How to Delete Sportybet Account in Nigeria 

You may want to delete your Sportybet account as an effort to stop gambling because you’ve been losing so much money than you win, or it might be that your account has been compromised. Whatever the reason you may have to want to close your Sportybet account, we’ll be providing a step-by-step guide to help you delete your account on Sportybet. Read on to learn of the various methods to delete your Sportybet account in Nigeria. 

How to Delete Sportybet Account in Nigeria 

How to delete Sportybet account in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • What to Know About Deleting Your Account on Sportybet 

Unlike other online betting platforms, Sportybet does not allow its users to delete their accounts independently. What this means is that you will have to contact the customer support department of Sportybet to delete your account on Sportybet. There are various avenues you can use to reach out to the Sportybet team so they can assist you with closing your account on Sportybet for good. But before you delete your account with Sportybet, ensure you withdraw your earnings from the account as you may not be able to access the funds after your account has been deleted. As you continue reading, you’ll learn of the various avenues you can use to contact customer support of Sportybet and how to go about it. Read on. 

  • How to Delete Your Sportybet Account by Phone Call

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are several ways to contact the customer support department of Sportybet. One such avenue is to put a call across to them by dialing 07008888888 or 0908899988. When the call connects, you’ll have to introduce yourself and state the reason for calling the customer support department. 

Here’s a template you can use when you call to ask for your Sportybet account to be deleted: “Hello. My name is (your name). I would like you to help me to delete my account with Sportybet because of (the reason for wanting to delete the account). The email address I used to open my account with Sportybet is (your email address). Thanks in advance.”

  • How to Delete Your Sportybet Account by Email 

Another means to contact the customer support department to help you with deleting your account is to send them mail through their verified email address for Nigerian customers. The email address to send your request to is

Below is the procedure to go about emailing the customer service team of Sportybet: 

  • Create a new mail
  • Use ”Request to Delete My Sportybet Account” as the title of the mail
  • In the main section of the mail, write why you want your Sportybet account deleted. Your write-up should be along the lines of, “I would like to delete my Sportybet account and hope that you can help. The email address registered with Sportybet is ‘your email address’ and the name I used to open the account is ‘your name’. Thanks in advance.”
  • Complete the exercise by sending the mail to

Note; it’s advisable to use the exact email you used in creating your Sportybet account to send the mail to so they can confirm that you are who you say you are. 

  • How to Delete Your Sporty Account by Using Social Media 

You can also reach out to the Sportybet team through their social media handles. If you have a Twitter account, you can contact Sportybet by searching for SportyBet Nigeria (@SportyBetNG) and sending them a message requesting that your Sportybet account be deleted and stating the reason you want it deleted. You’ll need to include some account information like the name you registered on Sportybet with, as well as our email address, age, and other related details. Furthermore, you can reach out to the Sportybet team through their verified Facebook handle, as well as their verified handles on other social media platforms. 

  • What are the Reasons for Delete Your Sportybet Account? 

Although online gambling platforms such as Sportybet promise their customers a chance to win by betting on sports events, casinos, dog racing, etc, it’s only a few people that win. That is to say, most gamblers on online gambling platforms lose in the long run. If you discover that gambling on your Sportybet account has caused you to start losing money, you may need to consider closing your account. Deleting your account is a conscious effort if you want to stop losing money on predictions that you’re likely to lose from the get-go. 

 Online gambling can also be addictive in the long run, going from a fun and harmless diversion to an unhealthy obsession with serious consequences. Aside from the possible financial disasters that online gambling can cause, it can also strain your relationship and interfere with your work. Deleting your account now could save you from losing your job, running up huge debts, having mental and health problems, and so much more. 

Another reason you may want to delete your account with Sportybet is if you think it’s been compromised. Deleting your account on Sportybet will make it impossible for any other person to have access to your account. 

  • What Happens After Your Sportybet Account is Successfully Deleted? 

It takes about 48 hours after you’ve made your request via the channels discussed in the article for your account to be deleted. After your account has been deleted on Sportybet, you wouldn’t be able to place bets on the website or through the Sportybet mobile application, however, you can still check live games. If you want to place bets, you’ll need to do so in a land-based Sportybet shop. 

If you want to open another account on Sportybet after you might have successfully deleted the former, you can do just that, but you cannot make use of the email address you used when opening the account you deleted. Thus, you’ll need to use another email address to register a new account on Sportybet. 


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