Nigerian Navy Ranks: Ranks in the Nigerian Navy

Are you curious about how the Nigerian Navy ranks its officers? Then you’re just on the right page. Read on to see the full list of ranks in the Nigerian Navy — for both commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers.

Nigerian Navy Ranks for commissioned officers

There are 12 ranks in the Nigerian Navy for commissioned officers. They are listed below:

  1. Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Admiral
  3. Vice-Admiral
  4. Rear Admiral
  5. Commodore
  6. Captain
  7. Commander
  8. Lieutenant Commander
  9. Lieutenant
  10. Sub-Lieutenant
  11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  12. Mid-Shipman
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Nigerian Navy Ranks for non-commissioned officers

There are 7 ranks in the Nigerian Navy for non-commissioned officers. They are listed below:

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  2. Chief Petty Officer
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Able Rating
  6. Ordinary Rating
  7. Trainee

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  1. qhunlay

    Pls brth can anyone kwns the final date for 2017 recuitment

  2. abdulsamad

    insha Allah.. we.are coming by next.year…

  3. miraculus

    of I can’t miss this year most.. onward Together

  4. oluwatobi

    plz who have any idea abt d exam….my centre is at nns quorra

  5. Muhammad


  6. Iliya

    What is one expected to take to the Examination Centre? What is the dress code please

  7. temi

    Please any information about the result of d aptitude test

  8. Victoranky

    How is the exam??

  9. ejioforchinonso michael

    mine is imo state


  10. Omokwagbe kelvin

    Pls guys any idea on how the question will be set

  11. Omokwagbe kelvin

    Hi guys pls do u have any idea on how the questions will look like

  12. williams utibe

    anyone writting in lagos naval base (quorra)beep me 07018700441

  13. christian ebuka n

    My prayer is that he who began this go work in us will bring it to accomplishment in the name of jesus. Amen

  14. Obi Clement Oti

    That is it my bro my own centre NNS victory,Calabar

    1. George

      God is wit u

  15. Nwagbara ugochukwu Nkwachukwu

    May God see us through in this exam.i seriousley need it.AMEN

  16. Nwagbara ugochukwu Nkwachukwu

    Yap mine is also the same place

  17. Christopher George

    D centre 4 my screening exercise is Naval Base Warri… Is dia any person wit same centre as me??? I would lyk 2 b friends wit him or her…. My names are Christopher George 4rm Rivers state PH… 08126207073…. Gud luck 2 we all… We will b among d 3000 out of d 300000 by God’s grace



    1. martin


  19. HASSAN

    Pls can u til us are but nn exms

  20. ndipmpnguduak

    I need God presence on my exam day on 14 may 2016. may the good lord help everybody that is attainting the exam amen. I love u all.

  21. ndipmpnguduak

    I need God present on my exam day at ikot Abasi on 14 may 2016 .God pls help everybody that apply for this Nigerian navy this year. I love u all

  22. Iwuji ebere getrude

    Good night frnds…..

  23. Iwuji ebere getrude

    My own centre is owerri NTA, and i am staying in Aba…. Anyone here in the same centre with mine should add me on facebook… Iwuji ebere! Wishing luck to every one of us here, as naval candidates i pray that God almight will see us through in Jesus name, Amen!

    1. kingsley James

      I also pray God should see us through in Jesus name Amen
      we are
      we must
      we shall make it

  24. Anthony kelechi

    My center is HQ DIV Nigeria Army ABAKPA BRAACKS ENUGU. Is any1 here with same center with me? Abge find me on facebook via this username Uzor Anthony Kelechi, lets talk.

    1. Ebuka christian

      The same center with me. How are you getting prepared

  25. Anthony kelechi

    What are the credentials requaid to come along with at the screning centers?

  26. Obedience

    You don’t need to have father in Navy or any person to scale through, believe in God.
    I will do my best and God will handle the rest…

  27. Obedience

    You don’t need to have father in Navy or any person to scale through, believe in God.

  28. Everest

    My center is owerrinta in abia state …pls do any body here have the past question paper

    1. Iwuji ebere getrude

      U have the same centre with mine

    2. Emmanuel

      Same center dear hope to see u der,08130039108 if u care been frnds

  29. alamin yahaya

    the only things is pray, we have to keep doing praying this is the only things that we should do to make us perfect…?

  30. Lol ao wen people want to be a naval officer Nason Navy sweet reach

  31. Nditex david

    Okay abasikponke let’s talk on wtsapp 07056615904

  32. abasikponke

    yes at jublee navy base ikot abasi my phone number is 08185749918 for more information

    1. ndipmpnguduak

      my center is there also by Ndipmong

  33. oyediran segun

    I gess the questions are current affairs

  34. Nditex david

    Pls is there anyone that hv past questions on navy


    What i have In mind wil never pass me by i will surely signing this year May God me

  36. Nditex david

    pls is anybody writing is exams in akwaibom

  37. Nditex david

    we nid d grace f god

  38. Nditex david

    God let thy grace go with us in this training

  39. victor

    just pray to God

  40. abidemi

    I pray we all make it in jesus name (A D B) to every one

  41. Adeyemi Ibrahim A.

    oh Allah accept me deal with you lead me through and let me achieve my aims as a Naval officer so shall it be Insha Allah

  42. ad moha

    What is d rank of naval trademen with nce



  44. Uchegod

    Is any1 writting their exam in army barrack onitsha 302 field

  45. deick

    My dad is a rear admiral in d nigeria navy corps

    I neva knew people are dis desperate to join

    1. Oral Aquarius Beate

      Dat means ur dad get mouth 4 NN, hope u don obtain ur own form too?

