Airtel Nigeria Customer Care Number


Airtel prides itself as one of the leading Telecommunication Services providers in Nigeria.

Airtel has well-trained customer service consultants that help toserve its numerous customers and enhance their experiences with Airtel.

There is also a self-service portal on the Airtel Website where customers can get help and solve problems online.

Airtel has a toll-free customer care number that is available to customers 24/7. You can access this service by dialing any of these numbers — 111, 121, 234-802-150-0111 or 234-802-150-0121 from your Airtel phone.

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You can also send mails to Airtel Customer Service staff through their website.

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  1. voke

    pls airtel help me deactivate the Whatsapp weekly bundle because I can’t and this is my number 08128347760



  3. meena

    please kindly deactivate my airtel data autorenewal its 5 days subscribtion for 50MB,





  6. Ayeni Olufunke

    I was robbed and went for sim retrieve at Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere Lagos yesterday afternoon and I was told that my sim will be ready within 24 hours. To my surprised this evening, it was another number that was given to me which is different from the number I wanted to retrieve this is the number to be retrieved 08125734939 and I was given 07012786453 instead.

  7. martin

    I keep getting this message anytime I am trying to recharge OBS: this is a new service operation so you need to specify a message here in your own language. here is my number:08089975638

  8. Abigail Zoakah

    Whenever i recharge my acct the money will be remove, i don’t understand and i have been trying to get you on 111 and 121 but you are not connecting why? Pls kindly explain why all this is happening to me. Thanks.

  9. Olumuyiwa olusegun

    Please Airtel help me to deactivate all the stuff that is deducting my money. This is my phone no 08022943338.Am just feed up because I don’t have call card since morning and am scared to recharge my line due to the money they we deduct.

  10. Olumuyiwa

    Please Airtel help me to deactivate all the stuff that is deducting my money. This is my phone no 08022943338.Am just feed up because I don’t have call card since morning and am scared to recharge my line due to the money they we deduct.

  11. alagidi

    Airtel make thank God who received my calls today wo ma se Werey fun yin gan ni waiting concern with hello turn make who return my money back ooo if not Thunder go fire wuna Airtel office

  12. Shuaib Abdullahi

    The notification I received after making a called with my airtel line was dial*435*2# to get 3GB @ N1500.after following the instruction, received a respond from Air tel that”welcome to BB monthly subscription “this stop me from browsing on Techno L9+.kindly swaps it for me enable me enjoy your wonderful internet services. Thanks

  13. Oluedo Akachukwu

    I bought an airtel SIM,rechaged the line, subscribed it, made calls with it yet my line is barred.. This my number:09021974186.

  14. Akachukwu oluedo

    I bought a SIM and registered it and have made calls with it along with the subscription I have in it yet they are telling me that my line has been barred

  15. Umar Garba Muhammed

    My line was been barred from transfer I want it to be activated

  16. Semiu

    I don’t like the way my money is being deducted, pls is there any other tariff that deduct #6-#7 per minute. quick response….pls

  17. Demola

    I subscribed for Blackberry on my phone and my credit deducted. Yet I’ve not got any service since Sunday. I called your customer care but no response. Even message to your Twitter handle went unattended. This is wicked. 08128433349

  18. Olivia Nathaniel

    Please I never subscribed for auto YouTube renewal…but I have been getting reminder SMS in this regards…tried severally to no connective success at all to lodged my complaints to your customer care service line..but it ain’t connecting., would you Artel service care kindly deactivate me from this unwelcome subscription ….. …kind regards always

  19. Umar Faruq

    I recharge N200 in my line 07086168055 to subscribe to 2g data network but the money was withdrawn from my account immediately without any text indicating my subscribtion status.
    I checked my data is zero as well as my account and i didn’t subscribe to anything. Pls do something before i change my sim.

  20. basirat

    pls I recharge wit *555* yesterday and I can’t use all d card and if am calling someone it won’t go

  21. basirat

    pls I recharge wit *555* yesterday and I can’t use d card

  22. nnaemeka

    How can I cancel auto renew on airtel whatsapp daily

  23. virtue

    I loaded a #500 airtime and I mistakenly recharged it with 555 they took the money without it reflecting I’ve been calling customer care but they aren’t picking. I want a refund ASAP.
    here is the number 08129512180

  24. Tina

    Pls I never subscribed for soccer15. Deactivate it immediately. My number is 08086165200

  25. Makinde David

    Please help me fix my line, it showing number is 08124481994.

  26. Makinde David

    Please help me my line, it showing emergency.


    Dear Customer Care,

    I Adeleke Abdulhakeem subscribed for data on my line 07086960439 since yesterday night and up till now I can’t use data on my phone.

    This is really frustrating me because of a lot of pending things I need internet for.

    I have not been able to speak with any of your customer care agents since.

    Kindly assit to restore my data now.


