Nigerian Navy Central Pay Office


If you need some information about the Nigerian Navy central pay office, then you’re on the right page. Read on!

The Nigerian Navy plays a very important role in the security of our nation. From securing our borders to the protection of the nation’s resources the Nigerian navy is an important instrument for the sovereignty of the Nigerian state. Hence, it is highly respected on the African soil.

One of the ‘other untold reasons’ why the Nigerian Navy is highly esteemed in Africa is the orderliness of its operations. Since its inception, the Nigerian navy has been thoughtful on the issue of staff welfare as such it has never been involved in some payment scandal.

The Nigerian Navy Central Pay Office- further referred to as NNCPO- is a centralized payment system that was established on the 1st of April 1985 by Vice Admiral A. A. Aikhomu, the then Chief of Naval Staff to allow for expedient management of payment of personnel wages. Here are some brief facts about the NNCPO.


The NNCPO is located at the Military Base at No. 23 point Road Apapa, Lagos.


As part of its main duties are:

  • Management and control of personnel cost and vote
  • Maintenance of up-to-date individual pay cards of officers, ratings and civilian staff
  • Payment of salaries of officers, ratings and civilian staff
  • Computerization of the pay system
  • Compilation of data for personnel cost budget
  • Security of pay information and records.
  • Collection of tax clearance certificate on behalf of NN and civilian personnel
  • Regular and prompt payment of salaries and remittance of the various deductions to the relevant authorities. e.g. PAYEE Tax, National Housing Fund etc.
  • Provision of monthly pay slip and other related information to personnel and civilians
  • Developing and implementing combative and effective internal control to prevent and detect fraud



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