Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited has its base in Lagos, Nigeria.  The company is actually set up as a Joint Venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Total Petroleum Company.

Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited: Important Details

The company is involved with oil and gas exploration and production in Nigeria.  The company equally operates Oil Mining Leases (OML) as well as Oil Prospecting Licenses (OPL).

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The company is located at 35, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.  Their telephone number is 084236310. The company however changed its name from Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited to Total E&P Nigeria Limited.

The change of name occurs after it was approved by the federal government of Nigeria along with their Joint Venture Partners. The purpose of the change of name is to make the company conform with its brand and image on the global scale.

The change of name was equally accompanied by change of the company’s logo.  They are the ones presently operating the NNPC/TEPNG Joint Venture.  This change of name means that every official document and publication of the company that are yet to be printed will bear the new name and new logo adopted by the company.

Their website is located at www.ng.total.com. The company opens from 8 am till 5pm from Monday to Friday. The company does offer various forms of aids to Nigerians in different aspects.

For one, they give scholarships to Nigerians to study in higher institutions. They however limited the scholarship opportunities to academically outstanding secondary school leavers and such scholarships are limited to first year students.


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