First Bank Nigeria Customer Care Contact


Businesses know the level of customer loyalty has a lot to do with the performance of their customer care representative. As for customers, it is only when they have issues or complaints that they remember a business actually has a customer care representative.


First Bank Nigeria runs a comprehensive customer care system via the FirstContact platform (launched in 2009) which has since then been digitally optimized to better serve a mobile, fast track audience.


FirstContact runs 24/7 and caters to customers in not only English, but also Pidgin, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. The service also has an Interactive Voice Response feature that guides callers on how to check account balance, make transfers, pay bills and other mobile banking services.

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First Bank Nigeria Customer Care Contact


While FirstContact could be seen as a marketing attempt, it was also setup to satisfy the legal requirements of BSI ISO 10002:2004 – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling in business organisations. So, FirstBank actually owes you a duty of care.


If you’ve been searching the Universe for First Bank Nigeria Customer Care Contact, now, your search ends. We’ll provide you with the correct and updated information on their address, phone number, website and email for easy access via which ever means is convenient for you. This information will especially be valuable for those in diaspora.

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FirstContact (First Bank Nigeria Customer Care Contact):
Samuel Asabia House
35 Marina
P.O. Box 5216,

Phone :
+234 700 34778 2668228
+234 708 062 5000
+234 1 448 5500

SMS Short Code :


firstcontact@firstbanknigeria. com

Online Contact Form:

Social Media:
Twitter: @firstbankngr



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  1. Sijuwade tawakalitu toyin

    Hello I used wema ATM to withdraw on Tuesday 14/05/2019 unfortunately they deducted my money twice this is my account number3045749752 please what can I do thanks

  2. Oluwagbemisola

    pls first bank refund my money or credit my phone I Recharged from my account twice (200+200 on Sunday and today) only for you to deduct without crediting my phone. Account number 3024167674

  3. mary martins zamani

    Money was send to my account since yesterday hv not seeing it till now why

  4. nwafor chioma irene

    someone paid #20000 into my account this morning and up till now i have not seen alert and i have checked my balance time without number i did not see anything please i want u people to do something about it so that i will see it now

  5. Aluko Olajumoke Olayinka Mrs.

    I tried to recharge my line with 1500 airtime but was not going through the first time I tried it again and was successful. My account was debited twice (3000) but my line was credited with only 1500 MTN voucher. Please can you credit back my account with 1500 or you credit my line with 1500 MTN voucher. Expecting to hear from you.please.


    Please, I transferred #1,000 yesterday evening between 7pm to 9pm to ufondu Victor ifeanyi, providus bank it wasn’t successful but I was debited. I then asked him if he got the money he said NNALUE SAMUEL OBIORA


    ten thousand naira was debited from my account since last month through POS 25/3/2019 I lounge complain up till now nothing please do something.i need my money my a/c no is 3099923315 saving account

  8. Adedapo bola omowunmi

    People have been sending money to since Friday, have not being seeing it,to make the matter worse,I sent 50,000 through paga to my account and it showed successful there, haven’t seen it till now,please help.

  9. umegbolu faith ukamaka

    I bought recharge card of 1000 from my first bank account was debit but was not credited on my phone. Umegbolu faith ukamaka

  10. Zakari Rukayya Shuaib

    4000 was debited from my account and dont know d reason and it has not been reversed

  11. Pwafukadi Kane

    Pls I need revarsal of my failed recharge of 500 naira. Acc. No 3029564364′. By QS894;101300001373441079/2347069042095

  12. hamisuabdullahi

    I don’t seeing my balance through phone number plz assist me

  13. Ezeji Happines

    I mistakenly recharge ten thousands instead of one thousand nairanaira pls can you reverse my money back to my account.

    . thanks

  14. Jimoh rasheed

    I want you to activate TPO service for me,so that I can be able to pay bills and pay for online goods through PayPal, verve,MasterCard etc.
    You can send the code to me through my email and phone number,thanks!