    2. Amb.IUB

      Hello brother can you help me, couz am so passionate about the Nigerian navy ….pls help me just serving n have no fatther execpt God.

    3. Mathew Danladi Jiboh

      Mathew Danladi Jiboh from Danko/wasagu Ribah, Zuru Emirate Kebbi State have apply what help will render to him base on your previlage and your relation with your father.

  46. kelvin

    i love the navy force and i know that this year will not pass me by i will become one of the nigerian naval officer coz that has always be my dream

  47. teejazz4life

    Hello guys? Please I need to know if there is anybody assigned to HQ 2 mech Div, Nigerian Army Ibadan

    1. adewale

      here i am

    2. thank God

      you gat me here

  48. jibrin Suleiman pasko

    oh god, see me through,cos I have faith in you, this year am going to be a Naval officer.

  49. barikui george

    plz can i know more in dis navy stuff? i was planning to join d nigeria navy so plz i need help I’m confused.i want to read my computer engineering there. 08162259412

  50. lolly

    Pls I need address to navy barracks in ondo state

    1. Navy G

      Thats in Igbokoda Forward Operational Base, Igbokoda, Ondo

      1. Awogbemi Abimbola

        my own centre is in Akure

  51. marvelouse

    if your center is OWERRI-NTA indicate.

    1. charity

      my centre is owerri nta

    2. Iwuji ebere getrude

      Marvelouse my centre is owerri nta… My name is iwuji ebere… Add me on fb

    3. Iwuji ebere getrude

      My own centre is owerri NTA, and i am staying in Aba…. Anyone here in the same centre with mine should add me on facebook… Iwuji ebere! Wishing luck to every one of us here, as naval candidates i pray that God almight will see us through in Jesus name, Amen!

  52. Prince

    “God” pls grant me my heart desire !!!

  53. Sadiq Musa Azare

    I’m NCE holder,hw can i archieve my aim to be Nigerian Navy,pls guide me,i need ur assistance…

  54. goodluck

    hello everyone

    1. temple nelson okpulu

      Gud’pm my very gud’frnd hapi to meet u here am temple by name am, frm Ahoada west l.G.A rivers/state of nigeria, I applied for the Nigeria Navy this year 2016, we are praying for GOD to do the rest after which we have played our own part, gud’luck for any one Dat has been a part-taker of it, happy Sunday to u all bye…

  55. hope

    frends ! plz do any of u knw de type of exam we r coming to write, at the navy bass?

  56. Richard

    pls am Richard by name. can any1 tell me the names of naval, ranks and their post

  57. HAMMED


  58. Joseph

    on Saturday 9th of April 2016

  59. Emmanuel

    FRNdS pls pray for me am going to join navy dis year pls I realy need ur prayers for my exam oh lord no body but you help me ooooh

  60. haji

    any advice about people with tattoos on there body are accepted in the Nigerian navy

  61. princely

    God help me dis year 2016 at the end of this year I want to testify dat i made it as a naval officer, pls who knws the date in which 2016 recruitment exam is taking place

    1. Joseph

      9th of April 2016

  62. anthony4me18@gmail. com

    am one of applicant in Nigeria navy 2016 God pls see me true

    1. popoola idowu

      I’m also an Applicant….. Of being a Naval officer dis Уєαя……. Contact me on 08102181397 whatsup



  65. Jennifer HB

    Love nevy…and i know one day am gonna be a nevy officer and 100percent sure of that.

    1. Lucky

      Jenni Hw u … Will like to knw u better..

    2. nwanna Martins

      Hope you bought the form @ jennifer

    3. temple nelson okpulu

      Jennifer, happy Sunday am one of the Applicant have u hard any infromation abt this Navy… Temple of GOD by Name

  66. muhammadu lurwanu

    may almighty Allah bless Nigeria navy one day one time I may be there insha Allah up navy really love your type of job

  67. Abba yaro

    What’s is the rank of marine engineer ND level in Navy

  68. Com. Abdul Ganiu.B.A.T.

    I Com. Abdul Ganiu.B.A.T. Love Navy. I my like to be a navy one day thank, may god bless u all Navy


    What about the naval officer

    1. Naval officer is not a rank.
      Everyone in the Navy are called Naval Officers

  70. skills

    How about the naval officers

    1. Naval officer is not a rank.
      Everyone in the Navy are called Naval Officers

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