  28. Olukoya Adedoyin Abiodun

    Not quite a month that i laid a complain with the ncc that i have been charged for the service i did not subscribe for and i decided to let that go. Today the 26th of February my 80 naira has been deducted for one useless service called SOCCER15 which i did not subscribe for again this one i will not let go, i want my money returned other wise i will go to any length to collect it. The affected no is 08023041975.

  29. Osofowora Boluwatife

    Hey airtel, I did 1500k monthly subscription and am seeing a message that I have fully subscribed to bb package while am using an android phone… Please revert the activation or refund my money

  30. Samuel

    I have a bad card s/n is 9730449252/16232 the number is -635—-872421875 08025289300

  31. Ajayi Olalekan

    I borrowed 200 airtime this morning around 7:47am today but is not reflecting in my main account but my loan account showed am owing 200 09072026186

  32. Ajayi Olalekan

    I borrowed 200 airtime this morning around 7:47am today but is not reflecting in my main account but my loan account showed am owing 200

  33. Hammed

    Plz I can’t call customer care services. And am having serious issue with my line. If u people didn’t stop embellsle my money, May Allah punished u all. Awon Oloriburuku. 08081586857

  34. Boniface mlapa

    Airtel is stezling my #35 trougth illegal subscrition in every mid-nigth.pls cancel every subscrition excpt internet bundle & return my stolen credit

  35. Peter. c uroh

    I recharge #500airtime to subscribe #750data but my money was deducted and I don’t my days that’s on the 5th of febuary 2018.unwed my data

  36. Peter Joel

    I bought an airtel new sim card yesterday and i recharge on it but i was been message that my account has been credited with 100 naira but since i can’t make a call with it pls help Me out




  38. bashir m yahaya

    How can I return back to my plan that am doing #50 subscriptions one hr per day,the dialling number is *431*1# please am trying to reach u,but is deficolt for me .09024992970

  39. Florence

    Airtel have been disturbing me with ETICTACEducation subscription text and I did not subscribers to it please help me put a stop to it I’m tired of receiving 15mesages at number is 08089493307

  40. Faith

    I bought new airtel Sim few days ago, I recharged and also subscribed, now my line has been barred….. Please unbarr my line airtel oooo 08120171852

    1. mimi

      I registered my sim few days ago, I wanted to make call but I got a text that my line was barred. can’t even reach u. pls unbar it.07087743763

  41. FunkyD

    The question how can one speak directly to a customer care representative. I subscribed 1500 for 3G nd got 2.5G nd hv bn trying to reach their customer care via 111/121 nd d machine is just blabbing.

    1. Mr D

      Yes you will get 2.5GB. The remaining 1GB is on night plan(1am-5am). Sadly that’s how airtel gets 3.5GB now. You can check your data balance using *140#

  42. Justice Ukere

    Am not able to download on my blackberry phone after. I rechage N1500 of 3.5GB pls what. Is the proble, I cannot download. My number is 08083727592

  43. kehinde

    Pls I recharged on my airtel cug line a thousand naira but I cannot browse with it and I nid it urgently pls dt I can browse cos I cannot waste my moni I should hv used my other network if dis is d problem of not bin. Able to browse with it pls I nid an immediate response mmy no 08029811861. Have bin trying to call all the customer care nos nt going thru

  44. kehinde

    Pls I recharged on my cug line a thousand naira but I cannot browse with it and I nid it urgently pls dt I can browse cos I cannot waste my moni I should hv used my other network if dis is d problem of not bin. Able to browse with it pls I nid an immediate response 08029811861

  45. olalekan

    I bought 200 airtel scratch card but I mistakenly scratch the number ,my no–08127893245

  46. ofulue mary

    Pls i did data 1000 yesterday and my account has not been credited 07084823793

  47. tomiwa

    whenever I recharge, the money is always deducted till there is nothing left and it’s really annoying. I can’t count how much I have lost to airtel unjustly. most annoying part is I can’t reach any customer service agent. airtel network is literally the worst now

  48. tomiwa

    whenever I recharge, the money is always deducted till there is nothing left and it’s really annoying. I can’t count how much I have lost to airtel unjustly



  50. Sunday Joshua.

    please. help rectify. my payment and megabits. I loaded #1000.this morning.and I use the money to buy megabits of #1000.after loading,the #1000.was collected without the megabits.up till now,l have not received the megabits. pls. what is the problem? my phone number is….. 07088531194. the card serial no. 23234152427634520093.thanks for your understanding.

  51. mojeed

    I just suddenly dnt know wat is wrng wit my line, first it don’t bring service,After 6 days it bring service after it bring service i can call any number

    1. mojeed

      it still mojeed my number is 08124400352

  52. Oyinlusi Opeyemi

    I loaded #1000 on my airtel Sim yesterday night and did a data bundle of 1.5GB,on checking this morning, instead of 1.5Gb,I saw 266MB,please,help me get something to do about it as soon as possible.