  15. Nyiekaa Grace Dooyum

    I don’t understand what is happening at all, most times I do buy card online’ they will debit me but I will receive it. even today the same thing’ I recharge Two hundred,they debited me without recharging it to my account.

  16. Esther Justine Edem

    Pls first bank i bought a recharge card of #500 from my bank account 3 days ago but i didn’t receive it but it was only the recharge card number i saw and i the Debited me, this is the card number 101300001263221520 it was sent to me pls i need the recharge card or return my money back pls thank you.

  17. Rejoice

    This is not fair, I bought airtime of 1000 through my bank account, I was debited but the airtime is not there, you people should refund my money this isn’t funny.

    1. Esther Justine Edem

      Pls first bank i bought a recharge card of #500 from my bank account and i didn’t receive it but the bank Debited me pls what is happening for 3 days now have been waiting for it and I thought it was network problem i need my money or the recharge card the number of the card is 101300001263221520 pls thank you.

  18. Akpodamure happy

    I was debited 300naira today I wanted to used the money to recharge my line but firstbank didn’t credit my account, is it criminals that are working in first bank pls you people should refund my money cus am tired of your criminal act



  20. Woda Esther mbale

    Please i was debited 200 from my account today and was not recharged. Mtn card..please i need refund. 3031228201..this is the second time and it’s not fair..

  21. Woda Esther mbale

    Please i was debited 200 from my account today and i was not recharged. Please first bank try and make is my details 3031228201.

  22. Aluoghor Joel

    good evening my name is Aluoghor Joel i lost my phone and need to change my number to the new one what are the step to take?

  23. Daniels boluwatife

    Pls i you noticed I deduction of 500 on the 12 of December and today I noticed a deduction of 1000.thisvis rubbish after all you call yourselves first Bank when you are actually worse than other Banks

    1. Kehinde Nafisat Moromoke

      Good afternoon pls I want to open a fixed deposit account of 50000 how much will I get at the end of month

  24. Orji Anita

    I recharged my phone twice and was debited yet only one of the two reflected please it is not fair at all let there be an immediate solution to the customer’s issue .
    Thank you very much

  25. Aina Oladele Abiodun

    I transferred #9600 to another first bank account today around 3 17 pm and I got the debit alert but the balance sent to me shows that my account has been debit with another #9600 naira, please kindly refund my #9600 back to my account

  26. Hammed Olabisi R.

    I made #10000 transaction on Saturday,So I was debited and I don’t receive any cash since Saturday around 5:39pm.Through Wema bank ATM withdrawal opp methodist chur Tapa.I tried calling the customer care number,they are wasting my airtime


    i recharged my siater’s mtn 07031032673
    with #500, throgh my first bank acct 3029966858, the account was debited with #500 but the mtn account was not credited with air time neither was the money returned to my bank account, it happened on November 30th , 2018. PLS, IGNORE MY PREVIOUS MESSAGE


    i recharged my siater’s mtn 07031032673
    with #500, throgh my first bank acct 3029966858, the account was debited with #500 but the mtn account was not credited with air time neither was the money returned to my bank account, it happened on November 30th , 2018

  29. Beatrice Asuelimen

    Am Beatrice Asuelimen a shares holder in first bank in 2007 sells but I have lost my contacts of certificate since 2012.


    I recharged 4500 worth of MTN credit from my first bank current account number : 2023313831 on November 1st and 100 today 3rd November, 2018 also. Ever since then,4600 naira has been deducted from my account and neither credit nor refund of my money has been made. AM BECOMING FRUSTRATED WITH THIS KIND OF SERVICE! Pls do something urgently!!!


    I recharged 4500 worth of MTN credit from my first bank current account number : 2023313831 on November 1st and 100 today 3rd November, 2018 also. Ever since then,4600 naira has been deducted from my account and neither credit nor refund of my money has been made. AM BECOMING FRUSTRATED WITH THIS KIND OF SERVICE! Pls do something urgently!

