CAC Office in Lagos: Address and Direction

CAC stands for Corporate Affairs Commission and it is the government body responsible for registering new companies in Nigeria. If you want to set up a new company, you need to first register the company with the CAC for such a company to be recognized legally in Nigeria.


CAC’s office in Lagos

In times past, CAC office in Lagos was located at Yaba in Lagos. They have now moved to Lagos Island. Their office at Yaba was located at 17, Aje Street, Yaba, Lagos. Their new office on Lagos Island is now located at 18/20, Catholic Mission Street, Opposite City Hall, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. They moved to this new address several months ago, April 2016 to be precise.

If you have been looking around for their specific address in Lagos, you now have it. If you want to register a new business, you will have to do part of the registration online and the rest can be done offline at the CAC office on the Island.  After carrying out the online registration, you will need to print out the business name and the registration form and bring them for submission at the office of CAC on Lagos Island.

Once you submit the printed documents at their office, CAC will then process your submission and issue you with the Corporate Certificate. Some months ago, registration of new business cost about N10,000. However, things might have changed today and you will have to confirm that from CAC before carrying out the online registration.

Before submitting the form, you will need to attach two passport photographs. You can get helpful information from their website on

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