  53. Juliana

    please how do i go about 500 recharge card i bought this afternoon which i lost some numbers while trying to scrach the card?

    1. folake adebiyi

      I got Airtel sim and registered immediately after 4 day of usage(loaded airtime and make calls with the line) the line was barred with the reason of not using it to call after 48hours of registration.

      What should I do? the line is 08025085609

    2. John chibuzor

      pls I bought airtel 500 and mistakenly over recharged it,the serial number is 9776305654/17642,my num is 08080311387

  54. soliu azeez

    i buy airtel scratch card 200 mistakenly scratch it off 08083931968

  55. lola

    Is there no way one can speak to customer care anymore? Av bn trying to speak with customer care for the past 3 days now to no avail. Even the care line 111 cldnt take me to speak with care agent! All ur options did not suggest any complain on recharge card issue. Am bn fritrated here!


      these days Airtel network is really frustrating, I’ve been trying to call the customer care since yesterday all to no avail, i really need you to stop deducting my money every morning all because of a stupid sub i mistakenly did
      my number is 09076390797

  56. elvis

    i just recharged 1000 and bought dat only to be told that i di not use the sim after 24hrs of registration…i need to browse now…07018576022

  57. Ejeh Peace

    I have about 317 on as MB but for the past three days I was unable to login to my social network especially Facebook, please I don’t know what happened and do help me out I need to do some things there My Number 07088779857

  58. Sodeeq Hassan Taiwo

    I mistaking subscribe for BB monthly bundle while I am using Android .have been trying to call your customer care number you did not pick it please help me I am confused I don’t want to lose my money

  59. aka omolara Muibat

    Pls I need puk for my sim card. 08126106303

  60. Ezeh Jennifer

    I recharged #100 twice, making it #200 and I didn’t see it in my account balance, it never reflected there, please do something about it, my number 07081562099

  61. Ezeh Jennifer

    I recharged twice but did not see any money in my account balance, please do something about it. Thanks. My number is 07081562099

  62. oginni oluwasegun abayomi

    my phone was stolen have visited all airtel shop but all useless am expecting my admission letter this week please help 09070687257

  63. fortune

    My Airtel sim just stopped making calls but it browses

  64. friday Mbam

    pls am Friday Mbam by name. pls I don’t no what I press to my phone and my phone enter puk and am not with that no pls I need that no to open my phone. I recharge #500 card last. I buy the line in 2013. my line no is 07084840083. pls help

  65. friday Mbam

    good evening. pls an Mbam Friday. I have problem with my Airtel sim and I don’t know what I press my phone enter puk no. pls I want to know my puk no. this is my no 07084840083. this is my frequently line I use the line to call. (1) 08104266999. (2) 08176494030. my last recharge is #500 card. I brought that line in 2013.

  66. Abe Abiodun Philip

    All efforts to register my number 08027628968 proved abortive. Plz which way forward

  67. eddy

    please activate my phone number 08021054537 for me,my sim is new and i could not make call with it the service is telling me that my line is barned.

  68. sarafadeen kolawole shittu

    I did a month subscription on my airtel line 09026330316 two days ago but just now I received sms from Airtel which reads thus: Dear valued customer, please be informed that your bundle expires in 3 days.
    please help me solve this problem.

  69. wisdom Tavaku

    kindly unblock my phone number 08024248429

  70. Ifeanyi egbo

    each time I travel from onitsha to ore My airtel Line will stop to make or receive calls.i think complained the problem before and it was resolved.i need immediate repairment bcoz I cannot even call the call center and that is a threat to my buisiness .i need it to be done before 12pm or I remove it for life because is making me to miss many deals, and it should not repeat itself again. this is my number(09027898436),in case you need it.

  71. bidemi

    I really don’t understand how you people will automatically borrow me money and activate a data bundle on your own… I tried calling customer care nothing is being done.don’t I have a say on my account SMH

  72. Blessing jossy

    Woz wrong wit airtel

  73. Blessing jossy

    I bought a new airtel few days ago nd recharge it but it continue saying cal 121 since den til now. Woz wrong airtel

  74. Ifeanyi egbo

    I can no longer make or receive calls please let me know the cause of it because am out of town

  75. egbo Ifeanyi bartholomew

    please I can no longer make or receive calls, send or receive messages or even call the call center. please I need immediate attention because am in a heat.


    Kindly remove the caller tune you put on my phone 08024228353


  77. Mr Yemi

    There is no service on my line 08023998892 since last wk, wht happn?

  78. ken M

    I only blame NCC who continues to take bribe and do nothing. I only wish APC wash ready to fight corruption. I would never use airtel again. Am removing my sim now forever.


    Airtel is stealing my credit through illegal subscription. I reported to 111 customer care but nothing is being done. “You have been renewed for callshine subscription from Airtel. You have been charged N30” Please stop this fraud because I’m ready to report to NCC and throw your Son off my phone. Please cancel every subscription except internet bundle and return my stolen credit. Airtel, STOP STEALING MY CREDIT.