  32. Emmanuel Kenny

    Anytime I recharge I will not see card and you will debit me one just happened this night 18-10-2018 this is act is not good for the image of first bank

  33. Maryam Zali

    I applied for change of mobile number for d past one week ad nothing was done about it, I went back twice ad till now nothing has been done. The firstbank branch I went to was in Maraba Masarawa

  34. Etim sandra

    I wanted to collect 3000 naira from first bank account agbara branch, the money was debited from the account but I didn’t receive the money cash…pls rectify this. it happened on Saturday

    1. Bello Faidat Olabisi

      I made a transaction through pos in which the transaction was declined I later noticed that money has been deducted from my account since yesterday please rectify in earnest

  35. Ikotun Phoebean O.

    I was in one of ATM boot to make withdrawals on 24/07/18, I was debited with #30,000 which i did not withdraw,it is more than 72hours now,can somebody help rectify it,i have been to the same branch to lodged complaints and i was told it will be rectify,24hours after nothing has been done

  36. Halilu Aminu

    Gud day pls I had a serious problem wit my account.. there is a day I was not around someone call and my friend pick..thena say to him to send that ATM long number and send to them,unfortunate them debit my money #4000 and even today is the same pls help me and check to me

  37. Olowookere tolulope Elizabeth

    Hello good evening I’m Olowookere tolulope Elizabeth please solve this problem on my account, I got to the bank to wildraw money and they told me my account has been dormant and I feel a form last Monday in the hope when I get to the bank today the problem would have been solve but not yet solve kindly help me with this because I’m in need of my money, my account number 3074131195

  38. Ukadike Emeka

    Gud morning I try to transfer money from first bank to another account. they will only tell me account being created, for the past 5days

  39. Akilapa Omowunmi Adekemi

    good evening .pls I try to withdraw from Pos from first bank agent at ijebu Igbo Ogun state I was debit twice I send an email which I got d respond that the issue will be rectify by today but my money is yet to be reverse

  40. Susanto Stefan Badhon Hasdak


  41. Madu Colman Chidi

    Good morning, I used my access Bank atm card on your first bank atm at Mbaise branch around 4.16pm yesterday they Debited of 40,000. I am yet to receive the revised credit. Colman Madu.

  42. Ogunleye Augustine Taiwo

    I made use of ATM today at Zenith Bank Osogbo at 7.17 p.m (ATM 7,Oke-Fia) to withdraw #9,500.It debited me without paying me.Kindly help me resolve the issue on time as nothing on me at all.Thanks.

  43. Bala Ali Baba

    I just receive an SMS that my account,ATM is locked due to date of birth change.
    My birth day as far BVN registration is 18/01/1966.Account no is ******9910
    Please make the necessary rectification.Thank you.

  44. Chiemeka Nestor

    ATM here in Kenya debited my account without paying me yesterday being Sunday on my First bank master card. My account name is Chiemeka Nestor Chibueze and number is 3027469881.
    Please kindly assist me for the cash to be reversed back into my account,
    Waiting in anticipation,Thank you

  45. Okai Godwin

    I transferred money with firstbank shortcode, the transfer didn’t go but I was debited. the first one was firstbank(10000) and second one access bank(5000)

  46. kassam

    i was to order a suit on but the transaction was not successful, to my dismay the account was debited. i placed a complain in the bank nearest to me, i was assured of the reversal within 24 hours but this has been two weeks and nothing has been done. my plans are almost shattered by this lopsided service.

  47. Jeje Jameson oluwole

    Good evening, Your officials promised that my account will be activated three times now after meeting all the requirements as per VBN. Wahala.I believe that an organisation like yours should be an epitome of sincerity and integrity.Till now l do not have access to the account. It is ……

    1. Dada jibir

      I bought recharge card on 3rd may 2019 twice worth #200 each but i wasnt credited on my mtn line. Today being 15th may i tried again same thing happened today i was debited but wasnt credited on my line.

