Glo Free Browsing: How to Browse For Free on Globacom


Do you want to cancel the heavy monthly fees you pay on data subscription? If yes, then you need to pay attention to every info here.

Globacom network is a very good platform. Browsing free on Globacom is never an easy thing but it’s possible. I always leave it to the masters to crack the Globacom network. They offer you one of the fastest free browsing platforms and if you intend to learn How to browse for free on Glo in Nigeria, you need to do a lot of research and make the smart guys your friends. When I was using your-freedom browsing cheat codes, I later found out that Globacom was the first operator that the free browsing software worked with.

By the time I got to know, they had already blocked it. This is another disadvantage of using free browsing as it can be blocked easily. It takes a lot of persistence to browse free on Globalcom.

So how does wanting to know How to browse For Free on GLo in Nigeria help you today? Before I begin, let me first explain what browsing with cheats on Globalcom means.

What Is Free Browsing?

Free browsing in Nigeria is all about surfing without being charged for it. Yes, you can surf your laptop or personal computer without being charged for it. So what do you require?

You need to have the latest free browsing codes on Globacom. When you have these Glo codes or Glo cheats as they are sometimes called, you then have to set or configure it on your laptop so you can browse the internet without being charged anything.

Sometimes as a novice it is better to take it to a professional and pay some little money for it to be configured for you. When you get to most tech market, look for the phones section where they sell and especially repair phones. This is usually the place.

I have gone to one of the stores and asking them for the latest free browsing codes available and I was told to pay a token which I did then. Free browsing on Globacom is possible if you can get someone to configure it for you.

Benefits of Browsing For Free on Globacom

Glo free browsing codes are not easy to come by these days but they are available. Let’s see some of the benefit of using Glo free browsing in Nigeria

  1. You surf the internet at breaking speed. The speed of this network is so fast second only to Etisalat. I believe the reason for the speed is the fact they own the Main 1 cable and a few people browse on this network. What I mean by this is that there are more people on other networks than on Globacom browsing the internet. So when you use Glo you are surfing very fast.
  2. Another benefit is that it FREE. You will browse the internet at no extra cost. So hurry and get the latest Glo free browsing tweak for your system.
  3. Thirdly, using Glo ensures that you spend less data. Unlike Airtel that charges double for every bytes of data used. Globalcom is moderately charged and it is ok for uploading and downloading stuff online

Where to Find Glo Free Browsing Cheats/Codes

When you start out looking for Glo cheat or free browsing codes online, it’s a little tricky as most of the codes you will find have been blocked. There are websites you should use for this. As a blogger, when information is out, it is shared it first to the blog members first before others start sharing it to friends and family.

The same with free browsing cheats. I will mention some of the websites you may need to regularly check for getting Globacom data for free browsing or the latest tweak.

You might be thinking that you are wasting your time but that’s not really the case here. It may just be a time well spent at the end.

Free browsing sites in Nigeria are really becoming numerous and the sites mentioned below are the trusted ones and recommended for getting the latest workable free browsing tweaks.

There are four major steps you need to do if you want to be successful. You need to join the site and leave good comments. You want to be seen as part of their community. When you are part of their community, you can request for anything and if the forum owner has it, he will send it to you as a member. So the time spent in joining versus getting and leaving a comment is rewarding for all.

Do not just try and be a copy paste person. Leave comments in the articles and you will be regarded as a valuable member.

You can even make your own contributions if you have something to give for free. I must also say that some people will require a token from you. You do not expect everyone to give everything for free. Sometimes it not so easy and the more people get to know about it the faster it gets detected by Glo and it gets blocked.

So profile each website and feel free to be a part of any and visit regularly so you can be one of the first to get any new cheat. You may set up an RSS feed if you know how so that it could give you the latest happening on the website.

This list is not all carved in stone but for a start, you can begin to go through them and any you find useful, you be a part. That’s how to get the latest info on Globacom free browsing tweaks and cheats in Nigeria. It’s easier than waiting until a friend tells you about it. I hope this list helps

List of Top Sites for Glo Free Browsing:


Feel free to list more free browsing sites by dropping a comment below.

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