Top Reseller Hosting Companies in Nigeria

When you intend to host a website in Nigeria, you need to use one of the numerous hosting companies around. There are many types of hosting which they usually offer and the price ranges varies also. We have shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is the kind of hosting where a business buys in bulk and sells at a cheaper and smaller unit to other customers. What I’m trying to establish here is that the company buys larger disk space and bandwidth which could be on a dedicated server or shared server and in turn they resell smaller disk portion to you and i. This is strictly for business.

Classification of the Resellers

A reseller can be classified as a marketer who gets a commission on any sales he makes on behalf of the web host. So assuming someone buys a hosting plan advertised by the reseller, he will direct them to the parent webhost however, he stands to gain a commission. The reseller host may also send the customers to the web hosting company directly. He may thereafter have no other work to do after this.

Who Provides Services in Reseller Hosting?

The services rendered to the customers are done directly by the parent hosting company and not the reseller. The hosting company controls a large amount of servers and network operations. They also handle so many logistics and complaints if any. These are not part of the resellers work.

So most top hosting companies in Nigeria may just be plain resellers of web hosting companies which are usually not in Nigeria. However if you intend to be a reseller with a Nigerian Hosting Company we have gathered a list of top hosting companies you can partner with an be a reseller of their services.

List of Top Reseller Hosting Companies in Nigeria

You will see that Vbhostnet has resellers plans, master reseller and alpha master reseller web hosting with great features . If you are considering starting a webhosting reseller business then check their website. allows you to begin with a low price of N9000/YR.

The resellers plans from mcreal is an easily usable package which allows you to customize web clients request.. There are more to this resellers’ website pack. You will see that they have two different resellers program and the minimum you can begin with them is around twenty thousand naira and up to N180,000 per year

Their reseller web hosting package is quick good for those just starting a business, website developers and online business marketers. You can start with as little as N37,000 per month.


Also among the top resellers of hosting in Nigeria

you will be able to pay for  Linux reseller hosting plans which includes around  10GB Storage Space; 100GB Bandwidth


This is a popular company in Nigeria its url is and they offer different kinds of Reseller Hosting for Nigeria. You are also allowed to pay in naira. You pay around N5,000 per month


This is another major seller of cheap reseller hosting starting at N10,000.

Their website is at


Smartwebs  gives you a storage disk and bandwidth of up to. Up to 250GB Bandwidth with 30GB Storage space for your business work. you can check their resellers plan on


They are good too and have lots of customizable features. You can check out their packages here

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