoria eziuno

    I paid for my DSTV subsciption since on the 28 04
    2017 and it has not come up till now my decoder number 4282206311

  215. Mrs Janet Emmanuel

    I made 2 payments yesterday to new my subscription. I used FBN Mobile Payment with the following details:

    Smart card no. 10210849062
    Premium package
    Pay bills no. 10942518889677
    Time: 3.53

    2nd payment on the same account
    Bill Pay No. 10945518961234
    Smart card no. 10210849062

    1. Mrs Janet Emmanuel

      The service up to now has not been restored. Please do the needful

  216. olowolagba wasiu abayomi

    am using collective acct no 4261329586. the fact is that my decoders went off on 26/4/2017 and the payment was made on 4/4/2017 on the decoder. when lodge the complain i was told that when dstv was doing upgrading that people were allowed to view without payment then, but d upgrading of my decoders were done last year 2016 at one of dstv outlet.this how i make my payment till date 26/12/2016, 27/1/2017, 04/3/2017, 04/4/2017. pls assist me so as to know where the problem emanated from

  217. enaemeka

    gud one

  218. Olayioye Yinka

    OLAYIOYE, E. Yinka
    Since 24/04/17 I subscribed my dstv on my mobile app 1800 till now it has not come up dis are details of the payment Ref: 10942518696849/41354466397/dstv


    Good evening,

    please I made made payment of 3,600 yesterday and since then, the channels are yet to come up. It’s only channel 100 has been showing. I tried calling your call centres but non of them is responding. Kindly help with the activation. The smart card no is 41320370467. I also sent the RA with smart card no to 30333 no response as well. Please ensure its worked on. Thank you.

  220. Mustapha

    I try to make payment on my decoder and it keeps bringing ‘Customer account is closed. AuditRefrenceNUmber……… Please what does that means? My smart card number is 1040524681.

    1. I had the same problem. I pay via Quickteller already and i was expecting my channels to come back. I checked my eazy account and notice the message “Customers account is closed”

  221. Kingsley

    I downgraded my dstv acct from N6000 to N1800 since 2 weeks ago. my account is yet to be activated. All effort to reach dstv customer care is in vain. My card no is 1021093846. Thanks

  222. joel Simon Naman

    I mistakenly paid 1800 to a wrong smaart card number 1017254311 instead of smart card number 1017254316.I met that payment on the 11 April 2017 at 7.18pm.Quick teller sent me a ref. no. 10942517571020. I want that payment reverse and put into my account against my next month(May 2017) subscription.My name is Joel Siman Naman.Telephone is 08036018566. My email is Thank you.

  223. Toyin

    Pls help me reset my decoder I still have 2 months subscription …18th June, 2017 on it Access…. 4125936871. it was disconnected by DSTV few days ago. thks God bless

  224. Ekong Anthony

    smart card number 4129123518 paid on 15th April. please reset

  225. Osasenaga

    Pis for past two minutes have still not ass to my DSTV / this is card number 516142449253 :an the decoder number 2028495627

  226. abbey

    i made a N1800 subscription last thursday via my gtb acct to my dstv4256913455 which initially due today 17/04/2017 and it got due but my subscription is not yet done. kindly assist or send a number that i can txt. thank you.

  227. Hillary obiado

    pls i make payment true access mobile transfer,to my previous DSTV number 1043723303,kindly help me to switch it to my recent number 1043072330

  228. biobaku modinat

    pls since 14/04/2017 at 10;14am on friday i subscribe my dstv on my mobile app 1800 till now it has not come up dis are d details of d payment [1031DB1492161246953674012/BILL]smartcard no.4119286789 modinat biobaku

  229. joel Simon Naman

    I made payment of 1800 yesterday at about 7.18pm that is April 11 and up till now I have not been connected.After the payment I got a response from quick teller with Ref. 10942517571020




    MORNING, I WANTED TO COMMENT ON YOUR CUSTOMER CARE OFFICE IN ABEOKUTA, ISALE-IGBEHIN, OGUN STATE. I THINK THEY NEED TO BE TRAIN ON CUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR AND HOW TO TALK OR DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS WHENEVER. whenever we made payment there is always problem on decoder showing error mgs E06-4 and if you call they are so rud in responding.

  232. ayok kwasu

    I subscribed on April 4 for my commercial bouquet. But all the channels gradually disappeared. My customers were disappointed yesterday. 09026744617 .1021037847.pls its urgent

  233. Akintade Adekunle

    Pls I want to know how many months subsciption do I have on my account 1040981767 smart card number

  234. Barka Mwajim

    I pay #1800 using mobile Skye bank app on Saturday 8/4/2017 but up till now my channels are not activated.
    phone 07037453304
    smart card 1044105396
    Gombe State

  235. anthony Anazodo

    I have made my payment through Diamond Bank mobile app, compact (6000) + 150 bank charge , smart card no 1030572064


      I made N6,000 payment since 28th March to renew my subscription via Zenith bank for Smart Card 4256930769, but my account was not activated. I have written mails, submitted Proof of payment and provided ID, Bank details/statement showing transfer to DSTV on 28/3/17, yet i have not been credited back.
      One Customer Care Staff…RIHANOT- OJO OBA had been exchanging mails with me with no tangible result. Please what do i do next? I have been forced to pay another N6,000 because my kids are on holiday, and i need to keep them busy. I need this case resolved asap please.

  236. Akinnuga sola

    just paid #1,950 true my diamond account to reset my dest back

  237. Toyin

    I just subscribe now and no channel is coming up. Kindly help to activate 1031445184, location Ibadan

  238. Nas Maylony

    I am using a Multichoice DSD 1110 ( 2) decoder. Is it possible to swap it for a HD Decorder? Awaiting your response please.

  239. Cole adebowale

    My decoder keeps going off and on,is there anything I can do about it ,

  240. Yakubu Eliaha

    I paid #1,800 using Sterling Money mobile apps on 1st. April, 2017, up till today, my DSTV has not open. My smart card no. is 4119281445. Trans. Ref. No. 40984010. Yakubu Elisha Sterling Bank Account no. 0032031471

  241. Anyachebelu Chidimma Ijeoma

    my decoder was to expire on 28th of March, so when I received the info on the ongoing promo. I went to the multichioce store around and paid three thousand six hundred but just now I came back to church to see that it has expired and I never received any 500 recharge . please what could be wrong? my decoder number 4286898694

  242. helen I garba

    I want to redeem my 500 Naira airtime I subscribed yesterday 31st of March My smartcard no is 1020827412 my phone no 08031124387 my banquet family

  243. Emeka

    Please my subscription ended yesterday. I have paid for subscription online via paga. I have also done a reset via my phone but still my DSTv hasn’t come up.My Smart card no is 1043558367

  244. Ojo Segun

    Please what is going on with this damn stupid explora, Ive not been able to watch anything on it till now, Ive called the customer care over 20 times they kept saying they have not pass the promo that was suppose to pass on the explora and they will do it right away, My SC no:1025639196, if this problem persist I think I will have to call the installer to uninstall it and return it back to them..

  245. Ojo Segun

    Please what is going on with this damn stupid explora, I bought it on the 8-03-2017 in Ibadan DSTV head office Onireke and Ive not been able to watch anything on it till now, Ive called the customer care over 20 times they kept saying they have not pass the promo that was suppose to pass on the explora and they will do it right away, My SC no:1025639196, if this problem persist I think I will have to call the installer to uninstall it and return it back to them..

  246. chuka Ugwu

    I subscribed #3600 for my Dstv on 16th March 2017 at Onitsha new market road and till now my Dstv subscribe has not reflected on my Dstv account 1020761688 ,I mean not working.

    I have visited there office three time, the girl I pay to will check my account and said go home, it will work.

    Till today still my Dstv is not working.

    Kindly act uqently as am running out of patient.

  247. MGBEZE, Jude. C.

    You (DSTV people) asked me to pay on or before 23rd March, 2017 and I’ve made that payment this morning (22rd March,2017). I therefore request that you immediately redeem your promo of N500 recharge credit to my phone 07038664642. My smart card no. is 41355363007, on family bouquet. I paid via Quick Teller and received acknowledgement with reference no.999903413016; time 06:55:34 this morning 22rd March, 2017. Thanks.

  248. awosusi samson oluwafemi

    You (DSTV) guys ask me to renew before my 21st march and get 500naira airtime,i have renew but yet to get my airtime.. SC 4122338443.My number 07037111550.

    1. awosusi samson oluwafemi

      Still expecting your reply,

  249. Chile Nwosu

    couldn’t watch all the channels i paid for #3,600 as some of the channels are always interrupted abd are viewed as it’s raining even though the sun shines. My smart card No: 4250816650. My neighour’s own is very bright.

    1. Get a dealer to check your dish.
      It may have been moved a little out of place by wind.

  250. TADESE M, Ayoade

    Dear All,
    I downgraded my subscription from Premium to Family bouquet in Febraury 2017 in one of your locations in Osogbo, Osun state and paid N5800.00 for that purpose.
    I was confronted with certain debit balance when I was to renew the family bouquet towards the end of February 2017 and thesaid location has been unable to resolve it till date.
    Investigations from the outlet revealed that they did the downgrade but that DSTV system did not downgrade as instructed by them.
    Now, there is a prima-facie case of fraud somewhere as several mails and phone calls to Lagos Centre have not yielded any positive result.

    I cannot pay for somebody’s negligence and or system error and urgently need to subscribe for my family.
    I wish to request management of DSTV to URGENTLY resolve this issue to avoid escalation and embarrassment.
    Thank you

  251. Mac Springs Ltd

    The BB9ja channel disappeared after i renewed my subscription. Any reason for that?
    Smart card number : 10305959362
    Mobile: 08181254328

  252. muhammad tijjani

    Good morning, i made payment on sunday 12/03/17.i am on dstv i.and i paid 1440.but to my suprized,up till this morning nothing was posted and to make things worst,i was deactivated.the agent’s name is cable 373 herbert macaulay way,yaba,very close to sabo bus smart card number is 4279376946.

  253. isaiah

    pls i make payment to my previous DSTV number 42508182815,kindly help me to switch it to my recent number 10409165767


  254. mrs Adeyinka

    I can’t view most of my channel. Have reset and restart it still not coming up. My IUC number : 2022017281

  255. Johnson

    Pls help me connect my dstv. I paid 3600 for the past 18 hours and it has not been activated. my dstv number is 10276971172

  256. odunusi jamiu

    i pay for my dstv today through my fcmb mobile banking with 3600…i cant view any station…smart card nober 10313700519

  257. Charles Akinsete

    Please payment has been made since the 3rd March 2017 and up till this moment I have not been reconnected on Smart Card number>1021086019. I paid for the Compact Bouquet N6000. ALl your telephones lines aren’t connecting at all.

