How Can Nigeria be Industrialized?

Industrialization holds the secret to the development of any country. Nigerian is not yet as industrialized as desired, but the country can actually become as industrialized as any Nigerian would love it to be. Virtually everything being used in Nigeria today is imported and this is not good for the economy.

The most painful aspect is that many of the things being imported in Nigeria can be sourced for locally. Nigeria has the raw material to develop some of these imported items. Even if Nigeria does not have the skill to establish full industrialization, Nigeria can still borrow these skills from those foreign countries that have the skills.

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Certain factors are preventing Nigeria from becoming an industrialized country. For one, there is lack of access to credit facilities in Nigeria.  Many of those that have the skill do not have the money to start off. This has hampered industrialization a great deal

Importation is yet another factor that is killing industrialization in Nigeria. If the government can place restriction on items that can be produced locally, it will make industrialization very easy.

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Though Nigerian artisans and engineers may not be able to produce all the machineries required in Nigeria locally, but they can still produce some and it is a good way to start.

Basic infrastructure needs to be put in place by the government too. If the right infrastructure can be put in place, then Nigeria will be on its path to industrial recovery and this will help put an end to the incessant need for importation of certain items.

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