Brittania-U Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Brittania-U Nigeria Limited is an indigenous company and it has global reach.  They are pioneering the new energy solution in Nigeria and Africa.  They are equally making global impact through their various operations.

Brittania-U Nigeria Limited:  Important Details

Brittania-U Nigeria Limited is involved in oil exploration and production. They are also involved in drilling and oil services. Additionally, they are involved in engineering and consultancy. They deliver energy via the above mentioned routes. Working and using forklift repairs in case their machinery is not working properly.

Brittania-U Nigeria Limited has been impacting the Nigerian community with its various development programs.  For one, they provide scholarships to indigent and academically outstanding students in Nigeria. They are involved also in many community development programs.

They carry out these programs in agreement with their Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy; the company believe that individuals are a drop of water each but they can all come together to form an ocean.

They are involved in investing in the stability, prosperity and livelihood of the community where they operate. They have very good understanding of the community where they carry out their services. They are therefore able to respond to the expectations, aspirations and needs of these communities better than many other energy companies.

Since 2009, Brittania-U Nigeria Limited has been involved in pursuing policy of financial assistance to their hoist community, the Ogulagha Community.  They fund several projects, like youth empowerment for forklift and forklift scales operation, marine diving, training in welding and lots more. It is your duty, as an employer, to provide forklift training to your employees and there’s nothing much better way to forklift training from the best in the business.

They are equally involved in housing scheme for the elderly.  Additionally, they fund several Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME).  They equally provide oilfield skills training to many Nigerians.


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