    The name is Kadejo Ronke.

  258. Ashafa yusuf O

    Pls help paid my sub some minutes ago paid 6000# before but paid #1800 now kindly help card no:42522890740

  259. brenda nwabudike

    This is on the behalf of Paul okechukwu Nwabudikes account, 1013549963 it was discovered that for 5790 bouquet, most channels that are meant to be there are not there like ebony life,Africa magic urban,nick Jr,nicktoons, and others I can’t find even bbn is not available ,I think something needs to be done .Paid on the 28th of feb

  260. Alli Olujimmy

    Pls for the past 6 days,i cant view my all favorite channel.
    My Smart card is 4129116781.I usually paid N1,800 every month.
    Payment has been made since 4th march 2017.
    Kindly reconnect me.
    You can reach me on 08028543232 and 08055043860.

  261. ayorinde shitta bey

    i change my sub from 13k to 11k i cant watch my catch up again i dont know why its possible you help me fix this problem i have call your numbers i cant get thru … please kindly here fix things person … smart card number 1029496505

  262. NSPM

    Subscription payment of NGN 6,000.00 for 1020846831 was successful. REF: 101402294529, quickteller 06-03-17. Reconnect my account pls.

  263. ahijo joel ayuba

    pliz dstv i paid for 5 months on the dstv acess at 1800 naira,im supose to pay until may but now all of my chanels are closed i dnt undastand what is going on.


    I subscribed on 2/03/17 for family bouquet 3,600 and channel 198 bbn channel was removed and dis package covers 198 bbn channel,your service lines are all not connecting…my smart card no is 41354267142 UGURU OBUBA

  265. Olufemi Odusanya

    I paid 17,200 naira for my collective account in DSTV Ibadan office on the 4th of March,2017 at about 5:30pm. Its almost 24 hours now and my hotel has not been reconnected. One of the collective account smartcard number is 1043121960. Please help.

  266. doosu doosuka

    Pls i subscribe for 1month at 1800 but big brother channel is not there pls what happen bec i hav been watching it since with d same amount

  267. Uche

    I’m just fed up with dstv. How can all your phone numbers be unreachable? Sinceeeeee.I cannot watch catch up even though my subscription was renewed last week. SC is 1017550681

  268. Nancy

    Am having error E48 on 10207338194. Please assist.

  269. Adeolu Otubushin

    pls i subscribe on 1st of March,with smart no:42523383216,with phone # 08055713584,i can only view free stations

  270. Tony

    My subscription was terminated suddenly without a warning from you guys.went to the Bank to recharge and the teller couldn’t access you account. None of your known phone numbers are working. 41078186776. Please let me have a phone number to call for assistance.

  271. Richard Audu

    Please reset my decoder. I can’t reach customer care after recharge with quick teller

  272. mohammed Auwal Shuaibu

    I jost recharge my dstv through mobile banking and uptil now is not yet activated



  274. Dstv is fraud.A very bug fraud.

    1. Charles

      I agree with you 100%

  275. I subscribe for my dstv yesterday and up till now I have not been connected. My card number is 4133584106

    1. The account name is efe akpovwe

  276. Okonkwo Ferdinand

    I recharged my smartcard no 1043307425 since on friday 24022017 but it has not worked till date. pls do something.

  277. Ewenike izunna

    Sorry 9570 that was what I was charged from my diamond app gone no 08069058017. Pls link my acc properly pls

  278. Ewenike izunna

    I subscribed to my account 10409462339 yesterday but it’s not connected I use dstv premium HD decoder so I paid 9420 into compact premium HD pls help me rectify it fast pls

    1. Ewenike izunna

      Sorry 9570 that was what I was charged from my diamond app

    2. Ewenike izunna

      Sorry 9570 that was what I was charged from my diamond app gone no 08069058017

  279. Saidu haruna

    Am haruna Saidu am on family boundaries which is 3600′, but now I paid 13,980 for compact bt up till nw my account have no been activated, I paid through Internet banking my details are haruna Saidu smart card no 41192053183 Pls kindly assist

  280. Makwa Dashe Shikmuut

    I subscribed on line on 22Feb,2017 and received a quick teller text that my DSTV subscription of #1800 for access was successful and jus for it to be scramble on 24th smart card no is 10052005682. Ref: 10945513298634 of acknowledging the payment.

  281. ipaye idayat bimpe

    plz paid today for dstv through atm dis evening plz help is not working my smart number is 10283548914 and my phone is 08102678663 okk.thanks

  282. famude samuel olawale

    Good day sir/ma,
    My DStv subscription is still on but cant access any channel except the channel 100, i have sent the reset message and visited the self service page but all to no avail. please kindly help in rectifying the error please. smart cared number is 4261328687. thanks

  283. ajao sunday

    my name is sunday ajao i pay for my card today 17/02/2017 and my tv still write e-18-4 service currenty acrambled pls help me my smart card no 42523335612 pls help

  284. olawale adekunle

    my dstv walka7 is showing e16-4 scrambed 4154103412

  285. Raphqel

    I activated my Dstv since Sunday 5th Jan 2017. all my effort to call customer is proved abortive. my number is 41259223380

  286. momoh louisa

    I subscribed my parent DSTV on the 4th February 2017 card number 1005280679. As am writing to you now it has not being activated. Please I will appreciate if it’s attended first thing 2morrow morning. Thank

  287. The marthas limited

    Please i paid for my dstv subcription on the 3rd of this month even before the expiration date. yet i was cut off. please kindly help to reconnect. my smart card number is 4286 893 9606. it is a collective account.

  288. Salaudeen Muideen

    My name is Salaudeen muideen. Pls reset my decoder – 41291933145. I have used several means to reach the customer care



    1. Alaga Dammy Adedokun

      Mr gbenga they will not reply u. Same thing happened to me.

  290. Alaga Dammy Adedokun

    I Don’t think this application is working? I saw many pple complains no respond i also have cmplain. U guys are treating us badly

  291. Cephas vicent

    Please I made payment into this account for on the 20/01/2017 Sc1043397773 for compact plus upgrade but up till now no reconnection & I tried everything humanly possible to reached you on all office lines but to no avail,the account name is Mary contact :07055173519 please help reconnect & upgrade counting on you.

  292. kayode olayemi

    DSTV,why do you change my plan from 1,800 to 18,000.after making my usual payment on zenithbank internet banking i realized 18,000 has been debited from my account kindly revert my money and change my plan to my normal plan.

    smartcard NO:4275489218

    Please take this

  293. Dokun Oyedele

    I paid my subscription on the 25th of January this year and up till now my DSTV is yet to be reset. I have done all things possible but to no avail. Kindly assist. My Smart card no is 4256905857

  294. Dokun Oyedele

    Good day, I have paid my subscription since 3 days ago on the 25th of January and my DSTV is yet to be reset. I have done all things possible but to no avail. Kindly assist. My Smart card no is 4256905857.

  295. imomo kingsley

    Please help reset my decoder. I subscribed yesterday via online mobile banking. My dstv is still showing E16-4. All effort to reach the customer care via phone call proved abortive. Smartcard number is : 1031429562. My account has been debited since yesterday. Pls help out

  296. Mafintin maiyaki

    Good morning Sir/Ma,
    Please am having issues with my super sport 3 channel is not in my channels.
    Please help and include the channel. Made payment of #17,240.00.

    Details below.


    Maiyaki Mafintin

  297. Agboola Oluseye Hezekiah

    I paid my subscription about 10 hours ago and up till now the dstv is not working all effort prove abortive please help me reset it now thank you
    Agboola Oluseye Hezekiah.
    Smart card number 1004738999

  298. muhammed Rabo

    wrong payment

  299. Alhaji SANUSI BASIRU

    Sir, I miatakenly made a subscription of 36000 on 30/12/2016
    Instead of 3600, all my effort to get my money back prove abortive,pls bail me out.the affected account is 1021828350
    Paid by Alhaji SANUSI Basiru

  300. Kamar Tiamiyu Salihu

    I made my monthly dstv access subscription via mobile banking on 21st January but I am yet to be reconnected. I sent reset SMS several but got no response thereby wasting my credit in the process..I am seriously disappointed with your service. My sc no is 4135407816


    i reached using my ATM, I AM YET TO BE RECONNECTED.
    SMARTCARD NO. 41192653743
    PHONE NO. 08034198509

  302. Harikesh bahadur

    mera chainal close hai pz open my chainal id 01518899632 close chainal 229,254,555,559,560,567,568,658’666,810,811,813,814

  303. Harikesh bahadur

    my dstv chainal please open chainal n 229,254,555 559,560,567,568,658,666, 810,811,813,814 my name Harikesh bahadur id 0151889632 mobil n 9532183618

  304. Ibrahim Kabiru

    Good day, how am going to get Big Brother Nigeria to be added to my DSTV family 41291777427

  305. Ibrahim

    I don’t know why DSTV is so quick to scramble one’s subscription yet hard to unscramble. I paid since yesterday the 16th of January, 2017. My subscription is now scrambled. It’s so annoying yet it is equally more so that I can’t reach your customer care. You people are so annoying seriously. Reinstall me and thereafter I’d seize to be your customer. I’m fed up! SC 1029473780

    1. Abiodun Ilelaboye

      I made payment on 17/2/2017 but my account has not been activated 42535526158

  306. Mkpe Emmanuel

    my name MKPE EMMANUEL, I subscribed at to DSTV since December uptill now is not showing card number 10283025087

  307. Adeniji Mayowa

    I just subscribed now and I upgraded my dstv to dstv compact. Please kindly upgrade me now I want to watch the match I upgraded for.
    Dstv number: 42886986829
    Name: Adeniji Mayowa
    Phone no: 08060760096

  308. AUDU BABA

    hello my name is Audu baba a multi choice viewers from eastern Nigeria one thousand gritting for all multi choice workers my purpose of writing this massage is to inform multi choice that we are not happy we all knew that multi choice are trying to bring all football live to us but how about copa dey rey we like watching the match but no way please we pray for DSTV to make this match live in Nigeria


    SD NUMBER: 4261352458

  310. William

    DStv agents have been ineffective

  311. austine

    please i made a payment into a wrong account is 2019439441 i need a reverse to my account

  312. KP Joel

    My smart card No 10409461364. Pls check the expiration date. Why did u suspend my account? And ur line is not reachable

  313. KP Joel

    I subscribed with 9300k which is suppose to expired on the 3rd Jan. Now u hav suspended my account. Why?