  80. Usman Paul ojonugwa.

    Airtel are are reducting my money eachtime I recharged my phone. I called their customer severally without any response. I urge them to deactivate it or I drop using their line.

  81. Adeyeye Adebayo

    I loaded #1000 yesterday and they removed #400 for what I av never subscribed for … I want my money back pls…

  82. Samson Jaiyeoba

    What this value add or so that zain is deducting #10 from my money every 2 – 4hour. This should stop or i will not only stop using ur line but also campaign against u, zain. 08023832473

  83. Adigun Olaniyi Stephen

    I’ve been trying to communicate with Airtel staffs over an issue,I used 111 but no one connected me to anyone to complain to.
    Pls.what No should I use to lodge my complaints

  84. Bamidele Ramat

    I mistaking subscribe for BB monthly bundle while I am using Android .have been trying to call your customer care number you did not pick it please help me I am confused I don’t want to lose my money

  85. Bamidele Ramat

    I mistaking subscribe for BB monthly bundle while I am using Android .have been trying to call your customer care number you did not pick it please help me

  86. Babatunde Rasheed

    I’ve been receiving unwanted messages from 902 on Games club daily nazara 20 service which I didn’t subscribe to. I sent STOP to 902 but d messages did not stop. What can I do?

  87. Simon Ortese

    Thank you for notification on stoppage of SMSCHAT7 which i got early this morning 30th November 2016. Kindly compile and refund the sum of N55.00 for the number of times the service was renewed without my consent. My number remains 08085904884.

  88. Simon Ortese

    My number is 08085904884. I have not at any time subscribed for the SMSCHAT7 yet you guys have continously extorted and depleted my airtime credit for the service. Pls stop this extortion or I opt out of airtel(airtortion). Infact I will not recharge again until I receive a message that the reversal have been effected.

    1. Charles Okubolo

      DAYLIGHT ROBBER BY AIRTEL: It is a total shame that Airtel is robbing its customers of N55 per week for SMSCHAT7. Their system is also tweaked to make it almost impossible to unsubscribe.

      Nigerian legislators and regulators seem to be in this deal or else can Airtel be getting away with this!!!

  89. Mohammad Nayeemuddin

    Request please check my account India pack done but call not going india to day I recharge 200 Niara and pack done by *157*1 My mobile no 07086462137

  90. Mohammad Nayeemuddin

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    kindly check my account because already charge to day 2000 Niara and India pack done also showing but call not going India why when calling saying your account so low ——My mob no. 07086462137

  91. temi

    Kindly disable SMSchat 7 service on my phone. I do not recall ever subscribing for it. my number is 09072924356

    1. Charles Okubolo

      Airtel stealing from its customers – SMSCHAT7

  92. Anyanwu Darlington ikenna

    Why does airtel keep deducting 55naira airtime from my recharge every week, telling me it’s for SMSCHAT7? Please, i don’t need it. So deactivate it and return all my money back. Thanks

  93. Ejima chi Onyekonwu

    I want all the money deducted from my account as regards last value added services which I never solicited for the # 10 deduction at some hours intervals should stopped immediately my number 090763068b30 Thanks.

  94. Ohajanwa Sylvester E.

    I also request that you refund me all the money in form of recharge credits u extorted from me for weeks now. I never used the service and do not know what it means. Else, my fmly and I will stop using Airtel lines, because, I got all my kids and wife into using Airtel lines. Times are hard now. Thanks.

    1. Charles Okubolo

      SMSchat7 robbery by Airtel – nickelling and diming their customers….

  95. Ohajanwa Sylvester E.

    pls remove the SMSCHAT7 from my phone 08023729190 and stop charging me N55 weekly. I did not subscribe to it and font need it. If u don’t, I will stop recharging the line. Thanks.

  96. Ezeh Matthew Paul

    Plz & plz deactivate smschat7 for me, I didn’t subscribe for it & I won’t. My contact is 09073493794

  97. oluwabori feranmi

    please help me stop smschart7 I don’t need it and refund my money back here is my number
    09075098436. tnkz

  98. Dorcas Oyadoke

    @airtelNigeria,please help me to deactivate smschat7,I don’t need it,thanks.

  99. Dorcas Oyadoke

    @ airtelNigeria,please I didn’t subscribe for smschat7,help me to stop it & stop deducting #55,my number is 08025535743,thank you.


  100. Bayo Emmanuel

    I immediately want all the money deducted from my account as regards “last value added services” which i never solicited for. the #10 deduction at some hours interval should be stopped with immediate alacrity.

    1. Bayo Emmanuel

      i also want my number to be deactivated from the SMSCHAT7 & all monies removed in tandem to this be refunded & the #55 deduction stopped from this very moment or else legal actions is executed.

