Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria: The Top 10

Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are responsible for the development, production, and marketing of pharmaceuticals (drugs, vaccines, and specifications) used as medications. Pharmaceutical companies may deal in generic or brand medications and medical devices. Their products are subject to a variety of laws and regulations that govern the patenting, testing, safety, efficacy, and marketing of pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria make a lot of money from the marketing and distribution of their products as the health sector continues to remind people it’s a sector that can almost never drop from the top of the revenue ranking with annual revenue of over N400 Billion and still growing from new inventions, new cures and the emergence of new diseases.

Below, in no particular order are some of the top Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

Fidson Healthcare

The pharmaceutical company is into the production of drugs and prescription tablets and they have a really strong chain of distribution in Nigeria. There were many approaches taken and many private rehab facilities looking into ways to help with the drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the people. Their included limiting wide range of pharmaceutical products includes antidepressants, diabetes, psychiatry, CVD and CVR management pills, analgesics and nutraceuticals.

Drugfield Pharmaceuticals

Drugfield is a pharmaceutical company that has a very robust distribution line. Their products include CVD and CVR pills, Liquid blood tonics, energizing capsules and pain killers. Drugfield products are also reputed to meet international standards.

Evans Medical

Evans medical has been in the pharmaceutical production line since 2001. They have a reputation for delivering on quality and affordability. Their service includes productions and diagnosis of pharmaceuticals and distribution to sales channels across the country.


GlaxoSmithKline is a renowned world-wide pharmaceutical and health care company. They have a really huge production and distribution line and their products have continually and consistently met international standards.

Emzor Pharmaceuticals

Emzor Pharmaceutical is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. They were founded in 1984 and are present in over 30 countries across the world including Nigeria. They are known to manufacture pharmaceuticals with high efficacy and potency.

Olex Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to both the productions and sell out of quality pharmaceutical products, Olex Pharmaceuticals can boast of being among the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria with over 15 years of operation and distribution of health products.

Global Sterling Pharmaceuticals

Global Sterling Pharmaceutical products are supplied to both government and private hospitals/facilities and their products have been tagged as one with incredible quality. Their products include Blood nourishing tonics, prescriptive medications, painkillers, antidepressants, and so on.

Swiss Pharmaceutical Company

Swiss Pharmaceutical Company confidently boasts some of the most used medical products in Nigeria. The company manufactures, distributes, markets and donate medical consumables via their strong production and distribution line. They also go by the name Swipha.

Neros Pharmaceutical Company

Neros Pharmaceuticals are reputed for their supply of pharmaceutical products to public health facilities and NGOs. They also pride themselves in the production of medical consumables and prescription pills.

Mopson Pharmaceuticals

Mopson Pharmaceuticals boasts high quality products that meet both the required international production standards and customer requirements. Mopson pharmaceuticals also produce some of the most affordable medications and they supply products to public health facilities, government hospitals, industrial clinics, and so on.

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