  48. Venerable Cyril C. B.Okorie

    Forthe past 5months, I have not been receiving your sms alert on my phone.I have filled all necessary forms at your Nkwerre branchfor the past one month. Pls what is wrong because I am not happy. My A/C no:3001391777.Thanks. Venerable Cyril C.B. Okorie. Please Answer me

  49. Venerable Cyril C. B.Okorie

    Forthe past 5months, I have not been receiving your sms alert on my phone.I have filled all necessary forms at your Nkwerre branchfor the past one month. Pls what is wrong because I am not happy. My A/C no:3001391777.Thanks. Venerable Cyril C.B. Okorie

  50. Adubi Christiana Alake

    Good day, please i went to an POS belonging to Access bank to make a withdraw of Twenty thousand (20,000.00) from my First bank account number 3027549622. the POS didnt pay me but i was debited,at about some minute after 1pm today being 27th February 2018. the trasaction took place at Sabogidda-Ora Owan West L.G.A of Edo State, please kindly use your good office to revers the money back to my account
    Thank you in anticipation

  51. Akanmu Oluseyi Emmanuel

    I made a transfer of #1,200.00 to a GTBank account on the 4th of February 2018 via mobile short code quick teller and I was debited twice while the person I sent the money to claimed she only got credited once. I went to your branch on the 14th of February 2018 to to report and they gave me a formal to fill which I did and later that day, a complaint ID CAS-1675208-K1F0L4 was sent to me with a promise that the issue would be resolved on or before 19th of February 2018 but till this moment nothing has been done.

    My account number is 3028123054.please I need this to be resolved as soon as possible.

  52. adu abiodun

    someone send #7000 into my account.but i have not seen any alert or message since then please help me confirm it.




  54. Azeez Ridwan

    i deposit #5000 on 28th of Dec 2017 but i didn’t see alert.


    Please,am doubting if,someone has peeped to get my atm pin. Please,what are the procedures to change my pin?

  56. Bakare Rukayat Titilope

    I transferred money to one Victor ojeanelo,on d 15th of dis month bt he is claiming nt to receive alert frm first bank,pls kindly help me check if he got d money or not,so u can revert it to my acct.

  57. Igwe favour Nnenda

    pls I tried to withdraw 30k on the 23rd of December… I was debited but I did not receive any money…. I was told to wait for 3 working days… I have waited but I still haven’t received the money pls help me verify this thank you…

  58. Onyekwelu Vannessa Chinwa

    I bought a whole #2000 card since the 23rd of December. The money has been deducted but no card. I’ve been calling customer care service since yesterday and no one has spoken to me. Please, I need a refund. My account number is 3054134422
    I’m already tired of this online banking stuff?

  59. temitayo

    Hello am temitayo money was transferred to me from accessbank and the money was successfully transferred from access but wasn’t credited into my account and I have sent all necessary details to firstcontact email but no response since 3days ago and I call the customer care they said I should send all details to first contact email

  60. I need my statement of account. Pls how could I get it urgently without going to any firstbank

    1. Just call the customer service number. They should send it to you.

  61. abbah yakubu

    Sir, i access a loan in fist bank precisely November 2014,3years Span. i av religiously been remitting my loan repayment but Nov this year 2017 i completed my loan, but was still Surprised my account is still on debit of over 10,000.00#. I intend to access another loan but am still completely hesitant because of the present unresolved issue.Please i seek for clarification.
    This details may help to foster investigation. Abbah Yakubu Ali, 2012917778 A/no.
    Thanks, as i waited for your urgent response.

  62. Ukpebor Blessing Monday

    Pls I dnt remember my acc number pls can you help me with it

  63. Bayode morenike Elizabeth

    I’ve been trying to make use of my ATM card to pay online but instead of the token no to be sent to me, it was sent to another number which I don’t know. Even till now I can’t still use it to pay online. Please I want this to be rectified. Thanks

  64. Bayode morenike Elizabeth

    I was trying to make use of my atm to pay for a good online, instead of the token no to be sent to the mobile number linked to my account, it was sent to another number which I don’t know. Till now I can’t still use it to pay online. Please I want this to be rectified. Thanks

  65. momoh justina ife

    Pls i have problem with my ATM card .the FCMB ATM machine debit. me 10.000k today my account no is 3064648656

  66. Ephraim Dunuba

    pls sir/mah
    i have problem with my mobile App is there anything you can do to resolve my issue?. is asking me to put in my OTP Digit and you are not sending it to me why and i have been using it all this while, i will be greatful if am consider thanks.

