5 Best Cars for Taxi Business in Nigeria


The transportation business is one of the most lucrative in any part of the world because movement from one place to the other is a necessity. Add that to the growing human population in Nigeria and you have a highly profitable business. Whether it is a taxi business for intra or interstate travel, not all cars are suitable for a commercial transportation business. If you are looking to buy a car to buy for the transportation business, there are some factors that need to be considered and will determine the success of your business.

5 Best Cars for Taxi Business in Nigeria

Read them below:

Fuel Efficiency

You would not want to use a car that is fuel thirsty for commercial purposes as it will eat deep into your profit and you will end up running at a loss

Cost of repair and maintenance

Some cars have high maintenance factors. Since all cars develop faults from time to time, you must choose one that has low-cost maintenance.

Condition of the car

Ensure you buy a car that does not have faults as it will put lives and your business at risk.

State of Nigerian roads

You need a rugged car to ply Nigerian roads because of how damaged they are. Only a car that can drive through and stay sound should be used.

Availability of spare parts

There are cars whose spare parts cannot be easily found on the Nigerian market. Avoid buying these types of cars as you will find it problematic later on when you need to replace old, damaged or worn-out parts when they need replacement.

Below are the best cars to use for Taxi business in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars in Nigeria and there is the reason why. The Toyota Corolla car as much to offer. Toyota Corolla is a well-built and well-designed car. It is very fuel-efficient and durable. It is recorded that the 1.8L engine option of the Corolla can get you as far as 30miles on just one gallon of fuel. Furthermore, the cost of maintenance and repair for the Toyota Corolla is cheap. The car also has a great sound system and cool air conditioning. This car will surely give you a run for your money. It is no wonder it is the most used car in transport businesses.

Prices of Toyota Corolla in Nigeria

2005- 2009 model: N2.4 million – N3.5 million

2010- 2013: N3.5 million- N5 million

2014- 2016: N5 million- N7 million

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is not far behind Toyota when it comes to its popularity especially among transport business owners. Just like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord gives you the best driving experience without having to break the bank. Honda Accord is very fuel-efficient. The car is also known to be durable, you will find many Honda Accord users who have been using it for years. It has a great sound system with enough space in the interior for passengers. Depending on the auto- dealership you go to, you can get a 2007 Honda Accord for N1, 665, 000 while a 2009 model would go for N2, 325, 000. The state of the car is also put into consideration when determining the price.

Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis is another car from the factories of Toyota, just like the Toyota Corolla. This car has good fuel economy. The engine options in Avensis models include 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.4L. With the 1.8L, you could go as far as 27miles (about 36 minutes at 45 mph) on just one gallon of fuel. Generally, Toyota cars do not cost much in repair and maintenance. This makes them very fit for transportation businesses. The prices of Toyota Avensis depend on the year of making.

2005- 2009: N3 million- N4.5 million

2010- 2013: N5 million- N8 million

2014- 2016: N5 million- N9 million

Honda City

The 1.5L engine of a Honda City can take you to a distance of 32miles in just one gallon. In addition, the car has a sleek look which is another reason it is the favorite of many. You can find an already used Honda City 2009 model for about N2.65 million or just a little less than N2 million.

Volkswagen Vento

The Volkswagen Vento model is an example of the regular commercial 5 seater cars.

It has become a popular car model in Nigeria and other parts of the world. The Vento’s interior design is unique very suitable for commercial purposes. The single-seat at the back section to accommodate its passengers. This car is also fuel-efficient. This means that transport business owners and drivers are able to make enough profit when using it for commercial purposes. Generally, the cost of maintaining the Volkswagen Vento is averagely low. Remember, the cost price of a new Volkswagen Vento is always higher than an already used car. The prices for Vento vary from models, and it ranges between ₦300, 000, and ₦1.5 million.

Toyota Sienna 

The Toyota Sienna is not a strange sight in Nigeria. It is one of Nigeria’s most popular models of commercial 7 seater cars. It comes with 3 rows of seats which can take between 7-8 people. The 2nd and 3rd-row seats at the back section can accommodate at least 4-6 people while there is a passenger’s seat in front.

The trunk of the car has enough space for cargo or load. You can even fold the 3rd-row seat for even larger cargo space. In addition, this car has very low fuel consumption and is a favorite for long-distance travel. The maintenance of the Toyota Sienna is on the low side and you can get spare parts easily whenever there is a fault. Prices of the Toyota Sienna depends on where you buy it. However, here are rough estimates:

Toyota Sienna 2007: N2.4 million- N3.5 million

Toyota Sienna 2007: N2.4 million- N3.5 million

Toyota Sienna 2009; N3.4 million- N5.5 million


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