  314. opeyemi omotayo Ariyibi

    you sent us message 08034306595 as free month viewing in january when you renew sc 4135370877 before 25 Nov. why do you have to lie to convince people to patronize you?now we have been disconnected today without any prior notice either.

  315. Noble k

    I brought a Dstv zapper from Dstv office after the installation am still getting E107-4 from the channels apart from the free channel. what shall I do pls nah

  316. david

    Need dstv customer care number

  317. ogunrinade segun

    I subscribe through my mobile since 17th of DEC ,and it not activated o,pls do something o,smart card is 4129130880

  318. Engr Emmanuel Ejihuele

    i paid since 12/12/2016 through bank transfer and have been sending the reset msg its still not working DSTV plss reset it for me decoder number 4135388845

  319. Emeana Chiaka

    Pls. I made a payment for Access since a week today, but my account is yet to be activated. I am on a 20% smart card no. is 4279376901.

  320. emeka sylvester

    send your reply to email box

  321. emeka sylvester


  322. emeka sylvester

    don’t publish my email address.


  323. emeka sylvester

    My decoder is faulty and I want to swap it with another decoder. my smart no. is 4261331375 and location is Nnewi, Anambra State. i need your urgent response. regards, emeka

  324. Amaka Chuba

    My smart card is not enabled

  325. Folorunso Tolulope

    my smart card account was credited with #1800, yesterday(Sunday),with FCMB mobile, & am yet to be able to watch any channel. Though I was on DSTV Family, now I want to change to DSTV access. my smart card number is 42542272432. Thanks.

  326. chioma

    please I wrongly subscribe to a wrong smartcard no that is 42541273766 but the correct smartcard number is 42541273746 please help me change it. thanks

  327. Akinola

    Is there any promo for this December,and if there is any how much is it going for?and can someone get it down and install it later.

  328. Isaac

    i made payment on the 8/12/16 now my decoder can’t even load talk more to see whether payment has being effected
    my card number: 42909157812

  329. chinakwe alphonsus emeka

    I have paid my subscription since 7/12/16 through bank transfer. My card no is 42887000307. Please reset.


    Pls I want to know what happened to my payment, customer care called and said if I could pay my subscription I will get a bonus of 500 on my card but something very funny has happened since 7th of December that I paid. I have not accessed what I paid for. What can I do bcos I have sent a dozen reset to 30333

  331. CHINELO


  332. Ralph N. Kalu

    I have just paid my DSTV subscription(Family) N3700.00 but is yet to be re activated. My Smartcard no. 1017229066 and below is the online payment details: WPY PURCHASE @ 1481229973164 http://www.vt. Please, re-activate my account.

  333. koleosho Abiodun

    Please help me to reconnect my go tv.2022268393

  334. opeyemi

    l subscribed to dstv since yesterday uptill now is not showing. card number:41306487574. ls really unfair with this kind of stress that dstv is subjecting customers to. l have wasted a lot of credits in calling dstv only to be answered by the computer. God will save us in this country.



  336. Dipo Wojuade

    I mistakenly ticked compact instead of my usual compact plus and the transfer payment already gone. What can I do to get my normal compact plus?

  337. Tetteh Prosper

    I need one DStv Nigeria and will like to know the price please. Thanks



  338. olaleye owokoniran

    Please I have renew my decode since morning and is not showing

    1. assumpta

      How did it eventually get renewed?

  339. Bolujola

    Hi, I made payment on Saturday 26th November and still my account has not been activated, I did reset but not activated. My card number is 4135522907.

  340. hilary

    Please I subscribed via mobile banking yesterday and my channels are not showing…my smartcard numbers is 42868954696. Thank you.


    Hello. I subscribed through mobile banking but it can’t open . it wrote connection to the dstv is lost . Pls help me to switch it back my card number 42719170278.tnx



  343. Abdul Ladi

    I made payment at one of of d outlet at Dstv Abacha Road etisafrica global. With this phone number : 08030602168 my account has not been paid since on 21/11/2016. I have not bn able to view any.

    1. Abdul Ladi

      Pls my decoder number is, 10314136721 I made payment since 21/11/2016. My account is not activated yet. And d outlet at Abacha Road, etisafrica. This is d owner of d Dstv outlet number 080 30602168. Right now he is not peaking my calls. I advise dt u don’t give just anybody ur liason to operate any how. Also I made payment of #3600.00 pls. U know things are now!. Pls address ds issue as a matter of urgency.


    I subscribed today but my account is still suspended

  345. babalola kehinde

    how do I make a subscription online

  346. adebayo wasiu

    e16 error after payment with iuc number 2021878701

  347. Abdulrahman Saudat

    please I made a payment yesterday and my account is loaded yet, I need help. my account is 42595506314. I have sent three messages for reset and didn’t get any reply

  348. alao sunday

    good evening please am having problem with my dstv after loading please help me out my children need to enjoying the service tonight thanks My dstv number are 42569934351, Register name Also Sunday

  349. olasunkanmi Olayemi

    I paid true mobile noting shows up, I need solution


    My name is Folorunsho, i make a sub since yesterday and my DStv is not working yet. please help me to reset it. Thanks

  351. Rilwan Faji

    I am tired of having 4 u 2 always terminate my Acct before d due date, ds is about d 3rd time its happening, our due date is 7th Nov n we’ve bn cut off since 2nd Nov and always without compensation. Help as soon as possible, acct no: 4122270551.

  352. Emmanuel

    please I just subscribed my DSTV and I mistakenly paid 1500 as against 1800 how do I rectify it?

  353. Uju Nkamigbo

    All your customer care lines are out of service. I have reset my Gotv several times but lots of channels are still not showing. Please restore all channels especially 14 & 95.

  354. JP nyanborn

    My dstv just ceased, showing my smart card may not have been put correctly. Nobody tamper with the card. Pls need your help

    1. Remove the card, wipe it and insert again.

  355. Bakare Motunrayo

    Pls my gotv is giving me 14 channels instead of 58, pls whats happening? I cant watch my favourite shows. Help me out pls, Asap.

  356. olaitan okusanya

    how do i subscribe online

  357. abubakar

    what happened dstv? what is happening wit calling cup tody we lost confident on u guys, hope tomorrow you are going to fix it.

  358. Ademuwagun Sogo

    what’s happening dstv? d channels are not displaying right now,even when d football matches are ongoing.

  359. badmus Azeez Adebayo

    Pls, correct the error code in my dstv

  360. badmus Azeez Adebayo

    I have subscribed for the month on 21st October and have been accessing your services until this night when it shows error code. Pls, help me out.

  361. Olamilekan

    I made a payment into a wrong account and I want to transfer it to the correct account

  362. omombola

    I just downloaded dstv now and I don’t hav a dish or smartcard. How can I successfully watch dstv on my phone

  363. Gerard Horgan

    i have just learned that my dstv listings here in Nigeria are different to that online dstv listings. The reason i highlight this is that Channel 208 tomorrow shows a very emotional match which will be covered world wide in the rugby world, but seemingly not Nigeria.

    All us expats here who follow rugby will be unable to view this great and emotional event at 1pm tomorrow.

    We sincerely request if Dstv can carry that match “Munster versus Glasgow” on one of its Nigerian sports channels?

  364. adeleyo yemisi

    gud afternoon pls i need your help , i make a paymet of dstv 3month wish is 10,800 i make a misstake to pay 11,800 how cn i get my 1000naria back

  365. ekanem j moses

    Likwise me I want to change my mobile number from the previous one given to dstv and my email account to

  366. Hi.. i will like to change my dstv mobile number.. how do i do that please?

  367. joy lawal

    pls dstv or whatever u call yourself,whenever I subscribe I want it activated immediately,you people dont add one day to my subscription date so why delay my activation,dstv u better stop misbehaving ok,because I realky dont kw what u people are up to;stealing out days from my money.i will soon go public with ur misbehaviours.Rubbish.

  368. Eric gateh

    I subscribed my gotiv decoder since afternoon with ICU number 4601587474 and it has not been activated. Please help .

  369. Timothy Ukonu

    please i paid yesterday in Abuja and my wife paid into the same account in portharcourt ,please extend the period to two months.account no. 42737235350

  370. yinka

    I made a payment for compact plus on dstv explorer n I can’t even rewind or do any of the Explorer features. Pls I need a solution. Yinka

  371. Emele stanislous

    Hello multichoice please i was called from your office that i have been given a bonus of 50% and i have done all the necessary requirement.How can i be trilled into making a half payment yet i can not be a ble to use the decorder.please try and activate my account please.i really feel pissed off with this are the details of the decorder 1030586366.

  372. King

    Please, my screen is showing E18-4 is currently scrambled on movies stations like Africa magic zeeworld etc, some other informative stations like channels are working. My dstv card no is 42508378231 After making payment on 26th sept 2016 of #1800. Thanks, your prompt response will be appreciated.

  373. ogbuanube chika stephen

    Please transfer the N1800.00 (one thousand eight hundred naira) I paid to my DStv account of smart card number 42584395737, which is not uploaded to my GOtv account of IUC number 2009492372. The pin number of the smart card is 424241118428 and serial number NGN16041617240851. I will be grateful if the transfer is made.

  374. Nsikak Robert Afangide

    My name is Nsikak Robert Afangide with DSTV decorder number 4112998638. I made a payment of N3,600 for my subscription from my Access Bank mobile application on the 16/9/2016. Up till now, my decorder has not been activated. I need your attention to rectify the problem. Thanks. Nsikak Robert Afangide.


    My name is OKELUE Gift Adindu, made payments of #3600 for my DSTV decoder number 10314401596 from my diamond mobile app. On 20th September, 2016 and have since sent Reset messages to 30333, up till now my decoder has not not being activated. Pls do the needful . thank you.

  376. Lilian Irabor

    I made payment of 1800 for my Dstv, card no 1030599037 on 13th. This evening zee world started displaying this channel is not available in this country.. And sometimes your decoder has been deactivated. Contact customer care.