  101. O Ige-dasilva

    I did not need SMSCHAT7 service. I did not subscribe to it and I do not want it. Stop it please.

    Here’s my Number 08028658025

  102. Abe Stephen

    Please I beg you people in the name of God deactivate my number from smschat7 my number is 09075953925

  103. Jagdish

    Please , I don’t need SMSCHAT7 . i never activated it .
    Please deactivate and return the all deducted amount to my account .MY no is – 07014521885.

    1. Dorcas Oyadoke

      @ airtel Nigeria, help me to deactivate smschat7,I don’t need it,my number is 08025535743,thanks.

  104. Horlar

    Pls airtel company i just want u to deativate me from your SMSCHAT7 here is my number 09073563776

  105. Ejima chi Onyekonwu

    Please I never subscribed for SMSCHAT7 deactivate it, my number is 09076306830

  106. solz

    Pls remove airtel smschat7 from my line. I didn’t subscribe 4 it…my no is 07012763828.

  107. Tsok Dusu.

    I don’t need this smschat7 pls deactivate me from that n here is my number 09073061897

  108. francis

    please disconnect me from this SMSCHAT7 service, my number is 09075146600. I can’t recall subscribing it.

    1. Osofowora Boluwatife

      Hey airtel, I did 1500k monthly subscription and am seeing a message that I have fully subscribed to bb package while am using an android phone… Please revert the activation or refund my money

  109. lolly

    09075887807 please stop SMSCHAT7 SERVICE on my number. Thanks

  110. Ajayi S. O.

    Pls, I did not subcribed for this SMSCHAT7 from this my airtel phone number (09072022235). Kindly help me remove it. #55 always remove from my credit on every 7days. Pls, do it now. Thanks.

  111. Olayinka Olalekan

    My phone number is 09075368082 please kindly stop smschat7 service on my line cause i dont need it.

  112. Olayinka Olalekan

    Am on smart trybe and i never suscribe for smschat7 service but i woke up to see #55 gone on my airtime.
    This my phone number 07075368082 please kindly unsub me from that smschat7.

  113. Ekemini Kent

    My Name Is Ekemini Kent From Akwaibom State. I received an sms From Airtel That My SMSCHAT7 Has Been Automatically Renewed Which Cost 55naira Weekly. Please I Want it to Be Stopped. I Don’t want it. Thanks for Ur Understanding. My phone Number is 09075856544.

  114. Sanusi Bala Funtua

    I dont need this smschat7 i didnt subscibed it, u just add me, pls removed me, my number is 09073407282.

  115. Sanusi Bala Funtua

    I dont need this smschat7 i didnt subscibed it, u just add me, pls removed me, my numbet is 09073407282.

  116. biodun Adeyanju

    U guys at airtel are fraudulent. U sent me a message that my smschat7 has been renewed. I NEVER subscribed to it in the first place. Pls remove my number 08027737006 from your stupid smschat7 and stop behaving like fraudsters.

  117. hadeyemi

    please deactivate my number from smschat7 ,this is my number 09075796547

  118. hadeyemi

    please i dont need your smschat7 again ,deactivate it… this is my number 09075796547.

  119. obilo iffy

    deactivate me from SMSCHAT7 my number is 08127232613

  120. Adam

    I do not need SMSCHAT7 service. I did not subscribe to it and I do not want it. Stop it please. Here’s my # 09076037899

  121. Prince li

    Abeg, hv not requested for any stupid weekly smschat7 o..Abeg, deactivate it my number is 0909 348 4250

  122. Ephraim Ihieabiaobini

    pls i just received Smschat7 dat i will be charged in d next recharge at i do not need it my number is 09071911982

  123. Emediong sunday

    Pls i don’t need SMSCHAT7 how can deactivate it and i need my credit back the number 09074019166

  124. Udeh Daniel

    Please i never subscribe to any SMSCHAT7, this is the second time u have been stolen from my account telling me SMSCHAT7 service has been renewed on your Airtel Mobile at NGN 55.0 for 7 days. Please that should number is 08126736491

  125. Emma

    I do not need SMSCHAT7 service. I did not subscribe it and I do not want it. Stop it please. 09073141174


    I received an sms from airtel telling me that”YOUR FACEBOOK _WEEKLY service will be renewed and you will be charged NGN 25.0 for 7 days”
    Please I did not subscribe for any such service, after all I use NGN1500 every month constantly for my internet so why should I pay another NON 25 every week again.
    My number is 08028389264 and its a very old line. Please don’t allow me to get angry and destroy the line. I did not subscribe to that service or any other so please do the needful and unsubscribe me from all your services.

  127. Bolaji Adeosun

    Sorry not to add my phone number in my earlier comment. The no is 07084971406. Thanks.

  128. Bolaji Adeosun

    Sorry, I forgot to add my phone number :07084971406. I’ll appreciate if prompt action is taken on my complaint please.
    Thank you.

