List of Local Governments in Cross River State


Cross River is a state situated in South-South Nigeria. The state shares borders with Cameroon to its east. The capital of Cross River state is Calabar. The name of the state is derived from the Cross River (Oyono), which passes through the state. The major indigenous languages spoken in Cross River state are Bekwarra, Ejagham and Efik. The major foreign language is English language.

This post provides information on the 18 local government areas in Cross Rivers state.

List of Local Governments in Cross River State

List of Local Governments in Cross River State

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Abi comprises of several Igbo and Bahumono villages.  There is also an annual cultural festival that takes place at Abi. Most indigenes of Abi come from the Agbo tribe which is a subgroup of Igbo. Another large tribe within Abi Local Government is Bahumono. Although there are linguistic differences among the Bahumono people, the major variant is the Kohumono language.


The headquarters of Akamkpa Local Government Area are in the town of Akamkpa. The LGA has a population of 151,125 according to the 2006 census.


Akpabuyo has its headquarters in the town of Ikot Nakanda. It was not until 1991 that Akpabuyo was established as a separate local government area in Cross Rivers state. The LGA has a population of 271,395 according to the 2006 census.


Its headquarters is Abuochiche, also spelt as Abuo Chiche. Bekwarra is known for the production of groundnut


Its headquarters are in the town of Akpet Central. Biase has a population of 169,183 according to the 2006 census. The people of Biase are also reported to be direct descendants of Obutong town in Calabar. History has it that the people of Biase migrated to the area due to a brief conflict with their Efik brothers.


Boki LGA was created on the 28th of August 1991. Its capital is Boje town. The region shares an actual border with the Republic of Cameroon. It is also known internationally as a commercial centre for agricultural products such as cocoa, coffee, timber, and palm products. The LGA derives its name from its own native tribe (the Boki people) who reside in the area.

Calabar Municipal

Calabar Municipal has its headquarters in the city of Calabar. According to the 2006 census, Calabar Municipal has a population of 179,392.

Calabar South

Its headquarters are in the town of Anantigha. According to the 2006 census, Calabar South has a population of 191,630.

Cross River South Senatorial District

The Cross-River South Senatorial District covers seven local governments areas of the state.


Its headquarters are in the town of Effraya. According to the 2006 census, Etung has a population of 80,196.


Ikom has its headquarters in the town of Ikom which is located in the east of the area. The people of Ikom majorly practice farming. The town is a major producer of Banana and Plantain for the entire Nigerian market. Ikom is also an historic town known for the Ikom monoliths, which are artifacts that bear an ancient writing.


Its headquarters are in the town of Sankwala. According to the 2006 census, it has a population of 110,324. The famous Obudu Cattle Ranch is within the area. An annual international race called the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race is also held here.


Obubra used to be an administrative unit under the British colonial empire in the late 19th century. Obubra was created as a district in 1902. Its headquarters are in the town of Obubra. Obrubra is home to the Ibrahim Babangida College of Agriculture and the orientation camp of The National Youth Service Corps at Cross River State. Most of the communities in Obubra LGA emerged because of inter-communal wars. In fact, Obubra has 98 villages and a population of 172,444 according to the 2006 census.


Obudu is home to the famous tourist resort, Obudu Cattle Ranch. The ranch is also host to an annual mountain running a competition called the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race. The town of Obudu is downstream from the Obudu Dam, which has caused acute scarcity of drinking water in the dry season. Obudu town is approximately a 6-hour drive from Calabar, the capital of Cross River. The Obudu Local Government Area shares borders with Vandeikya of Benue State to its north, to the east by Akwaya in Cameroon, and to the south and west by Boki and Bekwarra LGA. Its headquarters is located in Bette clan.


Odukpani LGA is largely populated by the Efik people. The LGA has approximately a population of 257,800 persons according to the 2006 census.


Its headquarters is Ogoja town which is situated northeast of the area. Ogoja has a population of 171,901 as at the 2006 census. The town was one of the provinces during pre-colonial times. It consists of many tribal units. The major occupation is subsistence farming. Ogoja is home to the Federal College of Science.

Yakurr Local Government Area

Yakurr local government is located in the Cross-River basin. It was not until 1987 that Yakurr local government area was carved out of Obubra local government. The headquarters and seat of government is in Ugep. According to the 2006 census, Yakurr local government has a population of 196,450.


Its headquarters are in the town of Okpoma located east of the area. The dominant tribe in the Area are the Yala tribe. According to the 2006 census, the local government has a population of 210,843. This makes Yala the second most populated Local Government Area in Cross River State, coming after Akpabuyo. The LGA has an abundance of salt deposit and numerous salt ponds located in Okpoma. These salts ponds are historical and are mined locally. Coupled with these, the local government offers a wide range of investment opportunities in for small and medium-scale businesses in agro-based industries. The major occupations of Yala people are farming, working with the civil service and law enforcement agencies. Most youths also engage in trading, craftsmanship and commercial motorcycling.





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