  377. Ronke

    pls I made a payment of 1800 naira for my subscription through my mobile banking bt for d past 3hrs I haven’t been reconnected pls help out

  378. Dada Abiodun

    I made payment of 1800(Access) for my Dstv, card no 4279304101 and 8hrs now, it has not been activated. Pls reconnect

  379. Omodewu Ronke

    I subscribe the sum of #5860 to my Dstv this morning through my online mobile payement, and since that the money have not yet confirmed.
    My card number:10314219964
    Phone no:08032764283

  380. Desmond U. Uzuegbu

    Please i made a payment of #6,000 on 16/09/16 into my account number 10305957614 for Compact Plus after been disconnected few days ago. Please help me to reconnect it back.

  381. Oladele

    i made a payment #6000 just few hours ago the cashier told me to go home and turn on my dicoder and since then it yet activated and am wasting my fuel doing that please i will be glad if you can help me get it fixed
    Card #….10218210572
    Oladele Raheem

  382. Bamidele Samuel

    Please help me activated my account..i have this message on my screen
    The smartcard is not for this may be your account has been suspended
    Smart card#10195132575
    Name bamidele samuel

  383. omole femi

    i subscribed #6000 on saturday and is not showing my smart card number ….. 41355016654 and my name is mr olasunkanmi adeniyi please do it for me now

  384. omole femi

    my smart card no … 41355016654 please do it for me is not showing

  385. Oguntola oluwatoyin

    Please sir, I made payment since yesterday and up till now I can’t view any other station apart from channel 100. Please, kindly help me re activate it. My smart card numbers are 4250442805. My children are unable to watch their favorite movies all because it has not been activated. Thank you as you rectify the problem as soon as possible.

  386. I subscribed for two months which only showed for one week and stopped. I’ve tried clearing error code 32 online but it still doesn’t show. Smart card no 1028331497

  387. Olomo Adekola

    Kindly reset my subscription I paid not quite long. 4271932414

  388. Oruma victor

    Pls i subscribe today 10/09/2016 but the smartcard is suspended pls help me out
    The smartcard number:10313904921
    Thanks alot contact me 08165815458

  389. orby

    All customer care numbers not connecting how can one contact you guys..paid for my dstv via my accessbank has not been activated

  390. okebukola

    Pls kindly assist, my walka7 stopped walking on Sunday,


    Hello,my name is UHAMA CHINONSO, I subscribed my DSTV machine with #3600,today been 6/9/2016.and is not connecting,it keep on telling me that my account has been suspended, that I should contact the multichoice smart card number is 1031 4275 081.thanks

  392. lanre

    send for a reset on 1020968385 to 30333 for d past 1hr bt no response….pls hw does dis work

    1. Sometimes payments do not reflect immediately.
      Wait 2hours and send the reset code.
      It should work.

  393. Lawrence Alewo Obaka

    Good morning multichoice Nigeria. Pls i recharged my gotv- 2019345452 yesterday morning online but it has not been activated since then.My account has been debited already. Do help activate it in order for my family members to enjoy value for money.
    Thank you

  394. Ifeanyi

    I made payment to this Iuc number 2018698452, on 27 of August 2016,and a replied was sent to me confirming that the subscription was successful but the person I subscribe for said it has not being working so I asked her to bring the decorder that was how I got to know that it was a wrong number please help me ratified the problem this is the right iuc number 2018618452,name Christopher mbatuegwu, phone number, 08025992951,this is my name and number below..

  395. Onuigbo Chukwuemeka Franklin

    Hi, i just called the customer care regarding my dstv extra views two months subscription which was made on the 23/08/2016 and expected to roll over this 1st of September 2016. The multichoice card number is 10256178970. the address of agent office is plot783, festac link road. i await for your quick responds. Thanks

    Best regards

  396. Arewa Olawale Moshood

    After making the payment yesterday, I forwarded SMS RESET 4131978212 to 30333. up till this moment, my decoded is yet to be activated.
    At one time, I also make call to *288#, only to be told that my surname does not match the one in your record. Please help.

  397. oge ese

    I subscribed using quick teller and I noticed that I made dual transaction because my subscription was not activated. From Friday down to this hour it has not come on. Please tell me do?

    1. oge ese

      Dstv code 42504238348. 1800 subscription..

  398. Godson

    Please reconnect my dstv the reset it have done it 10 times yet my dstv is not showing 4122279687

  399. Olatunji Muideen

    Pls I made online payment of =N=1,900(inclusive of =N=100 conveinience charge)through quick teller reference number 101401593877 on August 25,2016 and I have not been given viewing access up till today(27/08/16).

    However, I made another payment today(27/08/16) with reference number GTB/web/3nqt0001/DSTV/27081642219/00003970 which currently gives me viewing access.

    I want the earlier payment be reversed back into my bank account.

    Thank you while I await your response.

    Olatunji Muideen Ajibola

  400. Augustine nweke

    Please I got from ur company about ur dstv esplora

  401. iyiola tomilayo

    having problem with ma premium subscription not yet activated since tuesday 23rd pls do this asap

    1. iyiola tomilayo

      card no 4122272150

  402. olawale kehinde

    please i subscribed to a wrong pin have called customer care,sent email and to no avail.what should i do please.

  403. olawale kehinde

    please i subscribed to a wrong pin have called customer care,sent email and to no avail.what should i do please.

  404. Aderibigbe Joseph

    My decoder have been displaying E18-4 error and this is frustrating. I have paid for viewing and not this error. What must I do to rectify this?

  405. Esther

    I got connected to DSTV Jan 2016 and ever since then it has been one problem to the other. I have never subscribed within the month and get home to watch what I paid for rather I will have to return to their office again and due to the nature of my job: I only subscribe on sat so when I have issues it’s another wk sat I usually resolve it. it’s either after the payment nothing shows or if it shows its only 2channels that will show until I go back to the office b4 it gets resolved. I can’t subscribe online or pay with my card cos of these issues since I go to your office and encounter all these how much more when I pay online? For this month the message is, There is no signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation. multi choice is the worst company and need to be customer service oriented. I need to sell my decoder, help me find a buyer. my monthly subscription is 3,600 n no is 10283059557

  406. Temiloluwa Ajagunna

    I subscribed since 10:am in d morning and have sent my recorder number to 30333 but still on channel 100.have off d recorder like 5 times but still on 100

  407. Peter Taiwo

    my name is peter taiwo, I paid for Dstv compact which was 6000 on 12/8/16 to T-Sat communication at no 250 ikorodu obanikoro Receipt no 000451, smart card number 4275694454, my phone is 08037130584 but have not seen pictures for over a day now, kindly reset so that I can see pictures.

  408. Jonathan Fapohunda

    I paid yesterday for a new package of compact plus from family and I need to be connected to compact plus but all phone lines are not going. My card no. 10210630884. Thanks

  409. Ayim demort Stephen

    It has been long recharge my Dstv because all this unnecessary fluctuation of service. please open my Dstv I paid through my app yesterday.10047572861 Ayim Demort Stephen

  410. tehillah

    I recharged for full bouquet yesterday evening after I failed to subscribe before I was cut off. My dstv currently isn’t showing any channel apart from 100. Pls I need your assistance as I recharged to follow football actions today. RA 4115719314 and smart card no is 41157193149

  411. Lawyer Oye Adediran

    I subscribed yesterday 12/08/2016 and unable to access it…
    card number: 42542651445

  412. Dede Ebeh

    My decoder no. 102182074, I made payment on 3rd of August 2016. I can’t access my decoder but my walka is showing. Error code E16-4

  413. Prince Adebola Adesanya

    name PRINCE ADEBOLA ADESANYA TEL;08023423039 EMAIL; card;41336090885 pls reconnect. check ref;qtbpadstv/4133609085/1622. quickteller 999921474848

  414. Prince Adebola Adesanya

    my cable is not showing channels and siverbird tv kindly rectify. and you havnt reconnect me.pls check i made my payment tru atm on 7/8/16.

  415. Prince Adebola Adesanya

    i made a payment of 13,980.00 on 7th of aug 2016 tru atm cash transfer-qtbpadstv/4133609085/1622.and i also got alert from quick teller that my transaction was successful with this ref:999921474848. pls kindly update my trans.thanks.

    1. Prince Adebola Adesanya

      please make the correction i paid into the wrong acct

      1. Prince Adebola Adesanya

        41336090885 not 4133609085

  416. Shuware/AAKatexco

    My dstv has been disconnected today. I subscribed #1800 yesterday. my smart card number is 10313867250

    1. prince umar

      I received a call from your server to make a payment of #900 and to have an extra one month free and I have made the payment, yet nothing is being display on my screen except my dish. Here is my smart card number 41354352852. I will be glad if my issue will be given maximum attention. Thanks

  417. Uzoma

    Pls can u connect all other stations on my Dstv.its just two channels that are showing.Also connect the it to the dual numbers are 4115745436 and 42886752346.tnx

  418. Margaret Udoh

    Please activate my dstv. I paid on Thursday cash and have not been connected. My smart card number is 1017263928.

  419. Okparaocha temitope

    Good please I want to express my unsatisfaction the way I’m been treated by your company at the towards the end of may 2016 we got a call that if we can sustain our payment plan for the next 2 that by August we will not have to pay any fees and we kept to our plan but to my shock my subscription has been suspended without any notification this is very unfair 4132004124 1

  420. Paul Rhodji Michael

    Please kindly activate services on my decoder with smart card number 10183678332 and phone number 08031352715. The payment I made on 05/08/2016 is already reflected on my account on since yesterday I’ve tried all the ‘do it yourself clear E16 error’ and non worked. Pls can you also explain why a payment made on 05/08/2016 will be due on 28/08/2016, isn’t it suppose to last a month?! Cos that’s what I saw on my profile!

  421. Nnenna Offia

    Please reactivate my decoder I have just pad online for Premium Extra View with the number 10254122822.
    I have just been informed that I should have just key without the last 2 which is the control number. Dies that mean I have lost 16140? Can my account be credited. It is I’m my wife’s name . Nnenna Offia with a phone of 08033391434

  422. Mr orji

    Hello I just call ur consumer care as me to send mail.I wrong pay on wrong iuc number pls help me out the wrong (46133320056) the right one (4613332056) name oriji Theophilus on payment date 5/7/16.payment reference (63816082)card pin (944745362453) serial noNGN26041617186856.I be glad is my complain be treated

  423. Omotunde Tywo Oluwole

    I want to downgrade from compact bouegay to family bougey,meanwhile have unknowingly gone ahead to make payment of 3600 before the downgrade.Can you please rectify it my Smart Card no is 1031352720

  424. Mannie

    Kindly help reconnect my service please. I cant sent text with my registered phone at the moment. My card number is 4119213410

    1. Mannie

      My service is off again. Cant understand what this is all about.

