Yahoo Plus Rituals: Things You Need to Know


As the name implies, Yahoo Plus is an advanced form of the popular Yahoo Yahoo which is a fraud scheme that was largely perpetrated with the internet on unsuspecting victims.

In this post, we will be learning about the Yahoo Plus Rituals from the real life experience of an ex-Yahoo plus perpetrator.

But before we proceed, there are some things you should know about Yahoo plus.

Yahoo Plus Rituals: Things You Need to Know

First, it is quite easy to identify folks that are involved in Yahoo plus primarily by their lifestyle. Often times, these folks usually live a large life yet you cannot trace their wealth to any real business, local or international.

Also, the difference between the Yahoo and Yahoo plus is the fetish aspect of the busines. As a matter of fact, some Yahoo plus boys may not need to swindle anyone to become successful. In some cases, they just need to sleep with ladies in order to take their star and fortune.

Now to the story of how the Yahoo plus ritual is perpetrated. Here’s a confession of Chidi, a 25-year-old alleged internet fraudster. He disclosed that yahoo plus is one of the latest trends in cybercrime. And in this case, operators use fetish means to hypnotize their victims in order to get what they want from them.

“You may not believe me but it is true. Those who are into yahoo plus use charm to hypnotize their victims. This is because the ordinary yahoo no longer yields the desired result. Our targets are getting wiser and no longer fall prey. When I noticed that I was not making any headway in yahoo business, I decided to inquire from some of my friends who were in same business but were living better off. To my surprise, I was made to understand that the in-thing was yahoo plus. I decided to embark on a journey to Benin Republic in the company of Chuks, Odinakachukwu and Chionye. There, we met a herbalist who told us to buy three live cocks and other items which he used to prepare some concoction for us. After that, we were asked to stand in front of the shrine, while the herbalist chanted incantations that would enhance our success in yahoo plus. As we left for Nigeria, we were given some concoction which the herbalist said were prepared with human parts. We were asked to put the concoction in our mouths whenever we wanted to type or discuss with our victims. But when I got home, I became restive. I remembered my mum’s admonition never to go into anything fetish but to serve the almighty God. I kept the concoction away and watched as events unfolded. Three months later, one of us Chuks, made 3000 dollars .But Odinakachuckwu lost his younger brother who went to use his laptop. The instruction of the herbalist was that no one except him should use his laptop. Just as we were smarting from that, Chionye lost his girlfriend. I decided to quit at that point because I did not want anyone to die on my account. I am therefore appealing to those I have defrauded through yahoo yahoo to forgive me.”

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