  129. Bolaji Adeosun

    Please stop deducting money from my account. I did not & will not subscribe to any service like SMSCHAT7 with which you deducted #55. Please be warned that failure to restore the deducted money & continuous deduction may mean my abandoning your platform. I do not engage in any frivolous chats as I am an old man. Thanks

    1. Bolaji Adeosun

      I forgot to add the Airtel no under discussion. It is :07084971406. Please do the needful. Thanks.

  130. okoye nkiruka veronica

    please I bought this airtime of 1000 but mistakenly the pin scratch off.please can this be resolved and load it back in my line07012585279. the airtime serial no:7752872574.
    ord no:1600064663.

  131. Samuel

    I bought that 2GB plan for 200 Naira and I’ve been on edge but nothing seems to be going.. I bought a new plan and it’s hanging.. Please adjust this oh. 09071724365

  132. Abeeb

    Airtel please kindly deactivate any kind of subscription on my line that is choping my money everyday.I don’t want to receive any messages on my line that will deduct my money.
    My line. 08129810030

  133. Chidad

    Sir,big problem is going on now between airtel card seller and buyer over a card number 8668660337047171. This very card number enter not to the buyer number as information he got while loading the card is the it has been use by another person.Now the buyer need his money back,while the seller told him not possibe,Please,can you tell us the number that load the above mention card. Please,very urgent you reply as to end the war.

  134. Emmanuel Alex

    pls I don’t need this games club and mobile news papers services that have been taking my card…‎0902 009 2494‎,I hope u effect the changed soon.thanks



  136. Ifiemi

    Please, deactivate 2MINDEVO 1/2 Service from my line. My number is 08025183071. I cannot be recharging my line and my money be deducted for a service I did not subscribe for.

  137. Ifiemi

    Please, deactivate 2MINDEVO 1/2 Service from my line. My number is 08025183071. I cannot be recharging my line and my money be deducted for a service I did not subscribe for.

  138. Kachiro j samson

    I just bought my airtel line/sim but i cant make call with it,is making one sound that i cant really understand and i have recharge it pls help or i throw it away and buy mtn,glo or etisalat thank u.

  139. Meshach

    Airtel return my #200 airtime u stole from my account… Olochi

  140. Meshach

    Airtel, dnt let me call u thief o, while this deduction of #200 for nting? U people better retify it and refund my money back!!! @09026258086

  141. Sunita

    My Airtel number is surprisingly barred from making outgoing calls nor csn i call the customer care from my number.Please help me fix this issue immediately.

  142. Bello, Olukemi

    I recharged some minutes ago through my bank, l have been debited by the bank but Airtel has not credited my line with this amount. Kindly check and rectify now bcos need it to make an urgent call. Thanks

  143. adewale

    I subscribe BlackBerry absolute complete into my Q10, actually i was given 3gb which i don’t have access to, even internet browsing logo does not indicate anything talk less of browsing, please kindly fixed my problem otherwise I would like to get my #1000 back into my line 08088174946.


    Ajaokuta kogi State has been having Airtel Network issues since Saturday 30th July 2016.We have not been able to make or receive calls and the internet services is not accessible.Kindly help fix it.
    Adefioye H.O

  145. ifedapo

    this number subscribe and it not working 08123408286

  146. Vincent Elewodalu

    My ph # is 08087674936.
    This line has gone off course since yesterday, Monday the 20th, 2016. I cannot make nor receive calls. It displays “NETWORK BUSY or NO SERVICE”.
    I need a quick fix, please.

  147. Ebunoluwa

    Hi, I’ve been trying to reach your customer care agent line but its disconnecting my call instead of transferring me to a call center agent. I wanted to complain about my data bundle. I activated the 3gig bundle and surprisingly my money was deducted but my bundle wasn’t credited. It’s been almost 4hours now and I can’t even get through to your call center agents. Please I’d appreciate it if you can look into this issue speedily and make appropriate correction as I really need to use the internet urgently. Thanks in anticipation of your speedy response.

    1. Atinuke

      I have the same complain.. My money was deducted and my data bundle wasnt activated.. Hv called them a thousand times but they are yet to resolve the issue.

  148. dim Chibueze

    Please could u help me and check if this number is still on the airtel network? 08180140959

  149. patience tor

    I recharged my phone this morning with 300.. Few minutes later i check my account.. and the money was gone i haven’t subscribed to anything.. This is not the first time you guys have cleared credit from my phone.. I want my money back oo

  150. Obiageli Abalogu

    I tried d blackberry bundle for 1000 to gt 3g,but 1000 was deducted, and no megabytes added to me,pls do something abt dis,airtel people,thanks,my number is 09026112008

  151. Debby k

    Why are you deducting my airtime? Claiming a value added service, what value?