  425. Celeѕтιne Ndego

    My naмe ιѕ celeѕтιne,I worĸ wιтн Aғrιca мagιc orιgιnal ғιlмѕ,I ѕenт ѕoмeone тo ѕυвѕcrιвe ғor мe yeѕтerday vιa,мoвιle app,вυт нe dιd тнe wrong pacĸage ғor мe,and I wanт тo ғιnd oυт if I coυld add υp ѕoмe мoney тo geт тнe real pacĸage I needed Gor #6,000.ѕмarт code: 10254815789.тнanĸѕ wнιle I awaιт yoυr reply. Thanks

    1. Yes you can, kindly place a call to speak to one of DSTVs customer service representatives.

  426. prince ikechukwu okara

    My Dstv machine with smart card number 4101777427 has being stolen in my house by unknown persons.
    Please what is the next line of action to retrieve my smart card number and possible maintain the card number.

  427. Adebodun Ope

    My DSTV Subription is due to expire on th 8th Aug 2016, and i have since been disconnected on the 1st Aug 2016.

    Decoder 4256923873

  428. Awosika Grace.

    My dstv suddenly lost signal about 11.30 pm yesterday and have not come back til now. My subcription payment is not due till 9th of Agust. So why have you cut me off before time it also happened last month ,your people came and said I needed to change the monitor outside,which I complird!! Why this. Am tired of complaining,if I can’t get value for the 9,420 I pay monthly,I guess you are telling me something. Enough is enough!! My card no is 1017324244

  429. ishaya A. Kwada

    Please may I know why I cannot get channels television signals and silverbird tv signals in my house? Some of my friends are complaining too. I live in Yola.

  430. Philippa Ugwulor

    I made payment on 29th July, 2016 and it is displaying an E100-4 and I have send my number to 30333 but to no avail. Please connect my Decoder. Smart card No 4111858450.

  431. oramunwa Jane nneka

    Sorry l didn’t include my number. It is 42507397752

  432. oramunwa Jane nneka

    Please reconnect my Dstv. I paid even before the expiry date yet it was disconnected and now and E06~4 is flashed on the screen and l have tried everything without success.

  433. Ebunoluwa David-Akanbi

    Kindly upgrade my subscription from family to compact plus,payment made July 25,till now still on family,please rectify. Smartcard number 4129119171.

  434. akinmoju olugbenga

    Pls help to reset my decoder. This is my 1020976094.
    I have paid since afternoon and it has not been reset.
    Thank you

  435. Azubuke Okafor

    kindly help to upgrade my subscription to that of N3600. I just made payment into the account and my smartcard number is 4119267192

  436. Bello

    Pls kindly reconnect my recorder, I subscribed for d past 2 days but couldn’t view any channel apart from CCTV. 4135445839

  437. Borgu Mohammed Farouk

    Pls reconnect my decoder

    1. Borgu Mohammed Farouk


  438. kehinde olayemi

    please kindly help to rectify my subscription problem. just subscribed now but is not showing. smartcard number 4252256236′

  439. Kindly help rectify. I subscribed this evening but nothing is showing. This is my number 10305701343

  440. Ayanbodewaliu

    I subscriber my DSTV but the account is credited I load by first mobile please help me this is first bank account 3079137336 this is transaction date 20-06-2016 & narration FBNMOBILE BILL PAY /10940827011 MY SMART CARD NO IS 4282270399

    1. Ayanbodewaliu

      I subscribe my DSTV but the account is no credited I use first mobile to subscribe please help me this is transaction date 20-06-2016 first bank account 3079137336 narration FBNMOBILE BILL PAY 10940827011 MY SMART CARD NO 4282270399

  441. Pascal

    My subscription expire yesterday and i subscribe today, till now no sign of d channels coming up. Pls 10218506201

  442. Pascal

    I have subscribe my dstv and the channels are not showing pls help me to correct it 10218506201


    All I get whenever I put on my recorder is my smart card is not properly inserted. I will have to put on and off for a long time before it comes feed up, feel like moving over to star times.this is my smart card number 4135412266

  444. Abdulrazaq

    For the past months whenever I recharge
    my account but it’s on and off shows E18-4, E32-4, my account number 4133588122

  445. Mr ogoochukwu okoye

    I recharged my dstv on the 5 July,but its not showing,pls this is my smart card number 20093341759 and this is the mode of my payment,paid through UBA internet banking rmks.vsl/ umobnig/rbpt/97493615/2021624964/gotv.

  446. Mr ogoochukwu okoye

    I recharged my datv on the 5 July,but its not showing,pls this is my smart card number 20093341759 and this is the mode of my payment,paid through UBA internet banking rmks.vsl/ umobnig/rbpt/97493615/2021624964/gotv.

  447. apanisile matthew

    Hello DSTV team
    I paid for my subscription three days ago, but always showing error message E18-4 service is currently scrambled. Please help me rectify the error. 41336179274

  448. ibrahim maichibi

    I subdcribed on 6th July 2016 at kano main branchyet I’m not connected to my channels despite personal complaint at the office.Here is my smart card no 1004

  449. Desmond U. Uzuegbu

    Hello,my Dstv was suspended few days ago so i made online payment yesterday evening but until now is not yet connected.Please kindly check it for me and fix it back,here is my smart card number 10305957614

  450. Towoju Ezekiel

    My decoda had been shoing this error E04-4 that is insert smart card

  451. abdul

    please help me with my Gotv,i made a wrong payment into someone account and i made the payment online,this is the wrong IUC NO 4601750176,mean why this id the correct IUC no-4601750175,please help me transfer the money into the right account.Gsm 08189738355.Reference No109201248425

  452. Idachaba sylvester

    Pls rectify my dstv channel. My African magic channel is scrambling one after the other and my subsciption has not expired. Dstv code is 4288675301.

  453. Ayodele Titilayo

    Pls have pay for my dstv subscription but not showing have try all the customer care too pls help
    My Card No:10208203090

  454. Ayodele Titilayo

    Pls have pay for my dstv subscription but showing have try all the customer care too pls help
    My Card No:10208203090

    1. Ori silas

      I have subscribed since an our ago but the error is still on my screen, pls help me. My card number is 1020824989

  455. Christopher

    I paid for Access some minutes ago through internet banking and it has not been activated. Please activate my account 4133626402. Thanks.

  456. Temitayo

    Paid yesterday and yet to be activated, please rectify. Account : 42507520403

  457. Amah chinyere Theodora

    I have been up since yday but nothing has shown on my screen. Smart card :no: 1004787893

  458. Jesse ekwere

    Pls rectify payment made to account 4253949067 instead of 4253494067 through JOO-KEE system with receipt no 001466 on the 08141213536

  459. Chinedu Nkwocha

    I was on dstv family (3600). I wanted to switch to dstv compact (6000). Buti dont have the additional packages. Dstv no. is 42909609986.

    1. Oluwakayode Komolafe

      pls reconnect my DSTV because i have paid since 11am on Jul 02,2016 and unable to access any channel. My last subscription expired on Jun 19,2016 . My DSTV Card number is 42793533904

  460. ifeanyi ibekwe

    pls i paid 2 month on 24 of last month,my dstv is soppose to expire 24 next month July,but is has been cut off…my smart card number is 1031403438 ,ifeanyi ibekwe

  461. Falana

    I need complete DSTV and the location were I can get it at Benin city Edo state

  462. Mr Samson Ofofo

    Want to swap my DSD 3U to EXPLORER, How much will it cost me DSTV?

  463. omoregie omotayo

    pls, i have an old decoder but i don’t know if i can change it to new one because am not around since 2012, just get back. pls feed me back . my former email is but now the email below is current one am using. thanks

  464. Lukan Olufemi

    Hi, I disconnected my dish some months back when I was relocating and I just mounted back the dish and paid for subscription on Saturday 11th of June, 2016. But as at this movements after series of messages to the 30333 short code and self service, nothing seems to be working. E30-4 is the error displayed on the screen. Kindly help to resolve this issue. My smart card number is 1005260953. Thanks

  465. Elias

    I paid for my DSTV since 7/6/16 and error E16-4 is the answer. Pls kindly do the needfull. Card no is 10209804334 1800 was paid through quickteller.

  466. Okuchemiya Dean

    I want to benefit from your explora promo of upgrading and sustaining your payment till 31/07/2016 then purchasing the explora for N10,000.00.

    My smart card no:41319984500

    Having been with dstv for more than seven years if you allow me pay N10,000.00 for your explora I will appreciate it.

    Thank you for your services so far as I await your favourable responds


    And again what will you do, once you put on your decoder and you find out that the decoder is going on and off like a digital watch..then once you remove the smart card it’s stop. But the system is still on…


    Hi DSTV,I Got a DSTV decoder Auction out by an organsation where i work thou have not started using it yet. I will like to know if there’s a way i could change the status of the decoder to my Name and it’s an Old version decoder. It’s possible for me to change the detail status of the decoder and what about the smart card number is it still funtioning cause this decoder is kind of Old, it was left in the store for only God knows before they started auctioning out there Junks….

    1. I called customer care for 40 minutes i was not attended to by any care agent it is very unfair

  469. E_BAR PLAZA

    good day my officer, we paid for a subscription and after which, one out of them is not coming up.( i mean its not showing and the smart card number is 10047514723. I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. this is from E-BAR PLAZA.


    i made payment to dstv on the 14/3/16,due to network problem i paid twice amount #11,680,and contacted dstv by mail telling them to refund the balance they replied by telling me that it will take 7 working day to refund the money back to my bank account by the INTERSWITCH till now the money has not be refunded the last time i talked with them i was told to scan my bank statement to them which i sent for over two months now DSTV has not refund my 11,680,so i am using this medium to remaind DSTV NIGERIA TO PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY

  471. raheal

    I payed for my DSTV access online but no channel is coming up,my card no is :42542420221

  472. Udeze Celestina chidiebere

    For over Four hours that I have up till now nothing is showing, my Dstv smart card 42887610857

  473. Alhaji mohammed umar

    pls l made payment into a wrong account,my smart card 4135362515, I naw mistakenly pay into 4136352515.I pay for 3 month.