  67. uchenna uzoma

    im a new account holder with ur bank.i want to register with first bank as a vendor and service company zenco wants to be a service provider to you in vehicle maintenance.pls let me know the platform for vendors registration.tx.uzoma

  68. Jonathan Dadiya Yazu

    Please I credited the account of Sulei Walter Sagada with the sum of 5000 naira on Saturday 11/11/2017, upstill now,the has not been posted to the account, and my account has been debited since on Saturday, please reply is being required very urgent

  69. Ginikachi treasure umegwuagu

    Please I did a transfer to a uba account and it did not say successful and I tried again and it said Same thing but successful then I checked my account the debit me but didn’t get a message showing I was debited then later in few hours I got a message that I was debited but the person said she didn’t see any alert and it has not been reverse please I need help


    Good evening First Bank,

    My Name AGOHA GODSON NNADOZIE, please I tried to Recharge #1,000 to my MTN Number from my First Bank Account, and the #1,000 was deducted from my Account, yet I didn’t received the 11,000 to my MTN Number.

    These is the Message Debited Alert I received regarding my Complain:

    YOUR ACCT: 306XXXX181 HAS BEEN DEBITED WITH NGN1,000.00 ON 06-NOV-2017 19:54:14 BY AIRTIME/109425373831/MTN.

    Please assist me and make it go through.

    MY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3964874181

  71. Okroro Stephen

    IF I PAY IN I ALWAYS CONFIRM WITH THIS EMAIL Id please check and confirm please because i want to be receiving email confirmation anytime i pay in and every months email from the first bank,

  72. Okroro Stephen

    Good morning my name is okoror tony base in India my brother open account in first bank Which Okror Stephen with my email for the pass 3months no any email from the first bank i pay in no confirmation that the money i pay in is there pls kindly check and this is my email,id so Pls i want to be receiving email anytime i pay in and every months pls,

  73. chukwuagozie Eunice onyi

    pls kindly recharge my line from d deductions u made from my account yesterday

  74. chukwuagozie Eunice onyi

    I recharged my 9mobile line through my bank account. The deductions has been made but d airtime has not surfaced

  75. chukwuagozie Eunice onyi

    Pls I bought #500 worth of recharge card via my account. The deduction has been made but d airtime has not reflected on my phone

  76. Igwe sunday charles

    I was debited #20000 on on friday 6th october, 2017.
    please refund me the money.

  77. muhammad usman maiturare

    I buy airtem 1700 buth you take 2100 out of my accoun

  78. muhammad usman maiturare

    I buy airtem buth you over charge my account I buy 1700 buth you take 2100 from my account

