Top 10 Best Football Prediction Sites For Sure Winning


Football prediction in Nigeria and the world at large has come to stay, some say it is out of luck and believe firmly in it while others are of the opinion that it is meant for irresponsible people, in my opinion, in this current dispensation, football prediction cuts across all ages, many now see it as an easy means of getting quick riches It is normal to read all the sports news and information about teams and soccer events happening across the leagues of each country. Most times these betting and prediction sites have correct information waiting for you if you know how to tap into them, but many have not really explored on the top 10 football prediction sites for sure winning, rather they act based on their emotions, instincts or intuition.


Congratulations to anyone that stumbles on this useful piece of information, take your time to read every detail by taking it one step at a time.

Why Need a Football Prediction Website?

  1. You need to be well informed before you predict any game. For example, you think that a team is a weak team when they are up against a strong team but after going to find out current information and form of the higher team then check their history and head to head.  These are the kind of information that prediction sites give you.
  2. These websites are also free to use so you do not need to pay any amount for this information. Although as a caution, you need to be aware that the information is not always 100% correct but it’s correct to a large extent.
  3. You will make better football/soccer predictions and bets placement.

The above reasons are some of the reasons why you should use a prediction website.

Top 10 Best Football Prediction Sites For Sure Winning

The Top 10 Best Football Prediction Sites listed here are not in any particular order. Some of them are very popular whereas others are also good so here is the list.

Top 10 Best Football Prediction Sites For Sure Winning

1. Predictz 

Talking about match predictions, predictz is also a good and trusted site for your match predictions, at Preditz, you will be able to see so many games and their predictions arranged appropriately. PredictZ provides free football tips and predictions, free analysis, football form and statistics, the latest results and league tables and much more.You can check out their website to see current events and latest information on your favorite team.

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2. BetShoot

This website predicts matches daily and it’s a personal favorite of many persons I know. Their predictions works just fine 90% of the time. When betting on this site, you might be forced or tempted to bet more as most games are usually predicted correctly, I would advice you apply modesty when betting so as not to get your fingers burnt.

3. Soccerpunter

This is also one of the best football prediction sites you can count on. Though similar to the prediction site listed above, you will find sports news and statistics of teams playing each day. You can visit the website and start betting. You can win big cash here too. I actually have a friend who is an addict in betting, he has made a fortune from it and I remember he always talked so fondly about soccer punter as one of his best prediction sites for football and other games.

4. Forebet

Hook up on this website. Arguably one of the best football prediction sites you can bank on. Visit their website as they also give very valuable and on time information on any team you wish to predict their match.

5. Statarea

This site shows you the most recent games and their current statistics, which engages each punter and helps you make a better decision. As we all know, timely information is what wins war, therefore, armed with these good statistics your chances of getting a very good prediction is very high.

6. Zulubet

This football prediction site may not be as popular as the others but trust me, it is a top site real punters do their predictions. When you arrive at the site, you will notice that there are games you may predict on and also find latest information on them.

7. Soccer Vista

Most punter knows this website as its visited by thousands monthly. Soccer vista is a very good prediction site with detailed statistics on previous results between 2 teams. This website provides predictions for English premier league, Allsvenka which is the Swedish, Tippeligaen which falls under the Norwegian league, Argentina premier division, Serie A, Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga.

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8. Futbol24

This site covers one of the fastest football live results round the globe! Check out our live scores, follow the fixtures, and compare team statistics and much more. You will be able to see full live scores of various matches, current statistics of each team and whole lots of other relevant information for your satisfaction.

9. WinDrawWin

Win draw win is without doubt one of the most popular soccer prediction sites in the world at large. This gives football predictions and statistics from over 140 leagues in the world from various divisions. They give over 20,000 predictions every year. They have good stats punters make use of when predicting games. Here I can assure you that you are definitely on the right path to winning big. Though I would advice you don’t throw caution in the wind.

10. Adibet

Also a good prediction site giving free soccer predictions. The articles found on are also worth a try, just as a punter, you may use these websites to your advantage. I have listed the top 10 best football prediction Sites and sure winning strategies. Now you know where to get the latest sports statistics and prediction news on any game. You may add any prediction website I may have omitted below using the comment box.

Remember the sites are not 100% correct, but I can guarantee you a 90 to 95% chance of winning should you use any of the prediction sites listed above.

Another rule is the Modesty rule, It is only wise to apply modesty in all we do in life, which also applies in betting games after getting your predictions as this minimizes any risk of losing huge chunk of your money completely.





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