    1. Binta

      I have a similar problem. I made payment to dstv through my mobile phone in the sum of N18000 for a 3 month subscription. My bank has confirmed the transaction and dstv has acknowledged the payment. It was some hours later that i realised i had made a mistake in quoting my decorder number. All my efforts to get to customer care or any other option has failed. My problem now is multichoice is not concerned and is therefore not helping. I had reported to an online forum where i was advised to wait foe the issue to be resolved in 3 days. It is now 4 days and no one has contacted me neither has my subscription been restored. Even the telephone nos used by the dstv usually to remind me of the expiry dates of my 3 months subscription does not respond now.
      I am really disappointed and disturbed that dstv is showing no concern and it looks like am about to lose my N18000. I accept the human error i committed but that should not mean dstv cannot do anything about it, afterall they have received the money as remitted by my bank.

  474. austin

    why is my dstv explora smartcard link to another profile

  475. tony

    I just want to comfirm if channel 152 is not among 1800 package cos since last month it didnt show n some other channel I just subscribe today same problem since last month. Pls I need to know my smart num 42585099189


    hello dstv team,

    Pls cant view any channel since last night,kindly confirm what the issue is DSTV smart card no. 42760889701

  477. Olosunla Tayelolu Gabriel

    please I have paid for subscription since 29th April 2016. till now I have not be activated and I have sent a lot of SMS. my decoder no is 1004755836

  478. Ovbokhan idehen

    I paid for my dstv over 4 hours ago via my mobile phone as i have always done but till now ,I cannot watch any station or even tune to dstv number is 42523514117

  479. Clement Mofunanya

    please, I subscribed for one month service in Dstv from 7th of last month the service could not get to a month, then on 1 April, I made another subscription online, up till now I have not seen ur service. please do something.

  480. I just made payment for compact extra view to a wrong account. Please assist move payment to my correct dstv account. Wrong dstv decoder number is 41336284629. My correct decoder number is 1027704223. Thank you.

  481. Rufai Isiaka Jibrin

    I made online payment for my expired subscription just 3 hrs ago. Please I need immidiate responce. Here is my Smart numb 4279327903. Thank you.


    i went 2 subscribe for gotv yesterday at your one of atlet in ikorodu but my iuc was incorrect.dis is my iuc number 4601628701, the incorrect number 4601528701. pls help me to refine it back to mind. dis is my iuc number pls 4601628701.

  483. Mabruka Baba Gaji

    I paid for my expired subscription about 20hrs ago and still my account has not been activated,my card number is 4115 7715 099.

    Waiting for your response,Thank You.

  484. Eso Benedict

    I made payment for my expired subscription 8hrs ago…up till now my card hasn’t been activated…showing my account has been suspended… card number is 10172567652

  485. Mr Serif

    pls I paid into wrong account 2021975712 instead of 2021975612 with recharge pin 921537665475 Ref no 61695878 on 25 April 2016 I will be very glad if my complained can be solve.Thanks

  486. Bunmi

    Hello I paid for my subscription via Zenith internet banking on 25/04/2016 but my dstv hasn’t been activated. Kindly look into it. My smart card number is 4122319593.

    1. Adetiloye Esther

      I paid for my subscription via Access internet banking on 09/05/16,And my dstv has not been activated. This my smart card no 41222626370,Please kindly check it.

  487. maxwell okere iwejuo

    hello, please rectify my issue, i was cut off before my due date, kindly check your system and solve please, this is my smart card number 10173780213. thanks

  488. Hi gotv,
    I subscribed my gotv yesterday but its not active please assist. 4601514450.thanks.

  489. James Akindele

    I Mistakingly suscriped to wrong decoder.Pls rectify & release my stations
    My decoder. ….1028312839
    Wrong decoder…1028312830
    I have sent the receipt of paymentto your costomer care. I paid through GTBANK token phone application.
    Date of payment. ..25/4/16
    Pls check &rectify.
    Yours premium costomer.

  490. Please I subscribed using my zenith Bank online bill payment but my decoder is yet to be activated. please kindly help my smart card number is 41354276630. Thanks

    1. Joy Iyere

      I subscribed using my zenith Bank online bill payment but my decoder is yet to be activated. please kindly help. my smart card number is 41354276630. Thanks

  491. Bukky Owoyemi

    paid on my account 42886521048 since three days ago only and it was taken to Oki -oba branch for reset yet it keep showing not acquisition in progress

  492. yomi oguntoyinbo

    I renewed my Dstv via gtb (online) payment and it went through,but my line is still not active.pls activate it as soon as you can. Here is my decoder number 10218450624.Thank you

  493. Paul Oshame

    Pls upgrade my package to FAMILY. I noticed recently that i have been getting less channels when i have been paying for the FAMILY package for years now. For example i would like channels 122 and 125 to be added for me if possible.
    My decoder number is 4275772114.

  494. ujunwa Enendu

    hello,,, i’m having problem with my Dstv,, i was cut off before my due date. i complain yesterday but after some hours it later came up,,, this morning again is cut off before the due date. what is the problem. 41353539897. please resolve it once and for all

  495. Paul Adeshina

    Hello Gotv,

    I am not happy typing this mail. i got an sms on my fone 12/03/2016 that when i subscribed before 17/03/2016, i will be given a month free. i made a pament on 16/03/2016,to my greatest surprised, i was cut off last saturday 16/03/2016. what happened to a month free you promised? i still have the sms on my fone. i want gotv to do the right thing not to give themselves a bad name.

    My smart card nos. 2019315551

  496. ujunwa Enendu

    hello,,, please i was cut before my DD tim. please here is my smart card number,, 41353539897

  497. Blessing ogunrinde

    Pls i have problem with my nokia 5330.if i search for channel result is giving me is channel not found pls help me o

  498. Akinola Akintunde

    Pls help me with my Dstv, I payed for my subscription over a week. Channels yet to come up. I paid 3600. Smart card no is 4258468736. Thank you

  499. Ibitoye Modupe

    Pls downgrade me from compact to access. My smart card number is 4271929475. Thank you.

  500. akobundu chika Hillary

    My name is akobundu Hillary(miss) and my smart card number is 4286954696. I subscribed for #3600 late last night and the channels are yet to come up. Please sort out the problem soonest. Thank you

  501. thompson

    I humble wish to make a request for transfer of account from this account number 4275785697 to this account number 42757875697 for their was error (mistake) of some number during the process of payment yesterday evening sum of #96,840.00. For both account are using the same name(Gladys Emmanuel) pls. I will be delight when my request is been granted.

    1. thompson

      l just made request on transfer of account due to the error(mistake) made during time of payment for some hours, and the transfer was from this Acc. No. 4275694264 to this Acc. No. 42757875697. after some time my decoder was working but now it has stop. pls. l will be glad when this problem is solve at once.

  502. kabirat

    Pls, fix my DSTV for me, smart card no is 10211347488. Acct name is soyingbe kabirat. I subscribed yesterday 7/4/2016. Up till now, it’s not showing.

  503. kabirat

    I pay for subscription DSTV bouquet 2ru online banking access bank on 27/3/2016 but d DSTV is not working. I call & sent a mail, I was told to go back to d bank & reclaim my money. Now, I just paid another one as at 7/4/2016 but my DSTV is still saying smart card is not enable or acct has been suspended. Pls, kind fix it 4 me. My smart card no:10211347488. D name on d acct is soyingbe kabirat.

  504. maxwell okere iwejuo


  505. osunbor kester

    detail payment of gotv wrong paid to this no.2004495629 .#1800 at agen 0701v2.comfirmation no.43343766 paga txn id:Hz 5 HH.
    The right no is 2004495629 by OSUNBOR KESTER.08034401272

  506. Theophilus Ibadu

    Please I have tried the reset setting, but it’s not working, my sad 4111870328…I paid 6000 nairn.

  507. Femi ajayi

    I subscribed yesterday, till this moment am only viewing 100 other Chanel’s are not showing. Please do something about it.

  508. Kevwe

    I want to rent a movie on box office what number do I send it to

  509. Ajileye Ayodele

    Pls open the DSTV channels on my Android phone

  510. Edu kafayat

    A day after I subscribed my decoder, we just noticed it was scanning and rescanning again and again, later it went off finally (I. e it was no longer scanning) the decoder was taken to where we subscribed it, we were told it is outdated and we need to pay the sum of #12,000 to get the recent version. This is a decoder we bought for #27,000 not up to 5 years ago. To me I simply see this as a means of EXTORTION and I’ll like to get feedback from you people for the reason why we need to re_buy the updated version when we keep installing your updates as they are sent. NIGERIANS DESERVE GOOD REASONS FOR THIS ACT.

  511. Abubakar Aliyu

    I paid for two months through quick teller, but my account was disconnected after just one month. Please resolve.

  512. Olajide Oladokun

    What is happening with walka 7 I can’t watch match on it again PLS.

  513. adeshina a a

    please i was disconnected about 3weeks ago due to non payment of my subsription but i paid the money about 2hours ago MY smartcard no is 4135453009/3, adeshina aderemi- 08060423400, iwll be grateful if you guys can connect me soonest


    hi my name is adeniyi adewale i hav a mistak on my smartcard no 4261359667 when i won suscrib yesterday nd made suscription 2ic my smartcard no 4261359567 i made my suscription online dis is my bill pay no ok DIS IS 1one 109403704539/4261359667/DSTV SU 2one bill pay 109403704521/4261359667 istend of 4261359567




      hi dstv why ar u doing like dis u ar nt suru ooooo sin last week sunday i hav send u my mistake 2 u no answer na wa 4 u ooooooo dstv

  515. Seleyanna Martyns-Yellowe

    I downgraded from premium on the 5th of this Month, and my subscription is supposed to run till d 4th of next month, but I discovered yesterday dat my account has been suspended. pls help me rectify dis. my smart card number is 10047391932.

  516. Babajide Owodunni

    I just paid 13,980 for my dstv and it is still not showing yet… What is showing on my screen is E 16-4…. My card number is 4256998250. Pls kindly rectify this error now thanks.

  517. Teslim

    I paid 6000 for the compact plan but yet all I can see here is the 1800 family plan sub. Pls rectify this 41192028904. .

