Best Hotels in Maryland Lagos

Maryland is one of the most popular areas in Lagos state.  It has quite a number of entertainment spots that are sure to keep you glued.  If the truth must be told, some of the best hotels in Lagos State can be found in Maryland.


In this write-up, you will learn about some of these very popular hotels. We are going to look into the best hotels established in this part of Lagos state.

Mississippi Hotel

This is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Maryland Lagos. It is located at 2, Sunmola Street, Mende- Maryland. Initially, you could lodge at the hotel for N7,500 per night. The management has however reduced the price to N7,000 to make things more affordable for lodgers.

The hotel is very big and its location assures lodgers of safety.  It has all the touches of modernity around it. The parking space is also large enough to accommodate lodgers’ vehicles.

You will find their rooms to be among the most affordable around.  Two types of rooms are available for lodgers to select from; the rooms are Standard and Executive.  The restaurant and bar are always open.

Arcadian Garden Hotel

This is yet another top class hotel in Maryland Lagos. The hotel is located at 5, Tinubu road, Palm Groove Estate, Maryland, Lagos.   The hotel is elegant in all sense of the word.  It is also comfortable and it is more or less home away from home.

The premises are kept clean and inviting. The staff members are well trained too and they are highly professional.  The rooms are in top condition and everything in them is highly functional.  The rooms are fully air-conditioned and the in-room amenities are modern.

The parking space is big enough to serve their lodgers and the cars you park there are secured.  Rooms of various sizes are available for the customer to choose from. Single room is N5000. Standard room is N6,600. Double room on the other hand is N7,700.

Maxton Suites

The hotel is located at 50, Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos. One room cost N9,000 per night; it as recently brought down from N15,0000 by the hotel’s management.  It is one of the best hotels to patronize in Maryland, Lagos.

This is one hotel that will put smile on your face.  The hotel is unique in all sense of the word.  The building is delightful to behold and the environment is highly comfortable. The amenities are ultramodern and you are sure to love them.

The hotel is beautiful to behold and it is full of life 24 hours of the day. The restaurants serve great meals and they make everything easy and comfortable for the lodger. Standard room costs N9,000 per night, while Deluxe room costs N15,000 per night.

Plant One Hospitality Hotel

They are located at 5, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Lagos.  Vision of the hotel management is to become the premier hospitality solution company in Africa.  They also want to be the topmost provider of comfort and happiness to lodgers.

The hotel is standard enough for all varieties of lodgers, be it corporate executives, international visitors or individuals. Good attention was paid to details while designing the hotel and same measure of attention is being paid to details when they serve their clients.

If you are seeking for top level luxury, this is the hotel you should patronize. The hotel offers 4 levels of luxury rooms and suites. They also offer diverse range of bars and restaurants to the lodging benefits of their clients.

They make events and entertainment venues available for their clients who may want to celebrate any occasion. There is spa and wellness centers within the premises. Lodgers will have access to gym and swimming pool which was built by the local custom pools builders.

There is hospitality academy and education center also within the premises. They have formed partnership with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) in order to boost the quality of their hospitality academy.

The academy provides training at both higher education and university levels in hospitality. Classic room now costs N35,000 per night instead of N50,000. Executive room now costs N45,000 instead of N60,000. Regent suite now cost N80,000 per night.

Trendy Inn Limited

They are located at 13, Adebowale Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos. This is one of the leading hotels in Maryland. The service is of high quality. The price is also affordable. If you want to be pampered, this is the perfect hotel to patronize.

Their staff members relate with you in professional manner and they are very friendly. Your stay here is sure to be memorable.  The check-in procedure is very easy. Their services are top class and the facilities in the hotel are of top quality. The design of the hotel makes the place comfortable and inviting.

They offer various facilities, like complete security for lives and properties of lodgers, large parking space, 24 hours power supply, lounge, bar, restaurants and lots more. They equally offer other services like luggage storage, airport transportation and dry cleaning services.

The various room types they offer are Golden room costing N12,500 per night, Emerald room costing N14,000 per night and Diamond room costing N16,000 per night.

Hotel Tropicana

They are located at 22, Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland. The hotel is located in a residential area and this ensures complete security for lodgers. The environment is quiet and peaceful, which ensures you can rest as much you want in this hotel without anyone disturbing your peace.

The rooms are very clean and they are cozy.  The rooms are equally fully air-conditioned. They also have satellite TV and the bathrooms are very clean. All the rooms are connected to wireless internet and there is 24 hours electricity supply.

They offer laundry services to their lodgers too.  Their Classic room costs N6,500. Their Deluxe room costs N7,500. Their Super Deluxe room costs N8,500. Their Diplomat room costs N9,500.

Chadon Kitchen

This is another top class hotel located at 12 to 16, Tiamiyu Olushile Street, Mende, Maryland.  Some of their facilities include, premium bedding arrangements, parking space, constant power supply and many more.

The facilities in the hotel are ultramodern.  Comfort is assured in this hotel and the services are highly affordable. Standard room costs N5,500. Standard Double room costs N6,500 per night. Executive room on the other hand costs N8,500.

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