Why Do You Need a Business Account?


Financial services today have become really amazing. If you want to open a business account, there is even no need to go to the traditional bank. Everyone can avoid the tiresome bureaucracy and create an eWallet online.

For this purpose, you need to find a reliable financial service and spend some time understanding how this system works. Let us discover together the main benefits of a business account and the general procedure of its creation.

Financial Service: How to Open Business Account

Many financial institutions provide online banking in the EU and Austria. However, one needs to select it carefully and look for the certification of the real bank. That is important because of security measures.

For example, Genome Account, according to the genome.eu, is not only legally registered but also supervised by the Central Bank of Lithuania. This means that you can trust this organization and be sure that your business account and eWallet are fully protected from fraudsters.

After choosing the Financial service, one can open a business account in the following way:

  1. Visit the website of the institution and register on it.
  2. Sigh up to the system and prove your identity.
  3. Fill in the data about your business together with the corresponding documents.

In most cases, the business account is generated within 72 hours, with all its services available for you right away.

No wonder such financial services gained such huge popularity in the EU, and the business account of this type is a real must-have of every merchant today.

The Main Useful Features of a Business Account

Why Do You Need a Business Account?

Financial services always try to do their best to keep customers. Therefore, in most cases, you will find a wide variety of useful options and helpful tools. Let us discover the advantages of a business account, taking as an example the Genome Account.

Accounts and IBANs

Through this system, you can operate several accounts at once, including your business account. In each of them, you can instantly create up to 15 IBANs. Money can be stored in your eWallet and operated in EUR, GBP, and USD.

Money transfers

Bank Transfer money via SEPA and SWIFT. These modern options will also be available in your business account. If your partners work inside the system, you will enjoy the beneficial service of internal transfers.

Moreover, if money is transferred via a traditional Bank Transfer according to your response, you can create templates and schedule the payments while operating online.

Convenient service and affordable prices

Inside your business account, every transaction occurs immediately. All the prices for the service are transparent, and you will always see in advance the amount you have to pay. Therefore, no more hidden fees or extra money paid for the service.

Cards for a complete experience

You can order virtual or physical Visa debit cards from Genome. So, your business account is absolutely real, and if you prefer to use a real card in some cases, there are no problems getting it and utilizing it on a daily basis.

Protection and security of the business account

You can be completely sure of the safety of your funds and personal sensitive information thanks to the high level of anti-fraud protection. All the transactions are tracked, and you will get an instant notification if something goes wrong.

Beneficial referral program

When you start to enjoy your business account, do not hesitate to invite your friends, relatives, colleagues, and partners to join the system. After they open IBANs, you will get useful bonuses and even more benefits from the system.

Shared access and effective management

Other employees can securely get access to the account. You can give everyone a precise role and function. Therefore, do not worry if your company is big or growing. There will be an excellent opportunity to promote this process together with your team inside one account.

In a nutshell, you can easily operate online accounts in GBP, EUR, and USD, make all the transactions swiftly and securely, and fully enjoy the numerous benefits of the modern financial service that is available anytime and anywhere.

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