  518. Greg paul

    Good morning,Kindly rectify d E16 msg on My screen 42535238770 thanks

  519. victor

    am interested in becoming one of one of ur dealer and was ask to visit maultichoice office @ tiamiyu savage which i did,i was at the marking dep and was reffered to a dealer in my area but have being calling the dealer but am not getting a welcoming responce,pls help

  520. victor

    i contacted one of ur customer care rep in phone and told them d person that i want to be a dealer with multichoice and i was ask to visit your office @ tiamiyu savage VI,i was at ur marketing dep and i was asked to call a dealer in my area and have being calling severally but am not getting a welcoming responce,pls help.

  521. victor

    Hi,i want to be a dstv dealer,i spoke to one of ur custonmer care rep and was ask to visit ur marketing dep at tiamiyu savage in vi,i went dare and someone from marketing department directed me to someone around my area,i have be calling d dealer in my area but he is no responding to me very well,wat do i do.victor.

  522. Abubakar adamu

    multichoice pls i made my payment since on the 1st of march and i cant view my Chanel since on the 10th i made d payment through union bank ATM pls help and conect me tnx. hear is my details 10052114724, name Abubakar adamu, phone number 08036242493 thanks.

  523. Ayoola Ademola

    I paid 6000 but alas! I still can’t watch live EPL or let me say the channel promised are not given. Kindly correct this, my smart card number is 4259562651.
    Thanks in advance.

  524. charles

    For about 2 weeks now I can’t watch Channels TV (channel 254) on DSTV. Just yesterday I noticed that Silverbird TV on 252 is off too.I’m on Family bouquet and I not owing. I do not have time to visit your office. All your phone numbers are not going thru.Pls help. My smart card number is: 41319436113.

  525. esther obi

    pls i mistaking paid1800 for my dstv instead of gotv.

    cant d 1800 be converted to my gotv?

    i cant have acess to my dstv because it is a dual decoder.

    pls help

  526. maxwell okere iwejuo

    PLEASE KINDLY correct the reset, i paid 6000 for compact package instead i was given family package, i paid through quickteller and it was successful, kindly give me the compact package i paid for. thanks, my card number is 10173780213.

    1. maxwell okere iwejuo

      and your numbers ar not going, whats going on dstv

  527. Ademola muyiwa

    Please reset me I payed on Saturday and its yet to come up. Please do something about it. Below is my details, iuc number is 2003639858.

  528. odunsionyin

    Pls multichoice, i don’t know why channels station 254 and silver bird station 252 are not showing on my Dstv no 4115744186, and besides, i reside at ikorodu lagos,
    kindly help me to effect it on my Dstv
    i use to pay N1800 each month.

  529. olaogun

    Pls reset me I pay this evening 4601882109

  530. nelly

    Hello I got an offer yesterday to pay and get extra one month free to end today. Can I now on line? Will I still get the offer?

  531. Chinonso Mbeagbu

    Good day.
    I made payment on 3/3/2016 and my channels have not been activated. Please do something about it.
    Below is my smart card no.

  532. iliyasu balarabe

    i made payment yesterday and my service is yet to be connected. i have tried all channels of clearing the Error E16 but to no avail. i could also not able to contact the customer service via fone.
    my smart card no is 4108585801 pls reconnect my service

  533. Joe Okpoye (Superfly)

    Gotv send me sms to recharge my gotv subscription before the due date and get one month free, l did this in January 2016 which am supposed to have February and march to my surprise l was sent another sms at the end of February to go and recharge, l think something is wrong somewhere, consumers right must prevail and they will soon see me in their office

  534. mbazurike james

    Pls I recharged an account and made mistake with the IUC NO making it 11 instead of 10 the wrong IUC is 46225823582 while the correct IUC is 4622582352 pls help me to transfer it to the correct account

  535. Stephe Sokale

    Pls reactivate my decoder av paid over two hours ago my decoder number is10171729584

  536. Raji kazeem kolawole

    pls reactivate my decoder number 42568926598. have subscribed for the 4 hours.

  537. Nino Paschal

    I subscribe on 1st of February and yesterday been 21st I was deactivated please you people should go my complains because I wouldn’t take lightly with you people
    Account Name Levi Chukwunyere Smartcard number 4259543241
    Collective Account

  538. martins ukpai

    hello i previously subscribed 1800 and later change the subscription to 3600 after the expiration of the 1800.but the 3600 channels are not showing.please help


    I Subscribe for ACCESS + EXTRA VIEW, PAYMENT CODE 10434
    SMARTCARD NO. 10209608404.
    Thank you


    WHAT IS HAPPENING TO DSTV, I Have made my payment since and up till now I cant even watch any channel HABA. I have tried several means no way out

  541. omoelo akokaike

    Please it is wrongful for you to put a number as customer care line and we can’t reach anyone. I recharge my dstv no.4275768886 since 12th of February 2016 and up till now no connection. If this persist I will file a claim to get my money.

  542. Nielsen Ebog

    Sir, I paid for my gotv subscription on the 5th of february at Zenith Bank branch at keffi road obalende since I haven’t been connected I spoke to Lilian of the customer care of which she told me that the legal department has been notified. Till now the said money I paid has not gotten to gotv. Deposit slip no. 0016297 and my IUC no. Is 2009479525.

  543. Nielsen Ebog

    sir, I paid for my gotv subscription on the 5th of february at Zenith Bank branch at keffi road obalende since I have been connected . I spoke to Lilian of the customer care of which she told me that the ligal department has been notified. Till now the money I paid has not gotten to gotv. Deposit slip no. 0016297 and my account no or IUC is 2009479525.

  544. john

    i made the payment between 11am-12noon, a sum of 6,000 for compact subscription with 150 service Dtsv is yet to be reconnect.card number are 10210348404.please help.

  545. john

    Good morning, i made a subscription this morning and my dstv is yet to be reconnect. my card number are:10210348404

  546. Udechukwu chinedu

    Why is dstv so cruel and mean..they really hurt us as football lovers…we run a dual subscription ish and payment was made here in Awka since 23rd January and only on Tuesday last week it connected and disconnected the next day…since den we’ve been resetting and calling but to no avail…here are d smart card numbers for both the primary and secondary decorders…am really upset right now…since 23rd of January…dstv ur beginning to lose it..P=42508795715…S=42595674724

  547. I pray this monopoly things comes to an end one day. I have ever seen a poor and an organized coy like dstv. What is keeping a lot of Nigerians with you is just football if not, to hell with dstv. I paid for two months on the 7th of Jan, and am cut off on the 7th of Feb. Must I be calling every time to connect if I pay more than a month? You guys are mess and a total mistake in this country. I can’t wait for the falling of dstv in this country.

  548. Mr omotayo sanya

    My name is Mr Omotayo Sanya from ikorodu. I made subscription payment of #1800 from corsican brothers at agric branch ikorodu on jan 4th 2016 with receipt no 00003448. On the same day , my son made another payment of #1800 at multi choice surulere.with receipt no 6129900. The one from multichoice was uploaded while that of corsican brothers was not. I have gone there to lodge the complain more than 5 times now but yet to upload it. pls kindly assist me. Dasola is cashier that collect the money from me. my smartcard no is 4250369706. thanks

  549. dele azeez

    I just paid #6000 via online banking and the dstv came on for a while then showed e-16 error again…kindly reset dstv card number 4254097900

  550. Cecilia okolie

    I just paid yesterday for full subscription 13,980 why am not getting the channels associated with this? Smart card number 42569204136.Pls,RESET it.

  551. Durojaye S Tope

    please, i need your assistance on my DSTV. my dstv is not showing NTA channel again after my due subscription and my colleague are enjoying NTA without subscribtion, please your assistance is urgently needed. Thank my decoder number are 42757466489.

  552. Lamid

    I payed for da full sub yesterday but still av nt been connected wats all dese rubbish.nd pls why dose ur customer care line nt go tru,pls give us a more reachable line.

  553. safina

    I paid for the 3600 bouquet subscription on the 21st January but its now the 23rd. I have sent 1005248560 to 30333 twice but still yet to be activated. Please activate. Thanks

  554. Olutunmbi Olutunmbi

    I made subscription of N3600 on my dstv at FCMB Ilesa on the 13th JANUARY 2016. Till date it was not posted on my account. I visited the bank three times,it wasnot resolved. What can I do?
    My smart card number is 42506841099.
    Deposit slip number is 31425431.

  555. Michael Paul

    please I need info on how to become a dealer/supplier of your products. What are the facilities that I need to have on ground. i have tried all efforts to contact you on 012711888 but my airtime was consumed but no response.

  556. Jonathan Onuoha

    i prefer universal channel to the Gospel Channels,can it switch?

  557. Jonathan Onuoha

    i want to know if some channels could be replaced with another?

  558. Chris Bot

    I resubscriped on the 08 jan 2016 with N6500 and I am not due for disconnection but I received a text that I need to reconnect. Take Note change of E-Mail from Number – 1017383068 phone-08035142064,08177138999

  559. Edeh Edward Ochayi

    I did my subscription on 4129190226 and this message is on my screen Already paid?sms Reset 4129190226 to 30333 activate your decoder.kindely activate my decoder.

  560. Ayowale Sasnusi

    I made payment for my expired subscription. I just got home & I have sent RESET to your short code 30333 with my smart card number but there has been no response. My smart card number is 4133635 if my subscription can be activated now. Thank you.

  561. Comfort Bassey

    Compliments of the season. Please, I have dis error message on my screen. What can I do about it. Please I need a response as I have sent a message before without a response. Thanks. My no is 41354292223. Bassey Ukim. Thanks

  562. Comfort Bassey

    Please my smartcard number is 41354292223. Bassey Ukim.Thanks again.

  563. Comfort Bassey

    Good evening. Compliments of this wonderful season.Please, I noticed that the channel panel on my tv only shows about Ten channels. I am a premium subscriber n am not due for payment yet. I called your customer care line n was told to go to Dstv ku Africa on my remote control.This I did only to find an error message showing on all the channels. Please, I need an immediate response. Thanks a lot n hope to hear from u soonest . Regards.

  564. idanwekhai Peter Sidney

    I made a mistake of wrongly crediting IUC 2022617922 with #1,800 instead of my IUC 2022671922 on Saturday 02/01/2016.

    The transaction was done via union bank internet banking platform and it was successful with reference No:115740855869

    Please reverse the transaction back to my account 2022671922 on Gotv Nigeria

  565. idowu ibikunle

    i make a mistake of paying 12000 to my dstv account, DSTV Subscription payment of NGN 12,000.00 for 4271929013 was successful. REF: 999913696619…..pls am confused new…. pls help me out

  566. Mrs Charles Ijantiku Mathias

    Pls dstv people or workers no need for any customer to call or sent an email for payment they made, because if u subscribed, automatically it will show on ur system even if I’m paying #1800 and next subscription I decided to #3600 just kindly open channels been supscribed for plsss and stop troubling

  567. Ajayi Emmanuel Idowu

    I renewed my subscription on Monday 21st December, 2015 on smartcard 41085999096 but yet to get access till now.
    What do l do to get it resolved?

