Living Faith Church Logo: Description & Meaning

The establishment of the Living Faith Church was based on the liberation mandate which was said to have been delivered to the founder of the Commission, Bishop David Oyedepo on the 2nd of May 1981.

This mandate is stated below:

The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the WORD of FAITH and I am sending you to undertake this task.”

As a result, the primary objective of the Living Faith Church Worldwide a.k.a Winners’ Chapel is the development and upliftment of mankind by stirring up the God given potentials embedded in people of all races and nations.

One of the partners of the Living Faith Church is the Communion of Bible Faith Ministries (CBFM) which is dedicated to the empowerment of the total man and the discipline of character building in the society.

The CBFM seeks to provide a compass setting for the making of responsible citizens and leaders of men in every nation by equipping them through training programs, materials as well as financial support.

The Living Faith Church is a megachurch with presence in over 65 countries in the world. The church was founded in 1983, a couple of years after the divine encounter the founder experienced. The church began with four members and as since grown to millions of members spread across the world.

Currently, it is said that over 200,000 people attend the weekly services at the Winners Chapel Church in Ota, Ogun. The centre is called the Faith Tabernacle and it’s a 50,000 capacity church which was built in a record time of less than a year.

The Living Faith Church is also known for its prestigious universities which include the popular Covenant University and the Landmark University.

In this post we take a look at the church’s logo and what it represents as well as a few other things that represent the Living Faith Church

The liberation mandate is typified on the logo with the elements of the logo conveying the message.

  • The globe icon which denotes the world shows that the LFC is not restricted to just one geographical area.
  • The shield represents the Word of Faith message and its protective influence against all works of the devil.
  • Also, the top of the logo depicts a flame which signifies the effect of the work of the Holy Spirit in the commission’s fulfilment of its mandate.

The Living Faith Church is founded on twelve core values which are highlighted below along with their biblical references:

  • Faith (1 John 5:4; Eph. 6:16)
  • The Word (John 1:1-12; Heb. 1:3)
  • Signs And Wonders (Ps. 82:5-7; John 3:8)
  • The Holy Spirit (Acts 1:1-8; Isaiah 10:27)
  • Prosperity (3 John 2; Ps. 35:27; Zech. 1:17)
  • Prayer (1 John 5:14)
  • Healing (Isaiah 53:3-4; Jer. 8:22; Matt. 8:17)
  • Wisdom (Prov. 24:3-4, Isaiah 33:6)
  • Success (Joshua 1:8-10)
  • Vision (Prov. 29:18, Jer. 29:11)
  • Consecration (Hebrews12:14; 2 Tim. 2:19)
  • Praise (2 Chron. 20:20-22; Ps. 67:1-7; 149:1-9)

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