First Bank Customer Care Service: Contact Details

First Bank of Nigeria also known as First Bank is one of the major banks in Nigeria

In this post, you’ll discover the contact details of First Bank Customer Care Service. But first, let’s have a quick look at the profile of the bank.

First Bank Customer Care Service

First Bank Customer Care Service: Contact Details

First Bank is said to be the biggest bank in Nigeria by total deposits and gross earnings. Currently, the bank operates a network of over 750 business locations across Africa and the United Kingdom. There are also representative offices in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, and Johannesburg.

The history of the bank can be traced to 1894 when it was founded. First Bank is the oldest bank in Nigeria. At that time, the bank was known as the Bank of British West Africa and it served the British shipping and trading agencies in Nigeria.

The founder of First Bank, Alfred Lewis Jones, was a shipping magnate who originally had a monopoly on importing silver currency into West Africa through his Elder Dempster shipping company.

After Nigeria’s independence in 1960, the Bank began to extend more credit to indigenous Nigerians. At the same time, citizens began to trust British banks since there was an ‘independent’ financial control mechanism and more citizens began to patronize the new Bank of West Africa.

In 1965, Standard Bank acquired the Bank of West Africa and it became the Standard Bank of West Africa. In 1969, Standard Bank of West Africa incorporated its Nigerian operations under the name Standard Bank of Nigeria. It later became First Bank of Nigeria Limited in 1979. And in 1991 the Bank changed its name again to First Bank of Nigeria Plc following listing on The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

In 2012, the Bank changed its name again to First Bank of Nigeria Limited as part of a restructuring resulting in FBN Holdings Plc (“FBNHoldings”), having detached its commercial business from other businesses in the FirstBank Group, in line with the requirements of the Central Bank of Nigeria. FirstBank had 1.3 million shareholders globally, was quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), where it was one of the most capitalized companies and also had an unlisted Global Depository Receipt (GDR) programme, all of which were transferred to its Holding Company, FBN Holdings in December 2012.

First Bank specializes in retail banking and has the largest retail client base in Nigeria. In 2015, the Bank won the award of Best Retail Bank in Nigeria award for the fifth consecutive year during the Asian Banker Award. Other awards include being named “Most Innovative Bank in Africa” in the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards 2014.

In Nigeria, First Bank employs over 7000 staff and has an active customer base of over 10 million. The bank operates along four key Strategic Business Units (SBUs) – Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, and Public Sector Banking.

As of December 2015, First Bank had assets totaling NGN3.9 trillion ($12.2B according to 2017 exchange rates).

Below is the address and contact details of First Bank.

First Bank of Nigeria Ltd

Head Office Address

Samuel Asabia House

35 Marina

P.O. Box 5216,





Tel: +234 700 FIRSTCONTACT (+234 700 34778 2668228)

Tel: +234 708 062 5000


Tel: +234 1 448 5500

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  1. Good afternoon, I tried to recharge my MTN line via USSD ( your bank code *894#, 0n the 29th of sept. 2021. My account was debited (#500 ), with this reference no: QS894:101300005704756801/234136679515. but has not been credited, please resolve as appropriate.


  2. I am first bank customer , after my withdrawal in ATM my card could come out, that was weekend I pleaded with the security to help me get back my card from bank he said no but b/c it was my bank and branch I open my account I left and my card stayed with bank for four days after getting it back my last #100000t that was kept for my children school fees was taken without alert, no charge, I don’t believe that first bank could do something like this to me, I I apply for the footage the delay it for a long that lagos had never given them reply they were telling me come today come tomorrow but when i. disturbed them much, they brought out one black and White picture of a man that his face was not clear and shown to me that he was the person that took my money, pls this type of a thing will tarnish the image of first they that the problem was from them then they covered it up now where do I get money for my children school I thought I was safe with first bank

  3. Pls I transferred money to someone’s account and the debited me, since on 21/9/2021 till today de person has not received alert, they person is using Eco bank, pls I need help to reverse de money back

    • Good afternoon sir/man please I want my account to be verified to know if its for me to put money because someone was sending messages that I don’t understand

  4. My name is Mfon Edet Essang. I was sent the text below to me 3 day ago concerning personal loans through my salary account. When I tried getting the loan, I was denied. Please, what is going on?

  5. I, Abioye Abigail Kofoworola, unable to use First Bank Application for the past 3 days now. As at this morning, it says an error was occurred, try again later. What happened?

  6. Good afternoon, I wanted to recharge my MTN line via USSD ( your bank code *894#, my account was debited (#300 ), with this reference no: QS894:101300004230404574/2349067736929. but by was not credited, please resolve as appropriate.


  7. My name is Ladi Akoh . First Bank Customer with Savings Account No: 3052846633.which was debited with the sum of N20,250 .00 through POS(TRAN-PAYCOM NIGERIA withdrawal with my ATM in Kaduna State on July 28,2020. at 11.35 am which was declined
    I filled your forms twice through Kakuri Branch Office Kaduna State and no response. I therefore want to use this medium to plead with First Bank Management to return my N20,250.00 to cushion the effects of hard times

  8. Please i was fraud due to internet on line trading from opay to briticon and i sent money to d guy access account number udoko clement which i transfer from my first bank account. I want to reverse my money back

  9. There are some transaction from access bank to my account which i did not see the alert but has been transfer successful from the Depositor. And firstbank is charging me on neccessary.
    I need to know what, how they are charging me, so i will add it sale. Am a data seller which i don’t expect them to charge everytime little amount is transfer to my account.

  10. My ATM was seized by sterling bank ATM in Ogudu GRA area close to “The Place”today Sunday 17th November, 2019/What can I do about it I’m traveling back to Onitsha tomorrow.

  11. Goodmorninh sir/madam am sup Barma Ibrahim of federal fire service also a newly recruited into the service my salary was hijacked since last week up to now I haven’t seen it an my pension account has credited me since where by I reported to federal mininstry of finance IPPIS department that my salary was release hence I saw my pension deduction. so plx i want to use this medium to lay my complaint to the authority at the position. thanks.

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