  568. charles bassey

    I don’t understand why my subscription was not activated, when I even pay before due date, I paid on Saturday 19/12/2015 though internet banking from zenith bank,for good two days I was not activated, on Monday 21/12/2015, my card was suspended, and you guys are expecting me to load mobile card to call for activation, when I have paid for activation already, what and incompetent job,and inconsistent services, that my data if you guys like active me,, 08035745073 account name..charles bassey,


    i make my subscription 19/12/2015 to SC 1021092970 Still not connected . showing E48-32. Treat

  570. Emmanuel Ogonah

    Gud day DSTV, I paid 6000 dis morning, I have been trying to reach u guys but d line seems not to b working. Pls kindly connect me, Emmanuel Ogonah, 4250420698, 08097296010.

  571. jane

    Somebody help.
    I paid for my dstv subscription(1,800) since the 5th of December but 10 days after i have not been decoder number is 4254267017.
    All efforts to get me reconnected prove abortive as all calls to the customer care lines were not picked and the decoder number to the sms line yielded no result.
    Kindly reconnect me as fast as possible .
    Thank you.

  572. Cookey Iyen

    We got a new DSTV decoder and we were told it comes free one month subscription . The problem is the DSTV normally disconnect with a these words: you account is suspended call the custome care center or recharge… Something of tha nature.. Can’t really remember the exact words please help!!!!!
    Smart card no: 10207347104

  573. Henry Ogwumike

    I made a payment 4 my gotv subscription on d 4th of dec,11:23pm and the customer representative said there no money in the acc…this was d message I received after I made d payment.You have successfully made a payment of NGN1,800.00 to GOTV. Service ID : 4613386884.
    Thank You.

  574. prince harrison toritseju

    i paid #13980 instead of #16140. in an attempt to correct it yesterday i paid #16140 again. i called this morning and was ask to go pay #2160 to complete the prvious amount of #13980 for january’s sobscription, trying to do this i paid another #16140. so i need a refund of cash. smath card no:1018368147. acc no:5512027243. transaction detail:1533720879, 153362281, 1533622144

  575. ayorinde Ogidi

    I subscribe 2 dayz only display yesterday but now d Dstv is not connecting nor display again…smart card nos;427584864…pls connect
    me as possible..thanks from ogidi

  576. Dayo Ayebulu

    pls I made a wrong payment to another smartcard no 4258403712 instead of 4258463712 how do I go about it

  577. Chukwuorji Godwin

    Sc no: is 10208309699

  578. Chukwuorji Godwin

    Hello, goodafternoon I’ve been away for sometime and just got back to find my dstv acct disconnected. Anyways, 5 hours ago I just paid for premium bouque against campact plus I used to pay for, and yet my acct is yet to reactivated. Pls kindly help on this. Godwin from cotonou, Benin republic.

  579. adeyemo Elizabeth mrs

    Paid since Saturday yet to be reconnect. Showing E16 please do reconnect us immediately .

  580. Ajayi

    If I paid 9420 naira on dstv and can’t access important match like Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea while CTL of 3100 naira has full access to the same match, then is now time to say goodbye to DSTV and I will make sure most of my friends did the same thing , to be for warned is to be for harmed , thanks from Ajayi.

  581. Mohammad Ali

    Dstv you’re just not living up to standards and expectations

    1. Ajayi

      If I paid 9420 naira on dstv and can’t access important match like Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea while CTL of 3100 naira has full access to the same match, then is now time to say goodbye to DSTV and I will make sure most of my friends did the same thing , to be for warned is to be for harmed , thanks from Ajayi.

  582. Godspower G

    Pls kindly reverse it for me its dual view am paying.16140

  583. Godspower G

    Hello,good afternoon i wrongly paid into a wrong dstv acct.through umobile here are the details: my smartcard number 4129199382 account name: Godspower G, Phone number:08035478299 Email addresss:okokogodspower@ residential address portharcourt.
    Wrong account: 412919919382

    Guaranty Trust Bank eLectronic Notification Service (GeNS)

    We wish to inform you that a Debit transaction occurred on your account with us.

    The details of this transaction are shown below:
    Transaction Notification

    Account Number : ******9961
    Transaction Location : CORPORATE H.O.
    Amount : 16,240.00
    Value Date : 16-Nov-2015
    Remarks : 1031GT1447686502414704|Bill Payment viaMBANKING BILL PAY – [DSTV] [412919919382] from OKOKO, GODSPOWER-TUEBI to GTB IMPERSONAL LEDGERS
    Time of Transaction : 4:09 PM
    Document Number : 0

    1. Godspower,
      Kindly visit the nearest DSTV office with evidence for rectification.

  584. ibrahim markus

    Am mr ibrahim markus l pay my dstv true mobil bking since yesterday is still sow me E16-4 se dey ref no 1113103722721f tme 2:2p amount is 16 140 naira dstv 1021054009

  585. Sunday

    I haven’t seen the recharge airtime as promised if I recharge my dstv.

  586. Ken Onyia

    I pay annually for DSTV. I paid last November and it clearly shows on the receipt that I have to pay before 27 November 2015.
    Tonight the subscription has been arbitrarily suspended.
    I expect my subscription to be restired right away – 4119238068

  587. abdulsalam isiaka

    plz i recharge my gotv on saturday and i did mistake wen i want to recharge it i press 2022516609 instead of 2022516699 i dnt have chance that why it took me long and i find it difficult to send an email please help me

  588. Okereke

    I just paid 1800 for access was previously on compact I want it changed called your customer agency for almost an hour with no response

  589. Rasheed lawal

    I mistakenly made payment on 31-10-2015 to this account 1005275963 instead of 1005275962.the payment of 1800 with reference number -999965172388.

  590. Abdullahi

    I have only been able to watch discovery channels for two days. All the rest say lost signal. I am a premium customer account no.4129145707

  591. Chikogu Uchekogu

    How come we can no longer see action attractions in dstv touch?

  592. oyediran james

    Pls I mistakenly pressed #18,000 instead of #1,800 on ATM when I wanted to subscribe for my dstv with smartcard no 4254201706 on the 24th sept.2015 and I called the care line immediately for the reversal of the over paid to the same account but I was told to complain through email which I did and I scam all nessary ID for comfirmation.I was replied the fourth day that I ll have to pay another #1800 to my nearest dstv office and scan d recipt so as to reverse the first payment of #18000…I did as instructed immediately but to my surprise till now no reversal had been made while no response to my second email…my smartcard no 4254201706 temitope musa

    1. Hello James,
      Its best you visit the office for issues regarding reversal.
      Find details here:

  593. Nwogu Chimaobi

    I made online subscription payment to DSTV via FCMB sinceSunday the 4th of October 2015.My smart card number is 4256990126. Please, verify and respond.

  594. Nwogu Chimaobi

    I made online subsciption payment to DSTV via FCMB since yesterday 4th October 2015 but not yet re-connected.
    Please verify and respond.

  595. Abraham O.

    Good morning, I have not used my Dstv in a while but I decided to reactivate yesterday but yet to be connected. Is there something you could help me to do please? My decoder number is 42568987798 ( Grandwagons).

  596. Pls where is the nearest DSTV office to Ajah? Thanks

  597. Oladejo Saheed Olakunmi

    Good morning, I subscribed on the 23rd of Sept and I have not been able to get access to watch anything and I later discovered that my money was paid into a wrong account. Please help me resolve this problem. My card details is 42541537702.the wrong account is 42541337702.d payment ID is 26700323.pls help

  598. Adedayo

    From:”Dayo Dotun
    Monarch Satelite: we hereby request for a rectification on a payment made on 22nd of september 2015, as at 6:05:15 . The subscribtion was mistakenly paid on a wrong account . Instead to pay on this account.. Ifeanyi Ngochukwu 2009408553 phone number 08022405973…Gotv plus 1800 ,we mistakenly paid on this account 2009408558, please, do something about ,please we ask for a pay back into d normal account….

    1. Hello Adebayo,
      Kindly visit the nearest DSTV/GOTV office with your proof of payment for rectification.

  599. Sagar

    Please contact us back as soon as possible, i am trying to reach you people since last 4-5 hrs but i am unable to reach. We are running a hotel i name of Calabar Harbour Resort and Spa , my all channels went off nothing is working payment is already done, this problem we face many times before also, please do the needful my all room guest are complaining ,, you people have a very very poor service, please contact me on or 08170030305

  600. Must yah ya ayodeji

    Paid for my dstv through quick teller for the past two days and I an still having E16-4 error
    My smart card number is 42523336090

    1. Hello Ayodeji,
      Kindly find all you need to know in this post:

  601. tricia

    Please I have a complaint and I have been trying to send a message to dstv but no reply, my dstv isn’t working since last night, please why and how do you people sort it out? Tnxs

    1. Hello Tricia,
      What exactly is the issue with your Dstv?
      Did you recharge and it was not activated or it just stopped working?
      Is it showing any error message?

  602. Abbie

    Hi, I’m hoping I get a response cos I’ve seen several comments without same. How can I correct the Name on my DSTV account. The name I submitted was totally murdered and I don’t know who they think would bear such names as they gave me. Kindly assist. Thanks.

    1. Hello Abbie,
      Kindly visit the nearest Dstv office to rectify the error.

  603. I paid 1800 for access bouquet yesterday and it still is yet to be activated. sent RA numb to 30333 and then RESET numb to 30333 with no response. my smart card number is 42719112056. Thanks.

    1. Enokie

      please where is the costomer care centre, is like is costomer afriad centre, the way am seeing things now dstv they are just here to chop our money,what kind of service is that, time to disconnect 12am they wont waiste time to do that, for them to deliver is APC and PDP fight all day long, please if you cant handle the online thing, dont force your costomers in doing what could cause problem to your them, since yesterday i made payment i cant watch anything please doing something (4129210096)

  604. Olaitan Rasheed Abiodun

    Poor service and illegal disconnection by multi bouquets is collective acc which am using for business but your company with their poor service has made me to hate them.DSTV is only extorting us in Nigeria because of monopoly you a