Standard Chartered Bank Internet Banking: How to Get Started

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria is one of the Nigerian banks with solid internet banking platforms. The Standard Chartered Bank internet banking platform allows you to send and receive money at your own comfort.

To register for the Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria online banking services, you should follow these steps.

Use the Instant Registration Page: To register for a new online banking platform, you would need a mobile phone that has been registered with Standard Chartered Bank. This is what you would use to retrieve your temporary password that you would be given after registration. You would also need an ATM card issued by Stanbic bank with details of the expiry date and the pin numbers.

If you don’t have any of these and would still love to register for the Standard Chartered online banking platform, you would need to visit any branch of Standard Chartered Bank close to you.

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The next thing to do is to head over to the Standard Chartered Bank Website on to register. Click on the instant registration box and then agree to the terms and conditions to proceed.

Enter Your Details: At this stage, you would be asked to provide details of your ATM card, your card expiry date and your preferred pin number. The ATM card number is the 16-digit number printed on your ATM card, while your Pin number is the 4-digit pin you always use to access the ATM.

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Verify Your Mobile Number: You would be asked to provide your phone number, after which you would receive an instant code sent to your phone for verification. Enter this number in the space provided and move on to the next stage.

Choose a Temporary Password: You can now choose a temporary password, which you would use for your initial log in. This password can be changed later.

Create a Personal Log in: Use your temporary log in details to log in and personalize your account.

That’s it! Your registration is now complete and you can now start to use your account to transact business online.

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