How to Be a Millionaire in Nigeria


It is a nice idea to be a millionaire. It translates to some level of financial freedom and enables you to get greater percentage of everything you need to make your life interesting and pleasurable. Becoming a millionaire in Nigeria looks more or less like a mission impossible.

How to Be a Millionaire in Nigeria

The economic recession making the round is yet another factor that makes it sound more like an impossible situation. Be that as it may, you can still become a millionaire in Nigeria if you know the right thing to do and if you do them as they should be done.  In this write up, you will be given hints on how to actually become a millionaire in Nigeria.

Never despise small beginning

One of the lessons you must take to heart when making effort to become a millionaire in Nigeria is never to despise the days of small beginning. You should learn to start small and you will grow over time.  You need to be aware that becoming a millionaire legally takes time.

You should be ready to give it time. Be ready to start small. Do not wait till you have millions in savings before you start that business. Start with the little you have now and gradually save to increase your intake.  With consistency, it is a question of time before you actually become a millionaire.

Be innovative

Never do business the same way others are doing it. Add something extra to the way you do your things and you will never regret it. Innovation will make your products stand out from the crowd. It will end up giving you an edge over your competitors. Clients will end up preferring your goods and services better than what your competitors have to offer.

You may modify the way you package your products and the way you present services.  Improve also on the way you relate with your clients and it is a question of time before you make the desired headway.

Cut on spending

Being spendthrift will never make you a millionaire, especially if your source of income is somewhat limited. Proper money management will however enable you become a millionaire before long.  You need to cut on spending. Reduce your spending only to essential things and save the extra.

Never spend money on things you do not need. Never buy things to please others. In addition, do not buy too expensive gifts for people just because you want to please them. This will increase the amount you can afford to save and it will make you a millionaire over time.


Investment is one of the best ways to become a millionaire in Nigeria. Money you keep in the bank can only depreciate. On the other hand, money you invest will appreciate.  Bank owners will lend your money out and they will make it big of the money you save with them.

Instead of allowing them to profit from your sweat, why not invest the money by yourself and profit from such investment? Look around for tenable and reliable investments that can yield a good return periodically and invest in such. However, you must be very careful when choosing the right investment. Ask questions and make sure you understand what you want to venture into. This is in your best interest.

Spend less than you earn

It is important to curb your spending, as discussed earlier. In an effort to reduce spending considerably, make sure you spend less than you earn. If you are earning one thousand naira per day, make sure your expenses are far less than that for each day. This is one of the best ways to become a millionaire in Nigeria.

By saving daily, you are on your way to those highly desired millions.  Spending more than you earn can only lead to financial crisis. Never buy anything beyond your means and you will never get it wrong.

Make money everyday

One of the best ways to become financially free is to save every day. This gives assurance of being able to save so much at the end of the day. Never let a day pass without you making money.  No matter how small, make sure you are making something. Equally, make sure you spend less than what you make. With this, it is a question of time before you become a millionaire. This is possible if you are consistent.


Diversification is yet another way to make money in Nigeria and become a millionaire. It is not safe to have only one source of income. Diversify and invest in other things and you are on your way to making your first million. If you are a salary earner, you should look for a way to add another business to your salary.

If you are into business, try to widen the scope of your business or add an entirely new business to the one you are already doing. With this, you will arrive faster at the port of millionaires.  As hinted earlier, becoming a millionaire in Nigeria or elsewhere is not a day job; it is a gradual process.  Consistency will make it possible to achieve your aim.

Set realistic goals

Becoming a millionaire is a very sweet idea. However, you need to be realistic about your dreams. As hinted earlier, it takes time to save adequately in order to become a millionaire. Give yourself time to choice this goal. Again, it will never happen over night; it can only happen overtime. You may decide to give yourself up to 2 years of consistent investment and saving to achieve this dream.

Make a plan and follow it

Before you can achieve anything meaningful in life, you need to make plans on how to achieve it. Some would say “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. This is very true and those seeking to become millionaires must always keep this in mind. Right from your active days, begin to plan for your retirement and this will make you a millionaire even before you retire.  The earlier you start it the better for you.



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