Uber Nigeria Car Requirements for 2024

Uber Nigeria is a subsidiary of the popular car-hailing service, Uber. The story began in Paris when the company’s founders, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had difficulty hailing a cab. It was at this point, they thought of the idea of hailing a cab just by the tap of a button. This led to the founding of Uber in 2009. Two years later, the app was launched.

Uber has grown from its humble beginnings to become the world’s largest taxi company despite not owning any cars, view Uber ignites automated ridesharing for this 2020. The company primarily uses an app to get things done. With the Uber app, you can get your driver to your location with just one tap and you can pay with either cash or card.

Initially, Uber was used in a few metropolitan areas and specific black cars were used to provide this service.

Currently, Uber is present in over 600 cities including two cities in Nigeria, Lagos and Abuja.

If you’re looking to partner with Uber as a driver, there are some things you should know about the company in terms of car requirements.

First, Uber doesn’t discriminate which means anyone can partner with the company. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female as long as you have the car that fits their specs, you can become an Uber partner and start earning money by offering rides.

One of the advantages of being an Uber partner is that you can work at your own schedule. So, if you work from 9 to 5, you can use your car for Uber in the evenings or during the weekends.

If you’re interested in joining the Uber team and becoming a partner, here are the steps to take and the contact details you need.

First, you should visit the Uber website and register. Another option is to go to the company’s head office located at the iLx Centre (Venia), Plot 8, 2nd Floor, Providence Street, Lekki Phase 1.

If you’re located in Abuja, you can visit the Uber Office at 29 Mambilla Street, Off Aso Drive. There’s another office at Regus, River House, 83 Ralph Shoeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja.

As an Uber partner, you may need to resolve certain issues from time to time and this could mean you having to visit the Uber office. In this case, you can either send an email to partners.lagos@uber.com or you can book an appointment online, then you can go to the Lagos office to resolve your complaints.

Apart from its unique service, Uber has become a business opportunity for many Nigerians. You can earn over N200, 000 monthly just by working with Uber as a driver.

But before you commence the process of registering as a partner, your identity will be verified by Uber via a thorough background check.

Also, there are Uber-specific car requirements. As a Uber driver, you are either providing the UberX and UberSelect service.

The UberX is known as the entry-level ride-sharing service for Uber. It is the least expensive of all the Uber services which makes it quite popular. It offers lower fare rates unlike the UberSelect option.

However, the UberX and UberSelect have similar requirements.

  • Your vehicle must be sedan
  • No full-size vans are allowed (15 passengers)
  • No salvage vehicles are acceptable
  • Only one driver is allowed per Uber account
  • You must have a valid driver’s licence
  • Your mileage shouldn’t exceed 100,000 km when being put on the Uber system
  • Your vehicle must have seat belts for all passengers including the driver
  • Your vehicle should have a working radio and an air conditioner
  • Your vehicle will remain on the Uber system except riders complain
  • Your vehicle model year must be 2000 or newer
  • The vehicle should be a 4-door car
  • It should be in good working condition with no cosmetic damage
  • Your paperwork which includes Vehicle inspection report, auto insurance, Roadworthiness certificate must be up to date.

In 2016, Uber Nigeria ended their UberBlack service and replaced it with the UberSelect. The UberBlack is an Uber service where passengers are driven by professional chaffeurs in luxury cars. The UberBlack fare is usually twice that of an UberX.

If you want to drive for UberSelect in Nigeria, you can sign up via the Uber website. You will be given a sign up referral which entitles you to a sign-up bonus which includes a signup referral code.

Overall, below is a full list of the vehicles accepted by Uber Nigeria:

Vehicle Models | Vehicle Class

Acura MD | UberX | UberSelect

Acura RD | UberX

Acura RL | UberSelect

Acura RL | UberX | UberSelect

Acura TL | UberX

Audi A4 | UberX

Audi A6 | UberSelect

Audi A7 | UberSelect

Audi Q5 | UberSelect

Audi S6 | UberSelect

Audi S7 | UberSelect

Audi S8 | UberSelect

BMW 3 series | UberX

BMW 5 series | UberSelect

BMW 7 series | UberSelect

Cadillac CTS | UberSelect

Chevrolet Cruze | UberX

Chevrolet Epica | UberX

Chrysler 300 | UberX

Dodge Charger | UberX

Dodge Durango | UberSelect

Dodge Journey | UberSelect

Ford Edge | UberSelect

Ford Xplorer | UberSelect

Ford Xpedition | UberSelect

Ford Focus |UberX

Ford Fusion | UberX

Geely MK | UberX

Honda      Accord | UberX

Honda      Crosstour | UberX

Honda      CR-V | UberX

Hyundai Elantra | UberX

Hyundai Accent | UberX

Hyundai Santa Fe | UberX

Hyundai Sonata | UberX

Hyundai Tuscon | UberX

Hyundai Veracruz | UberX

Infiniti J | UberX | UberSelect

Infiniti M | UberSelect

Infiniti M35 | UberSelect

Infiniti M37 | UberSelect

Infiniti M45 | UberSelect

Infiniti M56 | UberSelect

Infiniti Q50 | UberX

Infiniti Q56 | UberSelect

Infiniti Q60 | UberSelect

Jeep Cherokee | UberX

Jeep Compass | UberX

Jeep Grand Cherokee | UberX

Jeep Liberty | UberX

Jeep Patriot | UberX

Kia Optima | UberX

Kia Rio (2014-newer) | UberX

Kia Sedona | UberX

Kia Sorento | UberX

Kia Sportage | UberX

Land Rover LR4 | UberSelect

Land Rover Range Rover Sport | UberSelect

Lexus 570 | UberSelect

Lexus ES 350 | UberX

Lexus GS 350 | UberX

Lexus GS 450 | UberSelect

Lexus GS 460 | UberSelect

Lincoln MKC | UberX

Lincoln MKS | UberX

Lincoln MKT | UberSelect

Mazda X-5 | UberX

Mazda X-7 | UberX

Mazda X-9 | UberX

Mazda 6 | UberX

Mercedes-Benz E-Class | UberSelect

Mercedes-Benz G-Class | UberSelect

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class | UberSelect

Mercedes-Benz M-Class | UberSelect

Nissan Maxima | UberX

Nissan Murano | UberX

Nissan Rogue | UberX

Nissan UberXterra | UberX

Porsche Cayenne | UberSelect

Porsche Panamera | UberSelect

Rolls Royce Ghost | UberSelect

Rolls Royce Phantom | UberSelect

Suzuki Grand Vitara | UberSelect

Toyota Avalon | UberX

Toyota Avensis | UberX

Toyota Camry | UberX

Toyota Highlander | UberX

Toyota Landcruiser | UberSelect

Toyota Prius | UberX

Toyota RAV4 | UberX

Toyota Venza | UberX

Volkswagen Jetta | UberX

Volkswagen Tiguan | UberX

Volkswagen Touareg |UberX

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  1. ✍️ Plz, do u mean any vehicle whose MILEAGE exceeds 100,000 is not eligible or accepted by UBER?
    ✍️ Is LASDRI a must or optional for Uber Drivers in Lagos?

  2. Hello, i went to uber office in Abuja to get information on the garage that carry out inspection on cars for uber so I used the opportunity to make enquiries on uberSelect’ because I am using my benz e-class for it, so I asked then the lady replied that it’s only uberX. My question is, is there no uber Select in nigeria or in Abuja?

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