Trading in Nigeria and South Africa compared

Recent reports are showing that trading in South Africa and Nigeria is rising. It is probably because of the Forex market’s popularity in these countries. The FX market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Some people may don’t believe it, but African people are very engaged in trading overall. The internet already gives the continent the ability to perform well in trading. With the increased advances in technology and healthy competition among different kinds of brokers in Africa, it is easy to see that the FX market is becoming highly accessible for traders and investors around the countries in there. The demand for brokers among the people of Nigeria and South Africa is growing rapidly, even during the coronavirus pandemic. The trading industry has developed so much in the past years that people are finding themselves wanting to join the trading industry without any hesitation. It goes without saying why they are interested in the biggest financial market – because of the huge profits. There are around 190k traders in only SA and in Nigeria, the trader’s number is almost more than 200k. The whole continent is counting 1.3 million traders in Africa. Why are investors and traders interested in the foreign exchange market? Because they know that South Africa and Nigeria have the most valuable and reliable brokerages.

The South African forex market is the most popular in Africa and here is the reason why. SA has almost $742.04 as the volume of the deposits. After them comes Nigeria with its $514.42.

South Africa is a far more attractive country not only for traders but for people with different professions in general. The growing economy, nature, culture, and diversity of the people are just a very rare thing to find nowadays. Investors are coming to SA because the trading amount there is $2.21 billion per day. And not only investors are attracted to the country. The traders from around the world are coming to SA because of the climate, healthy environment, and trustworthy brokers. It is hard to find a good broker nowadays. Especially if you are the beginning of your journey. The traders are always in need of the offers and these offers and promotions are very rare. Those who have no money and would like to try the trading scene are researching for the brokers who will offer them the no deposit bonus forex in South Africa because they somehow need to learn and they just simply don’t want to waste their money and lose it on the first attempt. One of the reasons for young people wishing to be included in the trading scene is that the African rand is the 20th most traded currency in the world. Analysts are predicting a brighter future for South Africa and its trading field.

In the whole of Africa, investors are trading through CFDs or with an FX market. The African trading market is not limited by laws, regulations, or authorities, so the traders and investors here have more opportunities than anywhere else in the world.

Since the SA market is more traded with currencies, there are better FX brokers in SAthann in other regions in Africa. It is a simple truth because South Africa is the biggest financial center in the whole continent. They are famous for having a rich source of diamonds, minerals, technology, and metals. In the future, people are waiting for rapid growth for the SA because the economy is getting better and with that, the nation’s quality of life is getting more satisfying. This is why most people are moving to South Africa, they know that if they educate themselves enough, they can find a job there and live a happy life with nice weather and chill people. Trading and using the foreign exchanging market in South Africa is one of the additional smart decisions the people can make.


Nigeria is the second biggest financial region on the African continent. They are also in a good place in the trading environment but they still don’t have their own regulations and this is causing many problems in the country. The rapid growth of scammers and frauds are just overwhelming there. Many wrongdoings are happening there and the traders and brokers are having a very problematic relationship also. That is why Nigerian investors are seeking SA brokers with licenses that are regulated under FCSA. Brokers are choosing the SA financial sector because it is much more strong than the Nigerian’s. That is happening also because of new rules and restrictions that are coming soon in SA.

The bottom line

In the end, we can say that the African FX industry is one of the best in the world. It is always developing and growing because people are genuinely interested in it. South Africa is the leader in online and retail FX trading and it also has a very high volume, why should anyone question joining the Forex market or not joining when they can just see the success cases in the whole continent.

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