  79. Onyemaechi Emilia aforerinwa

    Someone paid into my account the sum of 26,000.00 on the 17/8/2017 and I went to make a withdrawal of that same money in the evening of that same day from a UBA machine close to me at ykc junction in prtharcour. when I inserted my card I made a request of 10,000.00 which was paid to me, I tried again to get the second 10,000.00 out it brought out insufficient fund, I tried the second time it brought out “out of service” but debitted me.when I complained that the machine did not pay me but debitted they said it will reverse it later I then left the machine and I couldn’t withdraw the remaining 16,000.00. The next day being Friday the 18/8/2017 I checked my balance it was not reversed I went to ur branch at ykc junction which is close to me and lorgded a complain to ur customer care representative by name Mr David, he advised I should wait for 24 hrs since it happened the previous day and at night, I then withdraw the 6,000.00 that was left in there at the bank. I went home thinking something could be done. The next day was a Saturday and sunday there was no work but on Monday I was the first person to be attended to in that same branch where I was asked to fill a form and wait for 7-14 working days, on Wednesday being the 23/8/2017 I was there again but he told me that the head office have not replied him, he will send a reminder to them concerning the issue. I travelled out of portharcourt and send one of my daughters to go to first bank and confirm if the money has been reversed but she called me and said nothing has been done. Now am back to my base went to the bank on Friday being 8/9/2017 and I am hearing another story, pls u have ur net work and how to track ur things,the machine never paid me any money and I am not stupid that the machine will pay me and I keep stressing myself and transport coming to ask for this.unless one of ur staffs has made away with the money and he/she is trying to be smart. Pls use ur good office in making sure that the truth is established. I am seriously waiting for a favourable answer on this and count on ur impeccable ability to finding a solution to this.

  80. Olubiyi Oluwafemi Emmanuel

    I recharged 950 from my account and my phone has not been credited and the money is yet to be reversed to my account

  81. Ernest Glory

    people do complaine of dis but I Neva believed it. I bought card of 200, 100 twice. And u deducted my money. but no card. u knw aw to deduct money, buh u don’t knw aw to send card. hiss…

  82. wusu Joseph selomen

    Lovely bad this

  83. wusu Joseph selomen

    I have been loading card and the money I’d not entered but my account is be decte

  84. wusu Joseph selomen

    I have been loading card and the money I’d not entered but my account is been deducted. the phone numbers didn’t get . please I’m begging you please reverse it sir.

  85. hashimu abubakar

    I buy a recharge card from my account,you deducted my account but I didt see it

  86. Margaret Olufunmilayo Odushola

    I have not been receiving alert on transaction on my current account. I complained and was given a form to fill with my e- mail address also filled on the form. I still don’t receive alert and the worst thing is that I cannot even check the balance of the account or make any transfer from the account using *894* again

  87. Aliyu lawal

    please can you help me to sort out my problems

  88. Aderinboye Samuel

    Am unable to make transaction on my firstmobile and am not in the country which makes it very difficult for me visit the bank branch for complain

  89. Igbadi Paul Ogoh

    Please, i want to see my full name as shown on my bvn, and my account no; is 3042728664

  90. adekunle

    i dont remember my bvn number how can i get it on phone

  91. Adeniran Bolanle

    My brother is trying to send me money from the USA by western union to my account it we cancelled why

  92. Oyelowo amos oyejobi

    I have lost my account number
    my name is Oyelowo amos oyejobi
    my number 08140913040

  93. Nkeiruka Felicitas Okafor

    Pls i having problems with my card

  94. abass saliu

    pls my loan is due this month with 1980 to be removed but 12400 was sent instead. pls check. my account is 2020218746

  95. abass saliu

    am Mr abass abiodun saliu . pls my loan is due thin month remain 1980 to be removed but alert was sent for 12400 . pls check.a/c no. 2020218746. Oshogbo branch

  96. Nnaemeka Hillary

    how can I get my account back

  97. Kolade Oluwaseun John

    How much is the minimum amount and the maximum amount for a student account…

  98. omolara silifat Oyedeji

    Hi,I would like to know if my 2 request can be granted.some years back I bought shares with first bank and travelled Although I have the a copy of certificate with me.2ndly I do bank with first bank and I wish to know if I can reopen my account in other to continue running it.thank u.

  99. amuh Terkimbi

    I made a transaction yesterday from fcmb ATM. I was to transfer #25,000 to an Eco bank acct no 4271017551 n made a mistake of last digit. I still dnt kn hw comes d transaction was successful.

    1. amuh Terkimbi


    2. It was successful because the account number exist.
      Kindly visit the nearest First Bank branch to fill a complaint form.

  100. Adigun Ganiyat Abiola

    please answer me

  101. Adigun Ganiyat Abiola

    I bought recharge card of #300 but I did not see the card and you have deduct my money from my account

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