  152. Esere Irhirhi

    gud morning. pls I want to opt out of dis CNNENTERTAINMENTNEWS. I didn’t subscribe for it , u guys are just deducting my #10 daily with no news. pls unsubscribe me. I don’t need it . 09021945###. thanks

  153. Justin

    08129793810 is my number, as i checkedmy acct balance i saw a message that i should dial *400# and they will give me 160mb free, after doing it youbre now deducting my money………so i want to option out now show me the way , i am not intereted anymore…..!!!!

    1. Justin,
      To Stop Auto Renewal On AIRTEL
      Send an sms with the word “STOPAUTORENEW” to 440

    2. To Stop Auto Renewal On AIRTEL
      Send an sms with the word “STOPAUTORENEW” to 440

    3. Zayyanu

      I recharge #200 naira yesterday and subscribed for data bundle My money Was deducted and no any mb Given To Me pls help

  154. Tola

    I bought a new airtel sim yesterday and I’ve been trying to recharge but its telling me “OBS:This is a new service operation so you need to specify a message here in your ouwn language”. How can I fix this so I will be able to recharge the line. I’ve confirmed that the sim has been registered so that is not the problem. I awaita feedback, thanks.

  155. Ukeb Maureen Doo

    I mistakingly subscribed for 1 subsribtion on Intagram , how do I unsubscribe

  156. johnson

    why 300 naira subscription no dey download naa


    Hello, I have this complaint… anytime I recharge my line I only discover that my airtime is drained without my making any calls and I have not subscribed to any feature that should drain my money. Please stop this occurrence on my line. My number is 08028789047.

  158. Shade

    I subscribed to airtel blackberry plan and ever since I haven’t been able to use bbm, Facebook and watsapp. just the browser works. But if i connect to other people’s hotspot it works fine. What could be the issue here

  159. christianah Monishola Michael

    Please stop sending any message to me, the amount you deducted from my credit is too much on daily basis please cancel all sending message


    I recharge my line this afternoon with 500 naira and 200 naira was removed, they send message that they removed 200 naira for CAS i don’t even know what is CAS and have been trying to call customer care i can’t get through. Please kindly tell me the meaning of CAS

  161. Onini .A. Dickson

    I subscribed one month airtel
    For bis plan. The money was deducted, but the bb sing is showing that I subscribed for bis but my phone is not browsing with it. I call customer service. day sent message that it will work today but still not working

  162. Biodun asubiojo

    Please,my grouse is that airtel has refused to cancel the daily inspirational message which i innocently subscribed to..they have been deduting 10naira every day..


    please help! I requested for a reversal with my number 08025086978 which am yet to receive. please how do I go about it?

  164. Eleshin, Abisoye

    I have not been getting alerts from my trasanction on UBA, this development started around November/December 2015. I have called UBA and they said there is no problem with my line. Could you help me check my line please?

  165. okeke loveline ebere

    first#50 was deducted from me Nd now #100 again for caller tune which I didn’t subscribe to,pls let it not repeat itself again

  166. okeke loveline ebere

    #100 was deducted from my account and they said I subscribed to a caller tune wic I know DAT I didn’t,first it was #50 and now #100,pls let it not repeat itself pls

  167. Gideon

    How can i be collecting 3Gb at the rate of #1000 on airtel

  168. pls how can I be collecting 3Gb at 1000 on airtel

  169. adeleye Jeleel Adigun

    pls help me out of this, i always receive a financial wisdom every day deducting n10 every day i tried to stop receiving this message through sending stop to 922 but it was not stop my number is 07010700926

  170. Kenechukwu Ejike

    Airtel is simply criminal, they sign you up to so much rubbish without your consent and then keep milking your credit. NCC should ban this frudlent company


    load 300 naira and i use this code *234*300# to get bonus of 2222 seconds but when i was about finish it i load 500 naira and use this code *234*500# to convert ti to 4444 seconds,i only use like 300 seconds and airtel wipe the rest seconds,it suppose to due in seven days time but they wipe it off within two days,i want to know what is happening.

  172. Ahmad Musa M

    I have not registered for any games club, yet any time I recharge you deducted my money. opt me out or else I go for another service provider. This is cheating. You refuse even to give a means to unsubscribe.

  173. Baba Iro Jibia

    You sent a tex to me which is saying “Dear Valued Customer, NCC has directed operators to bar customers who have incomplete KYC registration. Kindly re- register your SIM at any Airtel outlet to avoid service disconnection. A special gift of N5000 airtime awaits you after 24hours of successful completion of your registration”. So I don’t see any Kobo from you after 24hours of my that I am looking for N5000 airtime as you promised.

  174. Dr James M. T. Orkpeh

    3 days ago, I subscribed for android data plan; instead of the day plan for 2000 naira I keyed in for the night plan of 2500 naira which I cannot use. I discovered this soon and contacted an agent who promised that my money will be credited back to enable me resubscribe the data plan I need. It is now going on 60 hours, after more than 4 reminders, this money has not been paid back. Pls expedite action so I can browse again.

