Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja: History and Pictures

In case you didn’t know, “Aso Rock” is the unofficial name of the Nigerian State House and Presidential Complex.

The Aso Rock presidential villa encompasses the 400 meter nonolith Aso Rock and is located within the Three Arms Zone of the Abuja Metropolis.

The Aso rock villa was completed in 1991 by the Ibrahim Babangida administration. That was the same year the national capital was relocated from Lagos to Abuja.

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See some photos of the Aso rock presidential villa after the cut.

Aso rock villa: a view from afar

Aso rock villa: a view from afar


Aso rock villa: another view from afar (see the Aso rock itself)

Aso rock villa: another view from afar (see the Aso rock itself)


Aso rock villa: the entrance

Aso rock villa: the entrance


Aso rock villa: the banquet hall

Aso rock villa: the banquet hall


One of the meeting rooms

One of the meeting rooms


A section of the compound

A section of the compound


presidential palace building


Former President Jonathan watching Nigeria vs. Bosnia match during the 2014 World Cup

Former President Jonathan watching Nigeria vs. Bosnia match during the 2014 World Cup


Former President Jonathan in the Presidential Office.

Former President Jonathan in the Presidential Office.

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  1. Edidiong Enwe

    Looks nice, but not good enough to be called a presidential villa.

  2. dozienjoku

    i pray dat my GOD we give our leader the spirit to role dis country well ..ijn


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    Federal Government sponsor for Prayer at the Holy Land of Isreal that the pulchritus Holiness dividend of democracy: i pray for the service chiefs, Gen Obayomi Olorinsakin,Gen Tukar Brutar,Air Marshal SarDiq Abubakar, Real Admireal Okot obgong, Inspector general of Police, Sir Abraham Idris, the recovery of President Muhmadu Buhari, Vice President, Yemi Osinbanjo, Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Senate President Bukola Saraki, ETC, State Governors,Ministers,Heads of parastatals. God bless Nigeria with hand full of purpose in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

  4. abdullah aliyu

    Yes i want to say something about we the youth of this country good for nothing, over the years our government abondoned us my advise here to all the nigeria youths don’t depent on government alone be on your own in any good job. and be patience god will not abondoned us.

  5. Iyangbe Alfred Jerry

    OGod connect me to some top men dat know wozsup so dat me 2 go stl know wozsup in jesus name Amen

  6. ilesanmi oluwapelumi

    Father lord connect me with people dat will transform my lyf possitively in JESUS name AMEN.

  7. Joshua Nmecha Ukaha

    God please give our leaders wisdom to rule these country Nigeria,Father you know it is not easy to be a leader,SO HELP US LORD AMEN.


    Allah ya kawo lokacin da xan mulki Nigeria

  9. Sparklyn

    Lord! Make all my request that are not evil be granted Amen

  10. Muna

    Not all that gorgeous. Should be more luxurious and more sophisticated than this.

  11. KayPraiz

    Nice place pls God let me be connected to people that will transform my life positively in life for ur customizing printing & branding contact me on this number 07066768607

  12. m i s

    nice place to b ” with God all things r possible.

  13. wiseman paulitician

    Elitism. Democratic bourgeoisie. A government of the rich,by the rich and for the rich.

  14. Adebayo aderemi emmanuel

    I’m very sincerely man one day God we help to meet president of this country are we get contract for my COMPANY remitelux gold global limited

  15. Bishop Mustapha

    Not as beautiful as a presidential villa ought to be..
    Most five star hotels are bera than this

  16. Godyke

    What a paradise on earth, no wonder, most presidents don’t want to vacate the office.

  17. Celeto

    Oh one day I”ll be on top sit higher than this !!! Nice one mr president

  18. adebayo olatunbosun

    Lord let me have a living in this haven…..You are God of possibilities

  19. Adepoju toheeb adewale

    Almaithy GOD pls let me also be in this house as one of the leader in this country pls allah answer my prayer and also lead our leader to the rigth part,control their hearth and also grant them wisdom,patient long life and prosperity amin.adepoju toheeb adewale

  20. olawale

    i its so excellent

  21. Amadi Godswill

    By God’sgrace, i will build it better and stronger. As the most protected building on earth.

  22. samuel

    I wl sit on dat seat one day….. ad I pray to turn fins around positively for dis country.

  23. esther ngozi

    God I know you will connect me to people that will help me make it in life,God am not after wealth all I need is a favour for good jod so I can take care of my own family.08184538490,23991bfd

  24. Edet.etete

    God bless Nigeria.

  25. Chikosky

    nice villa, i hope & pray that i get closer by working or going there as a tourist

  26. uc load

    This is not the pix of the presidential villa itself. Just pix of houses in the compound. No one is allowed in with a camera there. And the compound doesnt look all that impressive.

  27. Godwin

    Wow!!! It Looks Very Beautiful

  28. Kadiri Skyanu

    What a beautiful villa

  29. palma samson

    I must work hard to seat on the throne someday!! in Jesus name (amen)

  30. Okon Godwin

    No wonder politicians wants to kill themselves this is how beautiful this villa is


    A day will come..when the nigerians will be highly respected

  32. Morris

    Let us always pray for a peaceful Nigeria

  33. Morris

    Nigeria will experience greatness again

  34. Paullosky

    O lord, Let all our heart desire be granted on us through your riches in glory. Amen!

  35. Dike Daniel

    I shall sit on that seat or something greater than that by the grace of the Almighty

  36. Eddy banky

    I must work here by the grace of God Almighty. But the bad heads must be brought to book. And also remember our mansion in heaven is 1trillions times bigger finer than all dis you are seeing. Try to be there heaven is Real HELL is Real beware



  38. akaking

    what a Villa?

  39. Balogun Ecode

    im gonna perform a song at the presidential villa.

    1. Nice one. All the best. 🙂

  40. Ayuba Bulama

    Surely as God leave, i will seat on this seat one day as a president

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