Nigerian Civil Service Grade Levels & Steps


Civil service is defined as the professional activity were people hold specific posts that aid in the practical implementation of tasks and functions of the country.

Nigerian Civil Service Grade Levels & Steps

Nigerian Civil Service Grade Levels & Steps

Civil servants are basically public servants. In Nigeria, getting a civil servant job is something that requires the individual having a connection with officials in the Nigerian government.

In this post, we take a look at the Nigeria Civil Service Grade Levels and Steps because it is one of the most asked questions by prospective civil servants. We have drilled down to the grade levels and steps associated with the Civil Service in the country.

But first, let’s take a look at the duties and responsibilities of workers in the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) in Nigeria. The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) is a regulatory body that has the right to execute roles, which includes transfers and appointments of Federal Civil Servants. The body performs these functions through a subsidiary body known as the Office of the Head of Civil Service Federation.

  • Provision of guidelines on appointment, discipline, and promotion of federal civil servants
  • Recruitment of senior officers
  • Serving as the representative body for Civil Service Commissioners during meetings of Senior Staff Committee of Ministries
  • Provision of review and endorsement in recommending disciplinary cases of senior officers
  • Conduct of examinations and interviews in promoting officers to senior positions

Now, let’s take a look at the salary structure based on the Grade Level (GL). We have provided you with the information on the FCS because it is a representative organization of the Civil Service in the country so, if you’re seeking employment in the Civil Service, this should serve as a useful guide.

In the Federal Civil Service, the minimum yearly wage for an FCSC staff at GL 01 S, is N226,800. This means that you will get N18,900 per month.

For GL 04 (S) Grade level 04 Step (S) 1, the annual salary is N242,994 in a year. This salary is meant for school graduates.

The GL 07 is the grade level for University graduates who want to become members of the organization. The salary is N43,163.75 monthly which is twice what you will receive with the GL 04 (S).

GL 04 High school graduates at GL 04 will receive N30,316.166 per month, whereas those who have graduated from university and who are at GL 07 – S15 will make a wage of N65,041.75 monthly. GL 08, S15, GL17 Diploma holders on GL 08, S15 will earn a salary of N81,555.26 per one month whereas a manager on GL17, S9 will have a pay of N5,452,136 per year (N454,345 per month).

GL 03 – S1 GL 03, S1 executive officers will get N232,970 per month and will move up to N333,522 after achieving S15. Executives on GL05, S1 will earn N261,298 per month and after achieving S15 will earn N401,637. GL06 – S1 Executives on GL06, S1 will make a wage of N316,229 per month and after achieving S15 will earn N487,295. GL10 and GL12 Members, who are on GL10, S1 will get N914,511 per month and after gaining S15 will make N1,323,635 whereas those, who are on GL12, S1 will earn N1,053,208 to get N1,506,493 after achieving S11.

GL 13-14 Executives on GL 13, S1 will earn N1,174,233 per month to get N1,653,453 after achieving S11 whereas GL14 – S1 executives will make a wage of N1,295,818 per month and after achieving S11 will make N1,811,724.

GL15-16 Here, executive officers on GL15, S1 will earn a wage of N1,778,616 per month and after achieving S9 they will earn N2,363,140 whereas their counterparts on GL16, S1 will make N2,197,677 per month and also after achieving S9 will get N5,452,136.

We have summarized the Grade Level and salaries below depending on your level of education:

FCSC Salary for School Leavers

If you are a school leaver on Step 1 of Grade Level 04, your monthly salary will be N20,249. This gives you an annual salary of N242, 994, meaning your salary is a little higher than that of the least paid staff.

FCSC Salary for Officers

On a monthly basis, the salary of an FCSC officer on Step 1 of Grade Level 06 will be equivalent to N26,352. With this, it is clear that such an officer will earn an annual salary of N316,229. However, this annual salary will be increased to N487,295 as soon as such officer is elevated to Step 15 of Grade Level 06. Meanwhile, the monthly salary at this level will amount to N40,607.

FCSC Salary for Diploma Certificate Holders

On a monthly basis, the salary of a diploma certificate holder who is on Step 01 of Grade Level 07 will be equivalent to N43,163. This means that he or she will be earning an annual salary of N517, 965.

FCSC Salary for Officers’ Counterparts

If you are on Step 01 of Grade Level 09, your monthly salary will be N65,054. This will give you an annual salary of N780,656. Over and above this, your salary will increase as you attain a higher rank. On Step 15 of the same Grade Level 09, you will earn a monthly salary of N96,058. This yearly amount will then sum up to N1,152,698.

FCSC Salary for Graduates

On a monthly basis, graduates who are on Step 15 of Grade Level 08 will be paid a sum of N81,000. If you sum up that amount in a year, it will give you an annual salary of N972,000. Meanwhile, this is between the salary levels for officers on Step 15 of Grade Level 09 and the officers on Step 1 of Grade Level 09.

Salary Level for FCSC Director

The director of the FCSC is the member with the highest salary level. On a monthly basis, an FCSC director on Step 9 of Grade Level 17 will be paid a salary of N454,344. This is undoubtedly the highest monthly salary for an FCSC member. In fact, it exceeds the annual salary of some FCSC members such as school leavers. Since an FCSC director maintains the highest-paid position, it is not a surprise that his yearly earnings can be equivalent to N5,452,136.

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