  175. toun

    I recharged my line with 1000 naira, I checked my balance immediately and the credit isn’t there.. please I need dat credit now!!!

  176. Ogunleye Kayode

    Happy new year, I received text message from airtel to register my SIM and a gift of N5000 airtime awaits me but I received N100 airtime. Pls what’s wrong? Thank you.

  177. miss medinat Agibade Amos

    when ever time I trie to check my acct balance d feedback is always in Chinese words pls change it to be in English language,and pls option me out of airtel games.

    1. miss medinat Agibade Amos

      pls let my reguest be done

  178. agangan hope

    my fiance line was damaged and he has been calling customer care line to lay d complaint but u people re saying dat u re busy, he has all d details. for d sim swap.pls do reply

  179. Yuzarsif

    Pls help me i hv re-register my line for d past five days now still can’t make call dis my number 07087249330

  180. Olaleye Qudus

    I can’t add friends and family on my line. Pls help me check what’s d problem 08027302923


    I just bought a new phone and the name of the phone is ALPHA D1. But since when i have inserted my sim card, when i am at Isheri Idimu Lagos State Area in my office working place, it will write Emergency or Searching but if am at Igando road a place of my living the network will be available.
    Pleasure am incovenient with the Airtel line as at now, please kindly help me find a solution to that because am unable to make a call.

  182. Egbukole Adiele

    Sir, I hereby write to express my heartfelt displeasure as regards the service rendered to airtel line. It’s saddening that for the past 6 weeks I have been calling airtel customer care and I can’t reach them, I managed to reach them once and I complain that I bought a recharge card of 500 Marie and mistakenly scratch off some digits the man that attended to me told me that there system is not working so he can not help me out, that I should call back and I have been call them almost on a daily bases to no avail… Am so disappointed

  183. Theresa Oyewole

    I recharge to the tune of #2000 today 12 /2 2015 , but when I dial *123# to check my balance it showed zero balance. My number is 08028401168

  184. Christopher ocho

    I don’t know what happen to my airtel number 08088361713, that i can’t use it to call customer number 111, pls help me it so that i will start calling customer line directly

  185. Julius Enyoghwerho

    I can’t access fb through opera mini and tried customer care line but my number has been put on busy just because I complain for not given me my subsciption for 4days and the later did but I have been barred from customer care lines always busy to the angents. Am advising airtel now before I port this number:08022292885 to another network if it is not resolved on time. Thanks

  186. Vincent Veronica

    pls remove the bar on my number for inactivity I av registered again and recharged

  187. Mc marvellous

    I recharge my phone so that I can make call with it nd u collected every thing .nd nw I don’t have money to recharge again. I think this will b the last time I will recharge this line

  188. Uchenna Okechi

    I just subscribed to android data plan – 4.5 for N2500 just before it expires today as I was advised via SMS but instead of giving me 4.5GB for the amount it automatically gave me 2GB. Please complete the 4.5GB I paid for or refund the balance. My number is 09025570644

  189. damisa

    Since i bought my android phone namely tecno J7 you never allow me call with the airtel line again, i tried several time loading with little credit but idon’t know whether it was your unwanted text msg. that do take away my credit and i never subcribe any data plan but you reduce the credit to zero always, Icall your 111 but it still continue, is this the registration to make money to your account only without service to customer?

    1. Kunle

      Nigeria is a messed up place!! I wonder if anybody attends to all this grievous and yet valid complaints! How will someone load #2500 to purchase internet bundle from Airtel and they refuse to credit u with data, and yet u tried to hook up with their customer service line and its a dead-end ! And after so much frustration the automated voice tells u Airtel is smart network!!! Its not their fault….its problem of leadership. Pls, I need my data ASAP…08126319170

  190. abimbola

    For the past four days now I haven’t been able to access a 3G network on my line.please what’s happening?

  191. omoteye desmond

    for the past three day now i cannot browse nor accessing any social network on my phone what is happening and month will soon end pls try and extend my expiration day

  192. If you dont cheat won’ you make profit? I intentionally dumped my line for a long because of your fraudulent charges. Just check how much i recharged now.check how much you cut. After recharging 2,000, i checked my balance it read 552.90. I wanted to go for 3g. This is criminal

  193. Michael Osibanjo

    I subscribed for airtel blackberry N1000 monthly subscription. And I was given 3g as usual but I could not browse with this instead you people removed my N750 call balance. kindly refund my money n my normal data

  194. Isaiah Udoh

    I subscribed to android data plan – 9GB for N3500.00 prior to its expiry on 12-07-15 I was advised via SMS to renew automatically by having sufficient credit of N3500 which I complied but instead of giving me 9GB for the amount it was 4.5GB I saw. Please complete 9GB I paid for or refund the balance, in view of the fact that a day earlier I received SMS offering 4GB for N1500. 07016910197

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