iROKOtv Yoruba Movies: How to Download Them Online


There are a lot of Nigerians who can joke with any other genre of movies except Yoruba movies. When Yoruba movies are called into question, they just don’t want to be distracted or disturbed. Well, one that’s got you covered is iROKOtv. Whether you need to download (to watch later) or stream the Yoruba movie of choice, they’ve got it, as one of the top Entertainment On Demand (EOD) sites in the world; for Nollywood movies.

Also, while you’re still thinking if they have the movie you’re looking for, they’re already showing you both that movie and other related ones. So, just relax with your chilled drink and get your movies from iROKOtv.

We’ll be discussing downloads today for all those who don’t like the buffering break or who do not have enough internet data to stream.

  • A data active Modem or Wi-Fi (preferably Wi-Fi).
  • An Internet enabled device (Tablet, Phone, Computer etc. Modems can only work with computers though)
  • Enough free space on the internet enabled device.

The items listed above are adequately needed for the download of your favourite movie and once you have these set, you’re good to go.

  • Log on to (You’ll almost have to download their app if you’re browsing on a mobile device but not necessary if it’s from a computer).
  • Click the “Subscribe” button and click on “Create an account”.
  • Fill in the form and select a payment method.
  • Choose one of the three plans between a month, six months and a year.
  • Fill in your payment details and wait for a confirmation to be sent to your mail.
  • Activate your account and you’re good to go as a genuine iROKOtv member.

Note: If you already have an account, you can skip from step 2 and just log into your account.

Now, to download, you should know that you MUST have an active subscription or else your download would not go through

Also, not all movies are downloadable, so you need to filter your search and hope that your Yoruba Movie of choice is.

You can speak to any of their customer care reps (or heroes as they call them) about the movie you want to download.

Also, you need to have their app to download the movie if you’re browsing from mobile.

  • Log on to
  • Log in with your Username and Password.
  • Type the word “Yoruba Movies” in the search bar. (This is to help narrow your search as the search engine filters the result displayed to just Yoruba movies.)
  • If you have the title of the movie, type it in the search bar instead of the step above.
  • Click on the image of the desired movie you want to download and wait for it to take you to the full page.
  • Click on “Download” and fill in your download details as money would be deducted from your subscription account for the movie.
  • Click on “Start Download” and go grab a drink while you allow it to finish.
  • Once it’s done, you can sit down and enjoy your newly downloaded Yoruba movie.

Downloading is really a cool way to experience movies and TV shows. It allows you watch your movie without any interruption, buffering or stopping.

Also, downloaded movies uses a lot less data compared to streaming.


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