Best Stadium in Nigeria

Best Stadium in Nigeria

Nigeria has a number of stadiums, but Abuja National Stadium stands a head taller than virtually all of them. In terms of beauty, it is top class. In terms of equipment, it is a leading stadium.  It is not surprising it is among the most expensive stadiums in Nigeria. According to FIFA ranking, this is the most beautiful stadium in Nigeria.


The Abuja National Stadium costs the nation $360 million to build. It was declared open in 2000 by President Olusegun Obasanjo.  The first sporting event held in the stadium is the All African Games that took place in the year 2000.  The stadium has a total sitting capacity of 60,491. It also has viewing area and presidential suite.

The field is covered with grass turf that is well maintained.  It also has 2 electronic scoreboards on each end of the big football field. Floodlights always keep the place lit during the night. The stadium equally has a well-equipped medical facility.  It equally has 2 standby ambulances.

Crowd control steel fencing helps to keep the crowd under check from surging into the field of play.  There are six exits from the stadium and each of the exits has emergency services.  The public park has 4000 capacity; this means up to 4000 vehicles can park in the space at once.  Additionally, there are 400 parking spaces for VIPs.

Security here is also top notch.  All day long, policemen are always on guard.  The Close Circuit Security Cameras (CCTV) installed at the stadium also keeps the place under watch all day and all night.

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